Spiral hearts

Hi Im selo

I live in  Metro Manila ,Philippines. Im 17  , 5"9 tall ,110 lb and a black american  .......

    Over the years Ive been having relationships since the 6th grade and most people that I know say that I started early but they dont know how good it felt to love someone who loves you back , to finaly have a taste of the happiness couples experience and the way youre love drives you crazy ...crazy enough to do unusual stuff 

    It was a normal day in school , I was waiting for my service , nothing unusual happening until my girlfriend's Ex boyfriend comes out of no where teasing my like crazy ... this isnt the first time it happened , it happens everyday , in the class, in the hallway , in the lobby but Ive been strong enough to just ignore it so far ...This time it was different ... the streght to stop my self from doing something violent wasnt there ...And before I new it ...I had swung my fist ..I pulled back my fist and threw a Kick ... man all those years of training paid of ...I was hurting him , atleast enough to stun him for my to throw another 45 kick . He was in pain I can see it in his eyes , my anger gave me strength to hurt him even with his 3 inch thick blubber.............after seeing him in pain , somebody pulled me back ,about 3 people were holding me  but I guess they didnt need to  , I had done something I wanted to avoid doing ...suprisingly I didnt get into any trouble  and I went home immidiently after my service came  ...... When I came home , I rested and quickly went online on facebook , I noticed a message in my inbox ...I opened it .. "Hi Selo :) its been great having you as a boyfriend :) <3 you cared and loved me sincerly ...but .................I wanna break up ...thanks for every thing but we cant be together any longer ..good bye " ..I was shocked ..I couldn't believe it was from her .. it cant be ... I rushed to call her on her phone but for somereason she never answered......


The End

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