Spiraled in Love

Hi I'm Cassie! I live in the Philippines. My hair is black, but when I'm under the sun, shades of brown can be seen on my hair and I have blue eyes. I'm not really a pinay. I'm an american who was forced by her mother to study in the country she was born in. At first, I hated it! I mean, I have to leave my friends. I had to leave EVERYTHING behind! That just sucks!

But when I met Selo, everything changed! 

I thought me and David were going to be together, but it all ended after 2 months. Why? Because Selo kept on popping on my mind. I dream about him every night! And, he seems to be the only reason why I go to school. It just made me very confused, because I love David, but I feel like I’m manipulating him. That’s why I decided to break up with him.  I don’t know why, but, when I broke up with him, I felt nothing. And it made me very guilty, because he felt very sad and lonely. Why is Love like this?

Days passed, and the rumors started to spread. The whole school, now knows that me and David broke up. Then, suddenly Selo and I became very close. So close, that he courted me after a month. We hung out after school every day, he is the sweetest guy I have ever met.

Today’s our 2nd Anniversary! I can’t believe our love has survived  for 2 years!

Then one day, something terrible happened. You see, I went to the Philippines alone! The people I’m with here, are my aunt and uncle! My parents are still in the US.  And they are the kind of people, who won’t allow romance until you turn 30! They found out about me and Selo! And they want me to come back!! That’s why I decided to break up with him. And, I never told him about it. After 2 weeks, I’ll be packing my bags and buy my tickets so I could go back home. I couldn’t tell Selo this, because he might… Oh nevermind.

I never really liked Long-Distance Relationships! That’s why I had to break up with him. So he’ll be easier to forget. Oh, how I’ll miss him.

The End

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