Hello to Korina and Revenge!

Hey! My name is Korina and I’m one proud pinay. I’m 17, I have fair skin and long black hair. I have hazel eyes. And, I’m an orphan. I am currently studying in Saint Augustine. And that’s where I met, Selo! He is a nice guy, and he seems to be serious when it comes to love. He’s in a relationship with my best friend Cassie, and that just saddened me. That’s why I decided to date her old boyfriend, David.

Boy, was I so wrong! I should’ve never dated David! Because, I don’t know why, but it hurt me, when I found out, David and Selo are not really in good terms. And, he still loves Cassie! He was just using me all along, so that he could forget about Cassie. I tried not to get mad at him, because I did kind of use him too. But, I never told him that. After 2 weeks, we broke up. And, I cried a river! I was kind of falling for him, but then he told me“We need to break up, this is not working. I don’t want to feel guilty every time I’m with you! It’s good to know that you accept the fact that I still love Cassie,but, it just feels like I’m only using you. And, I heard, you like Selo, so we better break up.”

Why does my love life suck? It really sucks!

So Cassie left yesterday, and all the girls started to scream for joy, because David and Selo are free! They’re so weird! Everywhere you go, you’ll be able to hear their names, being whispered by someone. Because they’re planning on how they can get either David and Selo.

One day, I went to Selo’s house.  I heard that he’s not feeling very well, ever since Cassie left. So I thought that, this is the chance! I could feel Selo’s love, maybe even make David AND Cassie jealous.
But, when I came there, I was shocked! He was with another girl! It was Alyssa! I couldn’t believe it! I felt so jealous, I felt so manipulated, I felt so angry!!  I can even feel the anger rush through my veins!

I want revenge and I will do it! 

The End

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