A Nice First Day Back

My house loomed over me. It seemed like it shouldn’t be there. I sighed and walked in. There was still a faint smell of blood in the air. Some one had turned on all the fans in the house. I had a flash-back. Opal and I were sitting on the stairs. I pushed her. I was just fooling around so it wasn’t hard. She pushed me a bit harder, and then I did the same to her. It went back in forth, until it was my turn again, I pushed her so hard that she fell down the stairs. The stairs were wood. I was afraid to look. She went on her hands and knees. She looked at me. She wasn’t smiling. She looked angry. I saw there were cuts in her face.

The flash-back ended.

“Welcome home Mara.” A man walked around the corner.

“What are you doing here!?” Mother shrieked. The man looked at her and smiled.

“I got away.”  He went back into the kitchen.

“Who is…?” I asked.

“No one, Go play… in your room.” Mom said. She went into the kitchen. I walked up the stairs.

Left hallway

Third door

I walked into a small room. There were stairs leading up to what looked like an attic. There was a white bed, with red sheets there was a small circular window above the bed. Red curtains hung from it. The walls were hard wood, and so was the floor. A small dresser was at one end of the room. Dog and cat figures covered the dresser. So, I like cats and dogs. I looked out the window.


I jumped and ran down stairs. I went into the kitchen. Mother was holding a piece of glass in her hand. She must’ve broken one of the plates. The man was lying on the floor. Blood was dripping out from his neck. She started to sob. I walked over. She looked up.

“This man…” She said. “Is your father...”

A thousand images flashed through my mind. They’re all with this man. Him drunk, smacking my mom in the face. Him laughing evilly. HIm coming home with girls I dind't know. It ended with him fainting a bear bottle heaing in my direction.

I was breathing heavily.

“He is no father of mine.” I went back up the stairs. I could hear Mother sobbing. I tried to hold back my tears. How could some one be this horrible? How did Mom put up with it? How did I put up with it? Shouldn’t I’ve done something about it? Why didn’t I! I was in my room by now. I smacked my head on the wall. I moaned. Not because of the pain, but because, I wished with all my heart, which could just… only… remember.

The End

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