Walking Away 1.2Mature

“Holy… fucking… shit; I think you’ve finally lost it! Tabs…” the professor stared at her best friend as they sat in her kitchen, “Why in God’s name would you do something like that?!”

“I didn’t come here to get yelled at like a child, doc…” Tabitha looked down at her glass of juice. Jamila finally stopped pacing and sat down.

“Okay; what the hell did he do that was so horrible?! No… this had to be your fault…”

“W-What?! Why would it be my fault?!”

“Because J’onn J’onzz is the epitome of perfection! He wouldn’t do nothing to make anyone break up with him!”

“So… you’re saying I’m the fuck up…?”

“Wait… n-no! All I’m saying is… well, let’s list the main reasons for a breakup! Cheating… yeah, right; who would he cheat on you wi… wait… are there any other women in the League?!”

“Diana, Shayera, Kara, Vixen, Fire, Black Canary, Zatanna…”

“Okay, okay; whatever! I don’t see him cheating on you… do you?”

“… No. Doc…”

“Exactly! Now, back to the list! Hmm… being unemployed. Pfft!! He’s a fucking superhero who founded the League for Christ sakes! And… he can shape shift to whoever he wants to be; a fireman, a police officer…”

“Doc…” Tabitha held her head in her hands.

“Not done! Maybe he lied about… shit, what would he lie about?! Wait… is he gay? Oh, my God… if you tell me he’s gay, my adulthood will be completely ruined…”

“Doc, stop! Just… stop it!!” she was near tears. Jamila looked at her and slightly sighed, taking her hands.

“I’m sorry, hon. B-But… you come in here and tell me that you and J’onn broke up; how else was I supposed to react?”

“I don’t know; like a normal fucking friend?!”

“I was just tryna make sense of it all! Okay… what happened?”

“He… oh… gaddamnit, doc; he erased a fucking memory!” it angered her all over again. The professor could do nothing but look at her distraught friend.

“Oh, Tabs… I’m so sorry…” she apologized, squeezing her hands. She didn’t want to concentrate on how Tabitha knew that he had erased a memory; the point of it all was that he did, “Well… maybe… maybe he had a reason to…” she tried.

“… What?! First you say it’s all my fault and now you’re siding with him, completely?!”


“How would you like it if someone you thought cared for you erased a fucking memory from your mind?! Let’s not even get into the fact that he won’t tell anyone about y’all or that he’s used his powers on you before and God fucking knows how many other times!!” she yelled. Jamila pulled her hands away and waited until her friend stopped trying to hold in her tears; a few dropped before she angrily wiped at them.

“I… I would be just as upset, if not more. But… it depends on what memory they erased that shows how much they truly care for me…” she carefully explained.

“H-How could you say that? One of your memories is gone! A-And… you had no choice in the matter!”

“… There are a few things that have happened to me in the past… that I would give anything in the world to forget. I don’t know what memory he erased… but if he’s got as good of a heart that I think he has… I’m gonna guess that it was a memory that he didn’t want haunting you for the rest of your life. That by itself shows how much he loves you …” she explained.

“If he loves me… then why won’t he tell everyone else…?”

“… I can’t answer that. A lot of reasons pop up. Maybe they did things differently on Mars. Maybe… maybe he don’t want folks to look at you two negatively.”

“They… they wouldn’t do that…”

“How do you know?”

“I… I don’t…” she had to admit that it was a concept she had never thought about. The other League members may had looked up and respected the Martian… but who was to say if they would approve of a Martian being with a human?

“I hope it’s not the case… but it could very well be. But… if no one else caught on by now, then they’re all fucking idiots, anyway!” she was glad that her friend finally laughed even if it was a small one, “Look; who cares if no one knows? He ain’t ashamed of you; I can feel that!”

“What… you think he had reason to be…?”

“Well… like you always say… you ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…” Jamila held in her snicker. Tabitha widened her eyes at her best friend and pinched her on her hands.

“Bitch!” she laughed fully, wiping her eyes dry, “So, maybe… maybe I overreacted a bit, then?”

“Maybe a little. He meant well, Tabitha… I just know it…” Jamila explained. Tabitha just huffed and got up from the table. Maybe the professor was right, she thought. The Martian hadn’t had a relationship since leaving his home planet; he had never been with a human before. How much different were things, the question made her forehead wrinkle. Regardless, she had a feeling that what they may have deemed unorthodox could had very well been normal for J’onn. When she thought about it, what he had done really were acts of love. It finally started to make sense to her; it was the same reason why he made her sleep through that alarm: he didn’t want to see her get hurt… or terrified. She also had to be truthful to herself; the only reason why she flew off the handle was because he had absentmindedly reminded her of why she became too afraid to attack Ma’alefa’ak. Jamila was right: that image was something that Tabitha was just fine not remembering for the rest of life.

She wondered why she just didn’t sit there and listen to him; he had tried to explain himself fully. Maybe it was due to all of the stress she was dealing with; the demon possession, the memory loss, the back-to-back invasions: she had even almost lost her cool, going back to her days of letting her rage blind her. It wasn’t just her relationship that she was overthinking… it was almost everything. She foolishly risked her life; although it was to save her dear friend, she realized that the founding members had been saving lives well before she showed up. What haunted her the most was the fact that she ignored an order; had she simply stayed put as J’onn said, there would had been no serious injuries: the group got away with the Annihilator, regardless.

She glanced at her best friend and started to feel silly about her recent actions. This was someone who was on the outside looking in… but she was also someone who had been married for quite a while; she wasn’t talking nonsense. J’onn really did love Tabitha. And, she loved him.

“… I gotta go…”

“You gonna do what I think you’re gonna do?” the professor couldn’t help but to smile. Tabitha returned the smile and nodded.

“I don’t wanna hear ‘I told you so’ though! I’m buying some Oreos… and going to apologize…”

“… Oreos…?”

The End

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