Walking Away 1.3Mature

He was glad that Tabitha was nowhere to be found; he didn’t want to break her heart yet again. Diana was right; he needed to see the world and examine humans more. More importantly… he needed time to not dwell on his own heartache. J’onn called for all of the Justice League members so that he could tell them all goodbye. He didn’t know how long he would be gone but he promised that he would return. This time away could do him some good, could do both himself and Tabitha some good; it would give him time to think about what he had to do to regain her trust.

Bruce was confused; what made the Martian decide to take a leave of absence? And, where was Tabitha during all of this? He had figured that she would be by his side, that this would be a two part announcement: J’onn J’onzz would finally confess his love for Tabitha Lyght. However… she was a no-show. Did they plan this, he wondered. No; if she was leaving with him, she would have never accepted Monitor duty. He thought about how the two acted before Tabitha moved back to Earth; neither one was acting normal. As he shook the Martian’s hand, he made the sad realization: they had broken up. This wasn’t some out of the blue decision to leave; J’onn had been broken and wanted to get away from her… possibly as far away as possible. Bruce kept his thoughts to himself as Wally gave the Martian a huge hug; it was pointless now to let him know.

As he received the unexpected hug from Wally, he couldn’t help thinking about it; he would miss the others. For years, Watchtower was his home; the Justice League members were his family. As he made his way down to Earth and shifted into a random human form, he knew that he couldn’t fool himself: as much as he would miss the others, he would most definitely miss the lightning woman. He loved her, just as he had loved his wife; J’onn was going to do whatever it took to get his Tabitha back. The thought made him blush; yes: even if it took him years to return, she would always be his. He wasn’t going to throw in the towel that easily; he was determined to prove himself to her.

I will be back…” he made the silent vow as he easily slipped into the crowd of people.

The End

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