Spin the Bottle -- A Homestuck JohnDave fanficMature

John spins the bottle and it lands on the person he least expected--his best friend.

Your name is John Egbert and that spinning bottle is putting a lump in your throat. It had been spinning for so long. Swirling. You looked at the circle of people around you. Shouldn't it be stopped by now?! Come on, bottle. Stop. Stop already! Stop on Rose, or Vriska. Hell, even Terezi! She's kinda cute!
"Well, Egderp, it looks like its finally slowing down." Normally you would be upset with Terezi for that name, but you're too relieved. Who knew spin the bottle could be so stressful! You shoot her an angry look instead, and stick your tongue out.
You shut your eyes tight, worried about your results. When everyone else gasped almost simultaneously, you figure you'd better get it over with.
"Dave. Get out of the way, I can't see the bottle." Hopy shit when did Dave get so close to your face. And why. Mostly why.
He kisses you. Hard. On the lips.
"DAVE!!!" Your face is a bright candy apple red. "WHAT THE HELL?"
"What. It landed on me." 
"No way, move!" As you look around your best bro at the bottle, it sure is pointing at where Dave had been sitting. "What! Didn't we have a rule about respins for this?!"
"Dude chill it's whatever it's just a kiss."
"Heheh if THAT'S true why don't you take Egderp for a run in the closet?" TEREZI. WHY.
"Why?!" Your face gets even redder. You didn't think it was possible. 
"Seven minutes in heaven, DUMMY."
"Why not make it eight?" Vriska was barely holding in her laughter.
Dave literally drags you into a closet. "Dude seriously chill out we don't have to do anything."
"Eight minutes is up, what are they doing? They've been way too quiet!"
"YEAH. Rose go get your brother!"
"Why should I? Maybe they aren't done~."
"FINE. I'll do it." Vriska stands up. She puts her hand on the doorknob just in time for you to open it on your own. You go sit next to Dave and ask whose turn it is.
"Yes. I'm curious myself, Dave."
You grin. "Heaven." You don't let go of his hand for the rest of the game.

The End

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