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They called us the speed police. We didn’t write up speeding tickets. They called us that because we could get to a crime in two minutes. In Tim’s case 2.7 seconds. We were the central north police. We were in charge of seven states; North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. We stopped crime in the central north of the U.S.A. We were the best of seven teams that meant America had one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Now as you read this you are probably thinking, wait what? 2.7 seconds isn’t long enough to cross seven states. You must be joking, but you are wrong there. Our official name is the swift dispatch unit, the SDU for short. When I was 11 I ran the hundred metre sprint in 2 seconds. The timer still had his finger on the stop watch button. I was a school hero and then a freak when the Department of corrections found me, and at the age of 11 I was recruited for the police. More specifically the newly developed SDU division. By the age of 13 I had caught five drug runners, seven speeder, four kidnappers, and one rapist in the act. Not my finest hour let me tell you.

My super human speed doesn’t make me strong. But when I got enough control to only move certain parts of my body I found that most purps have a hard time running away when the hand gripping your collar/belt/fender is going faster than you its very hard to move. I don’t know why. Just does.

By the time I was 15 I had a full squad, that’s five people for those who don’t know. And I had lost 10 states. Before they found more children I had a way bigger turf but now I like having seven states. It’s much easier. Now there are seven squads, that’s 35 kids for people who are mathematically challenged. Squad B has eight states under its belt but that doesn’t matter. They have all the small sized states like New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and they also have Washington D.C. It’s a good system and if a criminal goes into someone else territory the original team still gets jurisdiction. There is way more rules that were set up when my team was founded but I won’t bore you with them now. As I tell this story you will learn them anyway, so instead I’ll tell you about my team.

I was the first speedy to be found so they made me captain. I’m like a chocolate covered marshmallow; hard and brown cloaking on the outside, and squishy and pink on the inside. That sums me up nicely. My mum was African American and I look like her more every single day but my dad who was only in the picture for seven years was as white as they came. He never tanned, and sometimes wore so much sun block he glowed in the dark. When I was younger I felt different because no one else at my school was half and half but one day when I came home crying my mother dried away my tears and said not to cry.

“You are the best parts of two different cultures, and if any one ever says anything different then just remember; one day it will be important to be different. Being normal is just another way of saying bland.”

People say I can be fiery but I like being gentle. It’s just easier to be tough when you have to beat down the scum of the earth everyday.

My deputy was Jason. He’s a flier. A super sonic flier to be precise. He is so zen you could say he’s comatose. Nothing phases him; he’s just doing his job. He is my rock. When I’m having a bad day I just look up into his green eyes and I feel calm. He is like my big brother. In fact he basically is. He is three months older than me and he arrived two days after I did. When you are 11 years old, separated from your friends and family you make bonds really fast. And these bonds last forever.

Tim is our teleporter. As luck would have it there was enough teleporters to go around so every squad has one tele. But we have the best. He has the best range and the most training. He can be really annoying sometimes though. He’s the class clown and cracks the most stupid jokes imaginable. All the time. I’ve punched him in the face once or twice, or rather I’ve tried to punch him in the face; he just teleports out of the way and then pulls a prank on me.

Daphne is our baby. She is 13 and looks like an angel. She has everything. The blonde hair and baby blue eyes. But don’t let that fool you. She can pack a mean punch. She has the ability to travel through electrical currents. So when she shows up you get a shock, as well as a punch in the face. You see once she has gone through the currents she’s like an active wire for a few minutes. She is one girl you do not want to mess with. But deep down she is frightened all the time. None of the guys knows this but she was found because her dad had been charred. Turns out he was a beater, and Daphne was sick of being purple. Her mother didn’t press charges, but Daphne never saw her family again.

Gary is a weird one. He only talks when he needs to, and even though it isn’t possible I always get the feeling that he can reads mind. Gary is a portal opener. Kind of like a teleported but he can take heaps of people with him. A teleporter can only take three people with them. But Tim took five with him once, and it almost killed him. He said it felt like he was being dragged into nothingness.

I never told you my name did you? I’m Stevie, and this is my story as member of the swift dispatch unit.

The End

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