18 year old Jen finds a book in her local library and takes it out along with warnings to never leave the book open un-attended,but accidentely doing so one late night, strange things start to happen.....

Chapter 1  Warnings                                                                                       

Yawn.Mondays are so boring. Always.And of course this monday started out in the exact same way as the last. BORING. I was sitting on the windowsill being..oh you guessed it : bored.I got up and dragged myself to the book shelf. Yawn again. Same old books. Time for the monthly trip to the library. The library was just down the street from my downtown apartment. My parents consented to my moving out two years ago. I visited them often and came home for christmas and thanksgiving.After all, Mcdonalds and TV dinners aren't very festive. I smiled to myself as I locked the door.Last night,my cooking ended up stuck to the pan and I had to call pizzapizza. I stepped into the quiet library and went up to the main desk where the librarian, Mrs Cotler,greeted me exitedely with her "Oh-look-its-Jen-I-get-to-follow-her-everywhere-in-the-library" creepy smile. "Hey Jen,Wuzzup, howz it going today! Lookin' for a book Jen?Can I help you with any thing Jen?"The typical Mrs Cotler greeting. Mrs Cotler is short, 27 years old and has spikey bubble gum pink hair. Creepy.

The End

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