Spell Binder

Thirteen year old Septimus in in the circle of the Seven Wizards... or so the prophecy says. This is a story following his wonderful journey learning Alchemy and the traditional arts of magic as he strives to also become...
Spell Binder.

Spell Binder                

Part One

Chapter One: Septimus Flint


Septimus Flint awoke to a loud ringing alarm that echoed through his bedroom. He yawned, clicked his fingers and muttered three simple words. The ringing stopped. Septimus pulled up the covers higher onto his face and moaned. He ignored the constant calling that was directed at him completely.


He heard knocking on his door, followed by his name. The door handle turned left, then right. Then it turned right, and then left. “Unlock the door, Septimus! Please?” That was the sweet voice of Mrs. Flint. Septimus grunted and got to his feet. He fixed his golden-brown hair and unlocked the door. Mrs. Flint rushed in and dropped a stack of large books on his night table. “A heavy load this one!” she said. “Your father is taking you to the Academy of Royals today to allow you to check it out at ten. Be ready!” she smiled and went out the door, closing it behind her.

“YES!” he yelled.

Septimus flew around the room, pulling on his clothes, packing his suitcase, cleaning his room, making his bed and even managing to drink a glass of water as fast as he could. The Academy had lessons on Alchemy, Magic, Demonology, Arithmetic, Ancient Studies, and so much more, even including how to summon a Djinni with Asphodel powder! Then, he rushed to his window and did a quick, careless seal spell, leaving a charred five point star burnt onto the glass. He turned and looked up at the ceiling. “Thank you gods!” he said, and ran through the door.

Septimus skipped down the mahogany steps humming a happy tune and was met by his father’s daily kiss on the forehead and hug. “Hey Dad! Looking spiffy today aren’t you? Nice jacket!”

“How are you?”

“I am fantastic! Better than Merialixus when he slayed the nine headed chimera!”

“Who are you, and what have you done with my son?”

“Dad! I’m just… happy that I’m going to start at the Academy today!”

“Okay… once again, who are you, because you can’t be Septimus Flint!” And with that, they were both gone. Septimus went downstairs packing food; his dad went upstairs, gathering Septimus’s requirements for the Academy.


The End

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