Chapter Six

Peter didn't really remember the ride home, nor ever climbing into bed. The last thing he remembered was the blurry murkiness that clouded his vision as he stumbled towards the car, Gwen trying to steady his steps. He could feel a sudden weakness in his legs, and that was it, darkness.

When Peter awoke, it seemed as though years had passed. His room looked different somehow, and the way the light shone through the windows even seemed to appear different. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something had changed. Sitting up, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He lifted it and glanced at the bite, a frown creasing his forehead. The spider bite had already began to fade . . .

Suddenly, the door to his room opened. It was his aunt May, and she was holding a tray with what looked like warm soup along with some toast and butter. She quickly came to his side and placed the tray on his lap, rubbing the back of his head with affection. "Are you okay, dear?" she said gently, patting him on the back.

Peter looked up at her, and for the first time ever, saw complete detail. He could see every wrinkle, every brown spot, and every freckle that covered her face. He reached up to touch his face and realized that he wasn't wearing his glasses. At first he thought he was dreaming, being able to see in detail such as this, but when Aunt May spoke again, somehow it gave him reassurance that he was in fact in the real world.

"Peter, are you okay?"

Peter's mind stopped racing, and he found himself in a place of just quiet content. The bite didn't hurt, the soup smelled good, and it suddenly dawned on him that he had a family that loved him, that cared about him.

And he decided then, as he smiled up at his Aunt, that no matter what was going on with him, or what the future held, his life would not continue the way it always had. He knew, for whatever reason, everything was about to change.

But really, Peter didn't know the half of it.

The End

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