Chapter Four (Along Came A Spider)

TheEmpireState's science lab was humoungous. Peter had never felt so at home, with test tubes, computers, and microscopes gallore. Peter was finally in a place were things made sense. The tour guide was discussing how the scientists in the building were genetically mutating spiders in order to find a cure for cancer. Peter found it fascinating, but he was more focused on Gwen.

"Peter, I'm so sorry about yesterday"

"Oh it's all fine, i'll just have to tryout next time."

"Ok, ugh I can't believe that Flash did that"

"Is somebody talking about me?" interrupted Flash rudely entering the conversation "It better be about how amazing I am"

"Flash, just go away. I was talking to Peter" Gwen said.

"'Well, too bad, you're talking to me now. You don't mind do you puny Parker?"

"uh uh uh" Peter didn't know what to say.

"Good, so Gwen, I'm open friday night, so you're going to go out with me then."

"No Flash!"

"Too bad" Flash said as he moved in closer to Gwen.

Peter couldn't hold himself back any longer. "Flash, you leave her alone."

"And what are you goin' to do about it puny Parker?" Just then Flash shoved Peter. Peter crashed into one of the spider tanks that was in the room. Sand fell on Peter but that wasn't the only thing.

"Ow" Peter said. Right after he said it the world began to get hazy and the last thing he saw was a huge blue and red spider, which had bitten his hand.


The End

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