A Typical MondayMature

It was a normal Monday. Everything was quiet in most states. Every one was still working off their hangover from the weekend and didn’t have the energy to commit crimes. I ran through Iowa listening to my ear piece. It would alert me to any crimes but there was nothing. Not even a cat stuck up in a tree. Crest fallen I headed back to base which was in a ‘top secret location’. Even I can’t tell you where it is. Tim was monitoring the computers and bored stiff. He was trying to lick his nose, and from the shinny patches on his upper lip he had been trying for a while. He smiled a big cheesy grin when he saw me, and patted the swivel chair beside him.

“Anything interesting?” I grabbed a cheeto from the half empty packet on one of the key boards.

“Not really, Dap went out to check a T9 but it was just a really loud cat.” A T9 for those who don’t know is a domestic disturbance. I saw something out of the corner of my eyes, and made one of the North Dakota cameras zoom,

“What’s that Tim?” I pointed to a still of a man stealing a T.V. He looked up, an orange strained finger in his mouth.

“Oh…” he paused and his forehead wrinkled as he tried to remember. “Sparky went to go check. I think it’s all sorted. I haven’t heard from her in a while.” The time clock read that crime for 9.46 pm. I looked at my hi-tech watch. It was now 10.

“Did she go as soon as you saw it?” I asked starting to get worried.

“I think so. Why?” He looked at the two times, “She probably just got lost on her way back. She was telling me her powers have been acting up lately anyway. Maybe that was it.”

“Her powers have been acting up?” I asked sharply. “Why didn’t she tell me?”

“You know the rules. If you can’t control your powers you’re off the force, and she doesn’t want to go to the training camp again. There is a reason why she worked so hard to get out early.” I looked at the video again. This time the man wasn’t alone. He was with two mates stealing DVD players now. I felt a shiver. I pointed out the video to Tim, and away I went.


I ran through three states in five minutes. That is slow for me, but for some reason I felt sluggish and couldn’t power along like I normally do. I got to the scene, and saw Daphne crumpled on the ground, her blonde hair spread out like a ray of sunshine. I started to run to her, but when I was only a few metres away I hit something and was flung back down the street. Groaning I rolled onto my back as my standard issue torch dug into my kidney. I sat up and for the first time noticed that the shield that had pushed me back was sparking slightly. I tentatively edged towards it and touch it with one finger. I couldn’t touch it; instead my finger was suspended a few centimetres from it.

“Sparky? Can you hear me?” I called out gently but she wasn’t moving. I tapped a few keys on my communicator, and got Jason’s scratchy voice.

“Everything all right at your end boss?”

“No. Dap is hurt, and I can’t get to her.” I was trying to keep the panic out of my voice but it wasn’t working. At least not on Jason.

“Stay calm. We will be there in 30 seconds.” I sat down and began to meditate. It was a method we all learned to remain calm, and especially in Daphne’s case helped control our powers in moments of stress.

“Do you remember this Daphne? Breathe in and out slowly,” I called to her but she still didn’t move. There was slight popping sound that alerted me to a portal being opened and Jason, Tim and lastly Gary stepped through. Gary looked over my shoulder, and raised one sceptical eyebrow before trying to open a portal on the inside. Then he shook his head.

“So we can’t get in, and Daphne is on the inside. We have a problem.” Tom mused. He was trying to lighten the mood but it wasn’t working. Gary was meditating. Nothing fazed him, but the fact his powers didn’t work scared him on the inside.

“We should call in Squad C. They have the closest Sparky,” Jason pointed to the slight electrical storm going on above Daphne’s head. It was crackling and the air smelled like the beginnings of a thunder storm. Shivering I nodded and Tim called it in.


While we waited both Tim and Gary tried again but nothing was working. In about a minute Squad C showed up with heaps of equipment and their Sparky Thomas.

“Situation report Stevie?” Jordan the team leader walked over looking up at the sparks and I filled him in as fast as I could. Jordan nodded in agreement,

“Want to give it a try Thomas?” he nodded and electricity began to gather up in his finger tips. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as he tried to force a hole in the shield. At first it seemed to be working. At first there was a tiny hole, the size of my fist I guess and I could tell even that was a struggle for Thomas. He was sweating and his hands were shaking like crazy as he began to stretch them apart. The whole time Jordan and the rest of the squad was cheering him on but that was his team. They had complete faith in him. Me and the guys on the other hand stood back, we didn’t know how strong he was. We just wanted Daphne back in one piece.


While Thomas worked Jason and I tried to do some readings on the bubble that had encased Daphne and was impossible to enter. One looked from Jason and I knew that he wasn’t getting anything either. Whatever this bubble was it was new, strong and powerful. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only about 15 minutes, Thomas had managed to open the hole up enough so that a person could slide through if someone held their legs like a wheelbarrow. Poor Thomas was exhausted now though. He sat down and rested his head between his legs. Jordan recognised the signs.  

“Thomas is wiped. That’s the best we can do for you sorry. Might I suggest calling this in to the grown ups (the grown ups was what we called our bosses. This was mostly because when we had started they were like our parents. Now they are just annoying and controlling.) Squad C headed off after that, though Jordan did cast me some very concerned looks before he left, but I chose to ignore them. I didn’t need his concern or pity.

The End

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