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The one benefit of being Monitor was the ability to teleport back and forth between the two stations without informing anyone. She had hoped that it wasn’t too late to apologize to the Martian so that they could get back on with their relationship. Maybe she would learn to live with the fact that no one would ever know how they felt about each other; maybe it was a good thing, she tried to reason. One thought that she had was the reaction from everyone; she didn’t want people to assume that the only reason she became Monitor was because she was dating the Monitor of Watchtower.

She shook the thought out of her head as she materialized on the platform, slightly smiling at the white plastic bag; she had filled it with Oreos. She played out the scenario in her head: he would look up from the controls, she would offer the cookies as an apology and they would share a rather passionate kiss, not caring who was there to witness it. When she looked up, her smile immediately left.

“… Mr. Terrific…?” she looked at the dark brown man who was over the console. Outside of the Justice League, he was known as Michael Holt, one of the most intelligent people in the world, if not the universe. After being named Monitor of Metro Tower, Tabitha was told that had J’onn not took the time to train her, the job was more likely going to him, “What… are you doing here…?”

Michael smiled at her although he was taken aback at her question. He had no problem when she was named Monitor; he knew that the Martian was training her specifically to be his successor. What he wanted to know was why she was picked by J’onn from the beginning, although he pretty much knew the answer to that; the Martian had grown too fond of the lightning woman and wanted to protect her at all costs. While being named Monitor didn’t guarantee that, it did guarantee that he would have an even closer connection to her. Because of the apparent fondness the two had actually shown each other, Michael was surprised that he had left without telling her.

“Miss Lyght…”

“Tabitha…” she quickly corrected him.

“Only if you call me Michael. I was wondering why you weren’t here yesterday.”

“I was visiting my family. What happened yesterday? Where’s J’onn?” she asked, approaching him. She knew that the Martian was upset and confused with her however she knew that he would not leave his post unless he was on a mission. Even knowing that, she was Monitor as well; she would have known about the mission beforehand.

“He’s… gone…” he saw the start of despair in her eyes when he spoke. She blinked a few times to try to hide the emotion.

“Gone? What you mean, gone? Like, on a mission gone or…” fear started to make her stomach ache slightly and slowly climbed into her throat. She swallowed it back down to her stomach.

“He took a leave of absence. I’m really surprised that he didn’t tell you…” he could tell that she was near tears as her brown eyes glistened. She looked away slightly, begging herself not to let him see her cry. What did he mean, a leave of absence; why would J’onn leave without telling her, her own voice screamed inside her head.

She wanted to shake her head; this was a joke, she tried to tell herself. It was a prank, an elaborate one; something to get her to make up with him. As soon as the idea entered her head, she knew that she was wrong: the Martian was not capable of pulling pranks, especially something this extreme. He would’ve done something simpler… like ask for her forgiveness.

“We all said goodbye yesterday…” he continued softly. Her eyes slightly widened at his comment. All of the anger that she had felt when she learned of the memory erase came back. He left… without telling her. He picked the one day that she was not around either station to leave. Not only that but… she was the only Justice League member he didn’t say goodbye to!

“Huh. I guess… I guess I missed out…” she tried to keep all of her emotions at bay; she actually needed to leave.

“Tabitha… is there any particular reason why you’re the only one he didn’t say goodbye to? I thought that the two of you were close…” Michael wanted to know. If they were more than team members, more than friends as he had expected, why was she the only one who didn’t know that J’onn had left?

To his disappointment, Tabitha sighed, laughed a little and shook her head.

“… I don’t know… you’d have to ask him. I, um… I think I left a few personal belongings in my old room…” she hurriedly mumbled and left before Michael could say more.

Tabitha rushed down the hall and instead of going to her room, she headed straight for J’onn’s. One of the things that he had shared with her was his personal security code; she entered it in the keypad and was surprised that it gave her an error beep. As quickly as he left, his code was reset. She tried one more time however heard the same beep from before. Without thinking, she gave the keypad a quick zap, shorting it out. As the door slid open, she went inside… and finally broke down. She tossed the white bag aside, curling up into a tight ball with her knees to her chest and let the sobs take her over. He was really gone; the room was completely empty. As much as she had really wanted it to be, it was no played out prank: the Martian Manhunter had left the Justice League… and Tabitha Lyght.


The End

The End

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