This is a prologue to Faith's existance, as she only inhabits the world for a short period of time.

Faith's mother was Agnes Alderman, a maid in the household of a rich lord. The lord, wealthy as he was, was also a servant to vice and lusted after young women. He was a smooth man, handsome but with a bitter taste to his appearance, this taste that only was discovered on closer encounters. He had a voice like liquid velvet, and women were naturally victim to his enticement. Entrapped. Agnes was a pretty young maiden, with little knowledge of the world. The lord saw in her the same sign that a wild beast sees in a young prey: the naivety that comes with youth and unawareness of life. Agnes was raped, and dismissed two months later having discovered she was with child.

Her mother was poor but proud. She could not bear to house a grown daughter with a child, free of wedlock. A girl of seventeen: if she could develop a child, she could fend for herself. However, Agnes was defenseless, unable to care for herself, let alone a small infant. Agnes went insane after the death of her child, hopelessly named Faith, in the early winter. In an attempt to save Faith's soul, she buried her a mile from the churchyard.

It is said that every year, on the same day as her death, Faith returns, deprived of love, and wanders the land. She finds men full of emotion, and attempts to take them back with her. She needs release.

The End

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