Meet Mara. A depressed 14 year-old girl who feels as if life is worthless. Then one day when she comes home, her dad is drunk, and because of him being uncareful, she ends up losing all of her memories from his bear bottle crashing on her head. Now she must try to remeber what she has forgotton, but when she meets Johnny Kennedy, a boy from her past she can not remember, and finds out his secret and also realizes that she shares the same secret, she starts to thinjk maybe she shouldn't have want

“Alright, make sure you finish all your homework,” The bell had just rung, and Mr. Mathews was telling us about our homework. “I hope you have a great weekend!” I put my homework in my bag, and went to line up for the buses.

“Are you sitting with me?” I looked around. It was Trent. I smiled. His brown hair cropped short, and he was wearing a red sweater.

“Sure.” I said. Trent smiled.

I was sitting on the bus silently while Trent talked to some people behind us. It was kind of nice just sitting, and listening to my music. I hummed a little bit to the music. I wonder what will happen when I get home? I hope my dad actually went to work for once. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got fired. He was always out drinking with his friends. I can’t believe how my mom could allow it. Mom probably doesn’t even love him anymore. It was my stop. I got up, and slid past Trent. I gave him a little wave. He didn’t notice me leave. I sighed. I walked down the bus steps.

“Have a good day.” The bus driver told me. I bet I will.

She was cornered. He had the lamp tightly in his grip. He bolted over to her. He wound back his arms. I couldn’t look. I put my hands over my eyes. There was no clash. There was no scream. I heard foot steps coming in my direction. I peeked though a little hole I made with my hands. He looked tired, and maybe drunk. He held the lamp up high above my head. I heard her screaming in the corner ‘STOP!’ and ‘DON’T DO IT TO HER!’ He ignored her. I couldn’t move. I was too scared. I started to quiver, and then my legs started to feel like jelly. I knew they were going to break way any second. They did. I fell to the floor. I was now helpless. I couldn’t run. I could crawl, but he would crash the lamp on my head before I could even get to the kitchen. Any moment now. I shut my eyes tight. I curled up into a helpless ball. I heard a laugh. The laugh I always loved. Now the laugh sounded evil, and t wasn’t comforting at all. I started to sniffle.

“Just like your mother,” He started to say. “Hopeless an’ weak.” He laughed again. I looked though my fingers. He pulled out a glass bear bottle out of his pocket. He chugged some of it down. He suddenly looked very dizzy. He shook his head to make his vision clear.

“You both disserve to die.”

“No! PLEASE!” She moaned in the corner. He took another chug out of his bottle.

“You both disserve…. To … die...” He was looking weak. He was a bout to fall. He dropped to the ground face first. The bear bottle flew out of his hand.

I knew it was coming. I should have moved, done something. Not just sit there like a helpless little baby. I guess that’s what I am though. Just a baby, who couldn’t defend herself, or her mother against her drunken dad. I wanted to die. I felt it. I felt…. Pain. In every limb. I wanted it to stop. It burned like acid. It felt like there was acid going through every single one of my blood vessels. It hurt so much. Wanted it to stop. I tried to move my hand… do something. The pain increased. I gave up, just like the baby I am. I tried to open my eyes. There was nothing but blackness and more pain. I closed them again. I tried to concentrate. I could feel my memories fading away, like trying to hold water through your hands. Always going through the seams. I thought about my fourth birthday. I remembered how Opal, my cousin, had gotten me a Barbie doll. Did I even have a fourth birthday? Who’s Opal? I thought about Trent. His warming smile. How he was always defending. That was now lost in the abyss of my mind. I concentrated harder. Remember Trent…. Remember him… Remember who?

“She is slowly fading away.” Some one said. It hurt to hear I wish they wouldn’t talk.

“I hope she’ll make it… The bottle hit her head pretty hard.” Bottle… head? How? What? I don’t remember that!

“Her mother will be so sad if she finds out that she died.” My… my… mother? Do I even have one?

“Stay strong Mara…” Mara… that’s my name…? I thought it was… maybe… I don’t know but… what did she say my name was again?

“Make your mother happy. Stay strong.” I would stay strong. For my mom that I didn’t even know about. Was I just entering this world? Am I a baby? No, babies aren’t as intelligent… or are they?

“She’s coming back!” Some one shrieked. I wish I could tell to be quiet. It was hurting to much.

“Come on Mara! Stay with us.” Aren’t I? I’m here! Hello! Stop talking and keep it to yourselves. A machine from somewhere turned on. My ears bleared, and so did the pain. The people around me started to shriek and holler. It hurt so badly. I wish I could just shut them out. Just shut them out. Shut them out. The voices started to go quieter. I focused on this one image in my mind. There were sand and palm trees. The ocean sprung before me. It was probably mid afternoon. A face appeared in my mind. It was a girl. About my age, short brown hair, straight teeth. Opal. Come one Mara! She said. I felt myself running forward. There was a dock. She ran to the end and dived in. I stopped right at the edge. It looks cold I heard myself say. Its fine Opal said. I took at deep breath and jumped off. I felt the wind around me as I fell. Splash, The water was cold. Mara! Shark! I looked over at the horizon. There was a shark. I started to panic. It was coming towards me.

I woke up.

My eyes flashed opened. There were bright lights all around me. My vision was blurred. My sight started to clear. I saw a man standing over me. I don’t ever remember seeing him but somehow I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me. Doctor, he was my doctor. How did I know this?

“Good morning Mara, how was your sleep?” The Doctor said. He was smiling. He had a white coat on, with rectangular glasses. His white hair was combed over to cover his bald spot.

“Well?” He said. I was speechless. What would I say? What could I say? My throat was dry. Plus, I didn’t feel like talking. The pain had stopped, but I didn’t want to risk starting it up again. I just looked up at him.

“Do you want to talk?” He asked. I shook my head. He smiled gently. “Alright, I will talk, and you should try to listen.” He walked over to the wall. He looked back at me. “Do you remember what happened when you came home from school two days ago?” Of course I didn’t. I couldn’t remember anything. I shook my head. He sighed. “I was afraid of this…” Just then, a woman walked through the door. She had blond hair, and bright blue eyes.

“Oh my goodness,” The lady ran to me. “Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Do you feel anything? Do you remember?” She was panicking. A memory flashed into my mind. This lady and I were walking down the beach shore. Would you like to eat the sandwiches I packed? The woman asked with a smile. Yes, please. I heard myself say. She took the basket the was in her hand, and set it on the white sand. She laid out a blanket and put down two sandwiches. Thank you mom, I said. Mom, This lady was Mom? Well that would make sense since she seems to be worried so much right now. The memory ended. I was being shaken.

“What’s wrong with her?” I heard a frantic voice say. It was my Mom.

“It’s okay…” I whispered. She stopped shaking but still held her grip. “I’m okay… Mom.” She smiled.

“You… know who I am…” She hugged me. One of those tight motherly hugs. I smiled.

“I think she had a flash-back.” The doctor said. My mom looked at him. “In her flash-back, she must’ve seen something that proved you were he mom.” My mom shook her head.

“She remembers.” She assured herself. She looked back at me. “Right?” I looked away.

“The doctor… he’s right.” My mom let go of me.

“Will this happen… often?” She asked the doctor.

“Oh yes.” The doctor replied. “She will experience them maybe constantly, or she may have them from time to time. But she still will have them.” My mom frowned. She looked to the floor.

“When will she leave the hospital?”

“In the next few days.” My mom looked at the doctor. “But right now she needs her rest. Let’s go and leave her to sleep.” She nodded in agreement. And they left. I looked at the sheet that was covering me. It was white. Mara, I didn’t like the sound of that name. It didn’t seem right. I closed my eyes, and tried to sleep.

The End

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