the beginning.

Dee smoothed her top in the mirror. The first day of her new school. She turned to her old floppy brown dog toy, and murmured, 'wish me luck.' The dog looked back with deep button eyes. Somehow it was faintly reassuring, his constant gaze. It made her feel calm. And... 'Wait.' Dee stopped her thoughts in their tracks. 'I'm talking to a cuddly dog. I am sixteen years old and talking to a cuddly dog.' She long a deep breath and stared, concentrating on her green eyes. The favourite part of her face. 'I am Dee Matthews. I am sixteen years of yesterday, 23rd April. I am going to my new school and it is a new beginning and I will be fab.' She smiled and went to pad downstairs, where her dad was waiting with her bag.

'Dad,' Dee laughed as she let her father pull the bag straps over her outstretched arms. 'C'mon, I'm not six.' She planted a kiss on his cheek as directed and flounced outside. 'Punctuality is everything.' She whispered, and then cursed under her breath at the time- ten minutes late. She was missing out on the most important thing of a new school. The irony...

The End

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