The Visiter

“Mara, do you remember the dream you had the night before this one?” He asked me. I tried to remember. I could, but I decided to lie.

“No, I don’t remember anything.” I told him.

“Well, I would like you to meet some one then.” He went out the door. Who was I going to meet? Hopefully no someone who will make me have another flash-back. I never liked the feeling of those. Unless they were happy. But I have a feeling that my past wasn’t one of the best.

“She’s right in here…” My doctor said from outside the door. He opened the door, and he came back into the room. A boy about my age followed him. He was tall and skinny. He had white blond shaggy hair, and was wearing faded jeans. He was wearing a white button up shirt. He grinned. Who was he? Maybe a name…?

“Hello, Mara.” The boy said. His voice was deep but gentle. I didn’t like him. I didn’t like him at all. There was just something about him that repelled me from him. He looked fine, but I had some sort of instinct to stay away from him.

“Hello…” I said.

“Do you remember me?” He asked.

“No, I don’t.” Yes I did. You were the boy from the flash back. The one who stopped them from kicking me.

“Great.” He didn’t say it sarcastically. Is there something I should know about this boy? Did he do something wrong? “My name is Johnny.” I expected a flash-back, and so did the doctor. But I got none.

“Hello… Johnny…” I said. He had almost white skin, and it looked like he hadn’t slept for days. He had no acne and no scars on his face. I remember Opal had a scar on her face. I wanted to see her. But I didn’t at the same time. She looked like fun from the one flash-back I had. But what about the shark? Did it eat her? I shivered at the thought.

“Do you remember him?” The doctor asked.

“No…” I replied. “Should I?”

“Well…” The doctor trailed off in thought.

“It’s good you don’t remember me.” Johnny said. “Then you would probably run away like you did every time I got you out of trouble.” He was angry. It took a few deep breathes, and then he looked fine.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. So maybe I was a brat? Who got whatever she wanted?

“Could you leave us alone…?” Johnny asked my doctor. My doctor nodded and left.

“So…” I said.

“Do you really not remember who I am?” He asked.

“No, I don’t know who you are at all.” I said to him firmly. He looked to the ground. He paced around for a bit. He was trying to think of where to start.

“Do you know why you’re in this hospital?” He asked. He turned his head to me. No one had really told me why I was here.

“No, I don’t….” I said.

“You in here… because I found you.” He said. He walked over and sat at the end of the bed. I could smell him. He smelt like cherries or something sweet.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I as on my over to your house, because I was invited by your mother —” He looked to the floor. “—she said that you would be the perfect person to make friends with. That day I was supposed to come over, I saw you were avoiding me. I knew you didn’t want me around you. At the end of the day I went home. I thought about it for a moment, and then I decided that I would go over to your house. I started to walk. I walked up to your front porch. Something smelled really bad. I knocked on the door. No one answered. I knew that someone must be home, so I knocked again, still no answer. So I walked in. And there was blood. Oh yes. Imagine this…” He closed his eyes, and then opened them. “… There was blood all over. Glass was all over the floor. There was your mother quivering in the corner. Your father half asleep and then there was you…” He winced at the thought. “… Blood was coming out of you head, there glass sticking out everywhere on your body. I ran to the phone. I called 911, and only seconds later the hospital truck came into view. Of course I couldn’t go in there with you. They told me to walk home. And so I did. I told my mother the whole story.” He sighed. “She said I couldn’t visit you… that I had to wait for you to come back to school, but that could take weeks. So I walked there.” He said. “They wouldn’t let me in so I spent the night here…”

“You did what!” I interrupted.

“Yeah,” he laughed a bit. “I stayed the night. I needed to see if you were okay, but at the same time I knew you would send me out. You never like me. You didn’t care about the things I did for you. You didn’t even notice. You were too busy thinking about how much your life sucked, and that no one cared about you. The real story is, you didn’t care about anyone else.” He started to raise his voice. “Nothing that I could do, or that anyone else could do was ever good enough for you! You were just a spoiled little brat.” He stormed out of the room. So I was what I thought. I was just the spoiled brat.

The End

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