boy meets girl. girl like boy. boy and girl go to prom. boy sees new girl. whoops.

Dee stared at her preened reflection in the mirror. Two hours she had spent preparing for tonight. Perhaps it was too much…no. Most girls would class her ‘night out’ look as au naturelle. Dee wasn’t one to wear make-up: she didn’t believe in flaunting herself by slathering her face in orange and bleaching her roots.

Having said this…tonight was different. She had to pull out all the stops: show Anthony that she was no longer Dee, the ditsy, clumsy new girl who had stumbled into history class eight months ago, but Dee, the graceful, beautiful witty girl of his dreams (and then some).

The doorbell rang sharply, making Dee jump and drop her mobile. She hurriedly ducked down and fumbling about, picking up her lip-gloss, keys, phone and clutch-all items she had lost grip of in her excitement. One last check in the mirror. She smoothed down her dress, and then turned to the battered floppy brown dog toy sitting and smiling on her bed.

‘Wish me luck,’ Dee whispered as she heard her father call up to her.

‘It’s Anthony!’

She took the steps down two at a time, and then wheeled round into the front room to face the young man, slightly flushed in his jet black suit jacket and jeans, but looking like he was made for that one outfit. He smiled as he looked at Dee, and at once she felt blood rushing to her cheeks. He handed her a small white corsage, matching the carnation tucked into his jacket pocket. Dee looked down, but nonetheless her appreciation was evident by the width of her smile.

There was an awkward silence in the car. Dee looked out of the windows whilst Anthony fiddled with the radio dial. They didn’t say anything until he accidentally caught a foreign station and Mexican music blared through the speakers, causing both to go ‘Argh!’ followed by slightly nervous laughter.

‘We…we needn’t be so nervous,’ Dee’s normally quiet voice echoed into the Mercedes as they turned a corner. ‘We have been friends for months now.’

‘Yeh,’ Anthony smiled. ‘Remember the first time I met you? You literally fell onto my desk!’

‘And my stuff went flying…’

‘…and you knocked Mr West out with your pencil case!’

They both burst into peals of laughter, and Dee glanced to Anthony.



‘I’m really glad I met you when I did, you know.’

‘Why? So I could explain how the staff assault was accidental?’

‘No!’ Dee giggled again. ‘No, really, Ant. In all seriousness, you are one of the best people I’ve ever met, and I-‘

‘We’re here.’

They stepped into the school hall to see it transformed from the drab, empty room to the glittering "Winter Wonderland”. This was the product of two months’ strenuous efforts by the events committee paid off. The walls seemed to reflect light with the silvery drapes, as brilliant as the light reflected off icicles, and snowflake light effects fluttered from the ceiling to the dance floor, which was bursting with life. Black silhouetted twirling trees curled round the doorways, sleek and inviting.

Dee and Anthony were greeted by equally excited friends. Dee was near pounced on by a skinny vision in turquoise-her best friend, Chloe.

‘Eeee! I can’t believe this-it’s so beautiful!’ Chloe was clearly spellbound by the décor and music. ‘And you two are so cute!’

‘You-you really think so?’ Dee gingerly touched her corsage.

‘Of course!’ Chloe at this point was called by her boyfriend and twirled around, her blonde curls flying behind her. ‘Just ask him for a dance, it’s that simple!’

Dee looked after Chloe as she flounced happily, albeit a little in the style of a charging baby elephant, to the dance floor, whereupon she begun flailing about, laughing and bouncing as her boyfriend stared on admirably. Maybe that’s all she had to do: don’t worry, be happy. After all, years of staying quiet in class had never gotten her anywhere: it was only the influence of her new friends that had made Dee realise-she could only be truly beautiful with a song in her heart and a smile on her face.

It was at this moment of epiphany that Dee saw Anthony walk towards her, as if entranced by her vision. Now this was the reaction she was after.

‘Ant’ she breathed, but was cut short as she realised Anthony could not have been looking at her…as he instead carried on past her to another girl on the other side of the hall.



Anthony breathed in wonderment at the pale beauty presented to his undeserving eyes. That slender frame, it struck his instincts so that he felt immediately that he had to protect her, like a fragile doll. Such pale skin, interrupted by rich chocolate curls which coiled down her back and waved around that stick thin waist. And those eyes…at first he thought they were kohl-rimmed, but no: these were natural, wide dark eyes. Sheer beauty.

The dark round eyes kept following Anthony’s as he lifted her hand and planted a gentle kiss on the slim fingers.

They danced for hours, but all the while the young girl did not say a word. Anthony spent his time asking after her name, when she started school, what subjects she was taking, who she knew: anything he could use to his advantage in order to find her after tonight. But the girl said nothing.

His friends pressured him for details of the mysterious guest, but Anthony reassured them that he knew as much as they did.

‘Hey Ant, where’s your mystery woman off to?’ one friend, Frederick, pointed to the back exit, where the dark shadowy figure slipped out into the night. Anthony didn’t hear any of his friends’ remarks about this: he was overpowered by his intuition to follow her outside. This sounded ridiculously illogical to everybody else, but just then he felt that he could follow this silent maiden to the edges of the earth. Dropping his drink, which fell and let the blood red liquid ooze out onto the floor, he abandoned the dancing mass to pursue his wide-eyed enchantress.




Dee threw herself onto the rough ground, her shoulders heaving as tears streamed from her eyes. This was meant to be the perfect evening…what had she done wrong?

She had ignored the cries of Chloe and the other girls when she had run from the dance hall earlier, her mascara smeared down her cheeks. She had ignored the fact that she was scared stiff of the woodland near the school, and had kept running. Now here she was in a desolate field, where wood met farmland. Not that she would know: her vision was impaired thanks to her watery eyes and the midnight blackout of the earth. Dee had wanted to get as far away as was humanly possible, so it would hurt less. Trouble is, it hadn’t worked.

Overhead the clouds rumbled and cracked as they teared open, and thick raindrops fell onto Dee’s carefully arranged tresses and her goose bumped arms. As if it mattered any more.

Dee looked up and nearly screamed as she realised there was a figure standing before her. A long, thin silhouette of a girl, slender in every way. She stared down at Dee like gothic statuette, ancient yet youthful.

‘What do you want?’ Dee tried to snap, but instead it came out as a timid trembling sob. The girl continued to stare onwards, but then her deep blood-red lips parted, and she imparted these words onto the sobbing teenager.

‘all for wont of being lov’d’

                                                and turned, before making her way into the mist of the early morning.

Dee was startled to hear pounding footsteps as Anthony ran towards her. She knew she shouldn’t seem so self-pitying but just couldn’t help herself as she threw her arms around him.

‘Woah, Dee!’ Anthony looked genuinely concerned, as a knight who had heard his lady love was hurt. ‘Are you alright? What are you doing out here?’ He seemed as if he had just awoken from an enchantingly vivid dream.

Dee could only point into the mist. They edged forward and Anthony stumbled across a moss covered rock at the base of a stile. Crouching down and brushing away the dewy lichens, he read,



17th november-2nd december the year of our Lord 1868

she went unto the Lord

for wont of being lov’d.’




(by the way guys i wanted to extend this story-would you prefer to hear more from dee or faith, if any? response would be good taa)

The End

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