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She could barely concentrate on her objective, she was extremely upset with the Martian. Tabitha managed to track down Jamila’s lost communicator and looked at the coordinates strangely.

“Huh… it’s in Metropolis…” she mumbled and quickly made her way towards the teleportation pads. J’onn appeared beside her, grabbing her by the elbow.

“I meant what I said, Tabitha. I am coming with you, whether you like it or not. I understand that you’re worried about the children. But, I will not allow you to play hero by yourself; you would only make this out into a suicide mission. I sense that something else is wrong… but we’ll talk about it once the children are safe.” he told her. She narrowed her eyes at him, snatching her elbow away from his grasp.

“You read minds… maybe you can figure it out sooner than that!”

The two made their way to the abandoned warehouse and checked out the perimeters.

“Something ain’t right… there’s no guards… or henchmen… or anything…” she noticed. J’onn nodded.

“We’ll still stay alert. If the children are here… save them; I will handle everything else…” he told her and became invisible. Tabitha did a quick and quiet Lightning Cloud towards the building, sneaking inside through an ajar door. She found herself disappointed as she looked around and saw that it was empty. Her attention went to a dust and cobweb-covered table and she approached it.

“… Doc’s communicator…” she whispered as she picked it up, “Clear in the main area… found doc’s communicator, though…

I found the children. There should be a staircase to your left leading down.” J’onn told her. Her heart raced as she made her way down the stairs; he didn’t tell her if they were okay or not. She covered her mouth and held her tears in as she saw J’onn untying the children from the chairs.

“Miss Tabitha!!” Jamil couldn’t hold in his excitement. Tabitha helped J’onn untie Solonia and A.C., removing the duct tape carefully from their mouths. The three immediately hugged her.

“Trips! You guys okay? Are you hurt?” she hurriedly asked, tears forming in her eyes.

“We’re fine. We’re hungry…”

“I knew you’d come to save us!” A.C. told her.

“What took you so long?!” Solonia asked, making Tabitha laugh.

“We had to take care of a few bad guys. Did you guys see who took you?”

“… He had powers…” A.C. mentioned.

“Powers? What kind of powers?”

“He did like this…” Jamil extended his arm out, “… And he made you stay put. And, he could teleport…”

“Like us?”

“Yep. He was always talking about weapons and war and stuff…” Solonia told Tabitha. The lightning woman looked over at J’onn.

“… Ares…” he confirmed, “It makes sense, now…”

“… Ares…? The god of war, Ares?!” she widened her eyes. Tabitha shook her head and looked at the triplets, “You know what… let’s just get them home…”

The five didn’t have to approach the yard before the door swung open and both parents rushed to greet their children. Jamila was finally able to let her sobs out; sobs that had been building up since she first discovered the children were gone. She kissed and hugged all three tightly.

“Oh… my babies! I’m sorry; mommy’s so sorry!!” the mother and children collapsed in the grass, “Thank you; thank you so much! I’m so sorry! I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again! I… I owe you so much, Tabs… I… I don’t know what…”

“Don’t, doc. It’s okay. They’re safe; that’s good enough for me…”

“Let’s remove the devices from the house… and then we talk…” J’onn told her and the two went inside. It took them almost thirty minutes to clear the home and their search ended in the guest bedroom. He sighed as she crossed her arms and looked around the room, “Tabitha…”

“You know what; we do need to talk!”

“… If this is about me not telling you about my regenera…”

“This ain’t got nothing to do with that! How many times have you tampered with my mind?” she figured that the only way to handle things would be to just blurt out her questions.


“Cuz, I can count at least twice since we’ve known each other! I understood making me sleep through an alarm but… why in the hell would you erase a memory from me?!” she glared at him. For the first time in his existence, the Martian cursed at himself; how could he have been so careless as to shift into the very beast that he had wiped from her memory?

“… I only did it for your protection…”

“My protection? If you wanted to protect me… you should’ve erased the whole gaddamn fight!! Why didn’t you tell me before, like when I lost my memory?! You had a whole fucking month to confess to everything then!”

“I never intended for you to get a glimpse of…”

“Just like you never intended on telling me about my new DNA, just like you never intended on telling anyone about us!”

“That isn’t fair to bring that up…”

“Oh, but mind raping me is fair?! You sure as hell didn’t give me a choice to forget!”

“I felt that it was the right thing to do at the time…”

“So… without telling me, without even giving me so much as a damn warning, you thought it was the right thing to erase a memory…? I must be on the list of the humans that you don’t trust!”

“That isn’t true!”

“Being with you… I don’t know what’s true! You made me sleep through an alarm, instead of just telling me no like you always do; you erased a memory… what’s stopped you from doing more?! Did you trick me to fall in love with you?!”

“… How could you even think that? I would never manipulate you to do something like that!”

“But, how would I know?! If I didn’t see you turn into that monster… I would have never known! Let’s face it: you’ll never tell me if you’ve fucked with my mind more than what I know about! You said you can’t trust most humans. But, tell me this: how the hell can anyone trust you knowing what you can do?!” a hot tear rolled down her cheek. She stopped looking at him; she couldn’t do it anymore, especially after what she thought next.

“… What are you saying…?” he was actually afraid of the answer. Another tear rolled down her face as she shook her head and looked at him.

“I… I don’t think I can trust you, J’onn. And… if I can’t trust you… and you can’t trust me to make my own decisions… why are we with each other…? I… m-maybe we need a break from each other… until you can show me that I can trust you…” she almost couldn’t get the words out, the lump in her throat nearly preventing her to do so. She turned to leave only to be stopped by the Martian grabbing her arms.

“Tabitha!” he tried. She looked at him.

“… Can I trust you…?”

“Of course, you can! You should know this…”

“… Can I trust you not to use your ability on me? Can I even trust you to… to tell everyone… about us…?” she asked. He had an answer for the first part of her question; it was the second question that made him simply look at her. He still wasn’t ready to let the other League members know about the two; he still felt that they wouldn’t be ready.

His silence was all that she needed to hear. Her eyes misted over yet again as she slowly shook her head and snatched away from his grasp.

“… Goodbye, J’onn…” was all she could say before leaving the room. He just stared at the closed door, wondering how everything had changed so quickly. She didn’t want to listen to him; she didn’t let him try to fully explain everything.

“… But… I love you…”

The End

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