Spider's Web

There unnoticed until noticed, it stands still. Waiting for it's predator's yet sometimes broken by the  blind,

It's a beautiful art form and a purposeful trap,

It gleams ands shines so wonderfully yet it is disregarded like dust,

It can make you shudder,

Imagine you are a fly....

You cannot get caught in it, you must not get trapped wriggle around in it like you try to untangle yourself, trying to free yourself like a troubled man deep in negative thoughts,

You squeam and squirm but you are trapped in this web.

It's best not to get stuck,  best not to get caught in it,

My best advice is just to stare in awe and move on,

Then there is the spider there that will take you, eat you and devour you like a fallen victim.

It's best not to become a fallen victim, a fallen victim to the world and such poison. Poison like a spider's poison that is injected into you, in one quick swift movement, then you're helpless. You are taken, you are gone.

Nevertheless this isn't all doom and gloom.

A spider's web can stay still and untouched, left for preservation in the dark halls and dark room s that remain unexistent. Then an onlooker or curious being will switch on the lights and take a look to stand and appreciate this beautiful art form. Ruthless but necessary. A trap but a meaningful necessity.

It is there and always will be there be, until broken.



The End

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