The spiders are coming.

I send you spiders when you sleep

And now inside your stomach you keep

Little spider eggs, soon to hatch

And so another frightful batch

Of my little army friends

To bring about a world that ends  


“ίτε ομορφιές μου.”

The room was dark, and filled with an azure glow. Beside a bed, her body shadowed in darkness, the spider goddess Arachne whispered to her minions.

As quickly as the words were murmured, a thousand tiny legs skittered across the folds of her bed sheets, and out the window.  


Climbing onto her bed, Arachne watched as they went every which way, climbing into houses, and starting their long journeys to other towns, other countries, until finally she would command the entire world.

She started to chuckle to herself, and the pale skin on her legs began to ripple and stretch. As her cackle grew louder, her entire lower body expanded, six lumps appeared, and slowly grew into giant black limbs, and her human legs were transformed in the same grotesque fashion.

Arachne, who had to hide her appearance during the day, so the people muddling Time Square weren’t alarmed, was once again, finally, a creature of the night.  


“I’m coming for you, Athena. You have been warned.”                          





















I send you spiders when you sleep

And now inside your stomach you keep

The downfall of a righteous deity

Who turned me into this monstrosity

Eat away, and eat the light

Join me in my glorious might

The End

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