Walking Away 1.1Mature

It was no surprise that Tabitha Lyght made the decision to move from Watchtower to Metro Tower, taking on the responsibilities of becoming the Monitor for the embassy on Earth. After all the repairs were completed on Watchtower, the lightning woman was formally introduced as the new Monitor. Metro Tower was smaller than the massive space station however it was designed almost the same; there were individual rooms for the members who decided to make their home there, a gym and training area, a cafeteria and even a simulation program room. At first, she looked forward to finding a place out in Metropolis however she changed her mind; she decided to make her home on Metro Tower.

The old Tabitha Lyght would have accepted the promotion with a smug grin on her face, knowing deep down that she had deserved it. It was what the Martian had trained her on for the past three and a half years; it was only fitting that she would be named Monitor sooner or later. However, being a part of the Justice League had humbled her greatly. Almost everyone that she spoke with was more than a colleague… they were family. She was more willing to stand back and follow rather than lead, unless it pertained to the ones she loved.

She admitted that it was going to be a difficult task being Monitor. Not because of the responsibility that she had… but because it meant to be a close partner to the Monitor of Watchtower. Tabitha knew of three members who knew about their relationship; the others she had deemed clueless: J’onn and herself had to pretend that everything was as normal as could be. Tabitha was secretly let down that it seemed so easy for the Martian; a bit too easy. It was as if it didn’t bother him at all as he had gave her last minute pointers when she was aboard Watchtower; she almost welcomed the move to Metro Tower, just so she wouldn’t be around him as much.

What Tabitha didn’t know was that it was much harder on the Martian than he had led her to believe. It had been centuries since he felt the pain of heartache… and he didn’t like it one bit. He had grown so used to her being by his side, making smart remarks every chance she got! Seeing how her eyes shone whenever they looked at each other. How soft her skin felt whenever he touched her; it had pained him to be near her every day before her big move and he was no longer able to touch her. To keep from going insane, he had to force himself to act as if he was just fine being her friend yet again. No… they were not even that anymore, he realized as he stared out into space; they were simply League members.

“… J’onn…?” Diana’s voice broke his concentration. He looked her way, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine; why do you ask?”

“You’ve been really… distant lately.” she tried to find the right words. Ever since the intrusion and the departure of the lightning woman, Diana had noticed a slight change in the Martian. It had been almost four years since the young woman had come aboard Watchtower; before, he was always silent, keeping to himself. Diana was actually happy that he had finally became attached to the new member; Tabitha had slowly brought out a more social side of J’onn J’onzz.

Now that she was gone, the Martian had not only reverted back to his old self but it seemed as though he was merely going through the motions of all of his activities. Diana had a feeling on what the real problem was: just like the rest of the League who decided to stay aboard Watchtower, he missed Tabitha. It was no wonder, Diana reasoned; the two had become just as inseparable as Tabitha and Wally were.

He put his attention back out the window, staring at Earth. He wondered what Tabitha was doing at that moment and if she even thought about him as much as he did her. Was she suffering as bad as he was, wanting badly to simply run to him and accept his embrace?

“Just thinking…” he forced himself to respond. Diana slightly sighed and joined him.

“It’s going to be pretty quiet without her here… isn’t it…?” she volunteered. J’onn gave her a slight nod, “I know how close you two are…” she continued. He gave her a quick look; did she know about their relationship as well? Before he could answer, she looked at him and gave him a sympathetic smile, “It’s not like she left the League, altogether. You look as if you just watched your oldest child go off to college!” she said. The metaphor made him smile a little; he was simply glad that Diana had no clue how close the two really were!

“… It certainly feels that way. Maybe I’m more worried if I trained her enough…” he half admitted. It was a true worry of his in the beginning however seeing how well she managed when the founding members turned themselves in had erased all of his doubts.

“She’ll be fine!” Diana laughed, “If she can handle Watchtower, running Metro Tower will be a piece of cake for her! J’onn… I think you’ve been cooped up in here for far too long…”

“… What…? I don’t… understand…”

“When was the last time you left Watchtower… just to leave?” she looked at him seriously. He opened his mouth to answer but thought against it; how would she take the fact that he had spent Christmas with the lightning woman and her family? Maybe nothing, he tried to reason; for all she knew, he treated her like a child and never had any romantic feelings towards her whatsoever.

“… I spent the holidays with Tabitha and her family…” he took the chance and told her. Diana gave it a thoughtful sound.

“… She forced you… didn’t she…?”

“… How did you know…?” he sighed out and she laughed.

“I think I’ve grown to know her just as much as you have; I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to see you spend it alone! How did you like her family?”

“… They’re a nice family.” he decided not to say more; he still enjoyed the fact that her family eventually treated him as if he was a human along with them.

“Maybe you should… observe more human life. Things have changed since the last time you’ve done so. I know you’re not too keen on humans but… you saw how Tabitha’s family was; there are more people who are like that than you think.”

“Are you saying that I should… leave the Justice League?”

“Not permanently. Just… take a break…” she suggested. There was that word again, he thought. But, maybe she was right. Maybe he needed to get away for a while. Everywhere he went on Watchtower was a constant reminder of Tabitha. He knew that he would always think about her regardless of where he went however… if he took away the factors that reminded him so much of her… maybe it would be less painful and more manageable.

“… That is something to think about…”

“Good. But, my advice? Don’t think… just do…”

The End

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