Spinal Cracker

Goes to show how bad things happen to good people.

Kyle walked down the darkly lit hallway of his school with both his hands tucked deep into the pockets of his jeans. It had only been roughly twenty-five minutes since class was dismissed and he noticed that the environment was scarce. He paused in his tracks and instinctively looked over his shoulder when he heard a distant pattering of footsteps behind him.


“Must be the janitor,” he muttered under his breath and continued to walk to the direction of his locker, which to his dismay was located in the farthest recess of the school.


 He heard the sound again but ignored it, deeming it to be a part of his over active imagination. He tried to put on a calm demeanor, but couldn’t ignore the change in velocity of his heart rate. It was speeding up in that he could hear his pulse ringing in his ears and the blood coursing through his veins, the constriction of his lungs as his breath started to become labored-


But all feelings of dread vanished when he reached his destination and realized how silly it was for him to think someone was after him. He thought to himself exactly who would want to cause him harm but could think of no reason because he made no enemies, nor friends, therefore, only someone with the wrong state of mind would want to inflict pain on somebody who has done them no wrong. And he thought, who could possibly put him in more anguish than he was already in?


Kyle felt discontented being in a new school just two weeks after the tragic car accident that had turned his parents into non-responsive vegetables; shadows of their former selves-a matter that was hardly anything to be cheering about. Sure they were alive, he was thankful, but they were physically and mentally incapable of performing the tasks that defined them as his parents. They couldn’t talk, couldn’t move; in short, they could not be restored back to what they were once were. The doctor had even told him that it was generally accepted that recovery from the vegetative state his parents were in rarely occurred and that he or his grandparents would have to make the decision of taking them off life support one day or another.


Every visit to the hospital put him through emotional stress so much that he had ceased to visit them and even contemplated on the thought of seeing them dead. It didn’t help that his grandparents were of virtually no support either. They seldom cared about him and his wellbeing.

He had even heard his grandmother complain countless of times, “Why should we be left with Harley’s brat? Why couldn’t they all have died and leave us be?! It was her own goddamn fault she eloped with that no good cutpurse Jack Napier! I bet the boy’s got the same genes as his fathers and I bet he was the one snooping around our home taking our drugs and money!”

He hated living with them in their cooped up shack and hated his grandmother’s paranoid tendencies to blame every missing object in the house on him. This explained why he was always at school during the afterhours. He would do his homework, walk around the neighborhood- basically anything to keep from going home. He was especially grateful when he landed his first job as a meat packer in one of the factories far from where he lived. He laughed bitterly as he remembered the conversation he had with his parents in regards of getting his first job that they weren’t able to see. They would have plastered his paycheck into a picture frame his father had carved himself and he in return, promised that he would treat them out to an extravagant meal at Dorsia; one of the most expensive restaurants in New York City. Kyle clenched his fists and had the urge to punch something hard but refrained himself because despite the unfortunate circumstances he was facing, he remembered the most important lesson that his parents had taught him: to look at the brighter side of life.

Breathing in deeply, he rested his forehead on the cold frame of his rusted locker and began to decode his lock. It clicked open and he began to remove the heavy books from his backpack and transferred them to his locker. He accidentally dropped his last book and bent down to pick it up, but as soon as he did, he felt an immense pain shoot through his body.

Something sharp had come in contact with his spine but he was unable to turn up and look at his captor. He felt as if his hair were being pulled out of his scalp as the man gripped his head and yank out the sharp object out of his body and then dropping him harshly on the cold ground so that he was lying on his severed back. Kyle opened his mouth to scream but was unexpectedly cut off short when the man used the same object to pierce through the skin underneath Kyle's jaw in an upward motion.  The weapon was delved in so deep that he could feel the object touch the roof of his mouth.

Kyle started to drift into unconsciousness as the grotesque looking man gripped with what looked like a hook and pulled Kyle’s face closer to his. He was paralyzed with fear and felt powerless to fight back against the dark haired man with knee-length hair who stared at him with his bulging blood-shot eyes. The man’s facial expression then broke out into a large unnatural smile that revealed his sharp, dark yellow stained teeth, which caused Kyle to cower and turn away from the man’s gaze. He heard the man growl and felt the hook getting ripped from underneath his mouth as he dropped to the floor and finally let out a blood curling scream for help.

 “Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make,” the man smiled serenely and spoke to himself in a gentle voice when he started to aimlessly and relentlessly puncture and stab Kyle's injured body with the large metal hook gripped tightly in his right hand. 




“Breaking news! We have received word that a psychopathic mental health patient has escaped from the city’s mental asylum. The man is in his mid-forties with a medium build, approximately 5”8 in height, long dark hair that reaches up to his knees, two multi-colored eyes; his left eye is brown and his right eye is grey. He has taken an incision hook from the hospital’s medical storage and is highly violent and dangerous. He was last seen in the Etobicoke area and we advise you to please, lock your doors and stay in your houses. We repeat, lock your doors and stay in your houses. The police are doing everything they can to get a hold of this man. Again, do no go out and stay put in your houses until we have more word from the police. Until then, be cautious and alert for a man that fits the description,” the news reporter said.




“Mmm! The hamburgers taste delicious today, don’t you agree?” a student asked her friend.


“Yeah, there’s something extremely different about it but I can’t put my finger on it! Maybe the lunch ladies decided to make it with extra care and love today. Or maybe it’s the sauce?” they replied back.


No one inquired about Kyle’s disappearance the next few days and was assumed to have run away but he was most definitely at school; in the school’s freezer-skinned, and ready to be prepped and seasoned. 

The End

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