Spilled Blood

Who dare to enter the house where nightmares come true...

Yeah I live a normal life its like any other child's well or it used to be untill the other's moved in.

 Every night I can't sleep strange noise's coming from next door all I ever hear all night is screaming my parents say its all in my mind but I know there hiding something from me. I'v tried telling everyone: my friends don't even belive me Im determind to find out whats going on. They dont even come out of there house and those screams I hear there definatly not in my mind.

The screams every night there defening whatever's going on I dont like it one bit. The other night I looked out my window I keep seeing flashing lights coming from the windows and bloodsplatters on there front door maybe I 'am just seeing things but it cant be just me its impossible.

As the days went on I was starting to think it was just me and there was nothing I could do untill I realised I wasn't the only one. I noticed that a girl had been watching next door's house aswell. She looked frightened her eyes where big and wide filled with inky blue. I could tell she was scared she was thinking the same thing as me...  

The End

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