Spiderman Reboot

Inspired by the upcoming Spiderman movie (which is rebooting the story instead of continuing the trilogy), we are writing our own take on how it should be!

Sirens cast red and blue illumination on the dilapidated buildings of the old docks, screaming out their clarion call as police cordoned off a condemned warehouse...

A tall man with a head full of graying hair, his uniform immaculate, stepped out of a NYPD car. He carried himself with confidence and humility, and the knowledge that his men respected him. "Lieutenant, can we confirm that the quarry is in there?"

"Yes, sir, Captain Stacy," the lieutenant answered. "Four officers and a homeless man saw the...creature go in, and we haven't seen it leave. There are no sewer exits according to the city blueprints, so it's definitely in there."

"Good," Stacy replied. "Maybe we can finally corral him."

A shadow fell across them, and all the officers looked up to see a shadowy figure swinging through the air above them to land upon the warehouse roof. A young officer muttered in disgust, "Spiderman."

"Spiderman is the best thing to happen to this city in a long time, rookie," Captain Stacy admonished him. "Don't believe that crap the Bugle says."

The rookie looked as if he wanted to argue, but at that moment, loud crashing sounds of combat and property damage drifted through the night air to them, and all their gazes were drawn to the warehouse. A humanlike figure was hurled out a window, shattering the glass - the officers held their breath - but it thrust its hand out, and swung back into the building.

More thudding and shattering sounds. Finally, a bestial roar tore through the darkness, causing several officers to clap their hands to their hairs. Then silence.

Captain Stacy tensed. That didn't sound so good for Spiderman. "Danvers, Trell - on me. We're going in."

"Yessir," was the reply. Those two men in particular would follow him into hell itself.

"Captain?" came the lieutenant's query.

"Spiderman might need our help," the aging captain told him. Be ready to storm the building - but make sure the creature does not leave!"

"Acknowledged," the lieutenant said, clearly not liking the situation but willing to obey.

Stacy and his two loyal men entered the warehouse cautiously, the world a shadowy palette of blacks and grays. Stacy wasn't sure he liked the idea of risking light, so he ordered them to be kept doused.

Another roar. Still seemed a little ways away...

Trell screamed. Stacy and Danvers whipped around to see him with his throat ripped out and the outline of a misshapen monster fading into the dark once more. Shots rang out, but none connected with the murderous thing.

"Trell..." Stacy whispered. Danvers was ashen. "Lights," Stacy ordered, and the two officers switched on their flashlights, panning the beams around. Stacy caught a glimpse of a tail up in the rafters--

And then the ceiling collapsed on him.

When the dust cleared, Captain Stacy was half buried under a ton of wood, concrete, and plaster. He struggle to breathe, and tasted blood bubbling up as he did so, coughing.

On the other side of the impenetrable debris, Danvers' panicked voice pierced the darkness. "Captain! Captain! Are you alright?" Stacy struggled to respond to him, but his words only came out in a pained whisper the other officer couldn't hear.

Danvers swore at the seeming lack of response, but called out again, "Captain, if you can hear me, I'm going back for reinforcements! We'll get you out of there, sir!"

Fading footsteps.

After a long moment, Stacy trying to breathe, trying to get through the pain, there was a creaking, and suddenly the weight was lifted off him and hurled aside. A figure knelt beside the dying police captain. Red and blue sheathed arms cradled him.

"Don't worry, sir," came a strong, familiar voice, "I've got you. You're gonna be fine."

"No," Stacy said. "It's too late. Take care of my girl...please."

"What?" Spiderman's voice was surprised, and Stacy's blurring gaze attempted to pierce the gloom to see the masked face.

"I know who you are... I've always known. Take care of my girl, Peter..."



High school student Peter Parker winced as Flash Thompson called his name. He turned around and nervously pushed up his glasses. "Er, yeah, Flash?" His voice squeaked embarrassingly, and he hated it. If only he were as big and strong as Flash, or anyone else but him.

"You better be ready, Puny Parker," Flash said arrogantly, "cuz I'm gonna pound you in gym class today."

"B-but we're just pl-playing tag football," Peter protested.

Flash grinned nastily. "Accidents happen."

Peter gulped and looked around for an escape.

Then an angelic voice sang through the air. "Flash Thompson, you big bully! Leave him alone!"

Flash smiled his crooked grin that all the girls found so charming and turned to the blonde beauty. "Aw, you know I'm just playing, baby."

Gwen Stacy snorted derisively. "I'm not your baby. Come on, Peter, let's go."

"Go?" Peter was bewildered. Was Gwen actually - actually - asking him on a date or something? His heart leapt.

"Yes, it's debate team tryouts today. You promised me you'd try out."

"Oh, er, right, Gwen." Peter succumbed to misery. While his mind was fine enough for debate, he could never get the words out properly, and now he was going to be humiliated in front of the lovely, unattainable Gwen Stacy...

The End

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