Task Force 1.10Mature

The three teleported themselves in front of Jamila’s home. Tabitha took notice of the yard; both cars were there. She looked at the two men.

“When I tried to contact her earlier… she didn’t answer her communicator, her cell or her house phone…”

“Hmm… something isn’t right…” John agreed. He used the power of his ring to scan the home and the surrounding area. After a few moments, he quickly looked at J’onn and Tabitha, “Her house… it’s bugged.” he confirmed. Tabitha’s heart raced as she looked at J’onn.

“Can you… feel her and the trips in there…?” she quietly asked. The Martian simply looked at the house.

“… All I sense are Jamila and her husband…”

“Fuck my life… I should’ve came down here to protect her and the kids…” she breathed out as the three made their way onto the porch. J’onn shifted to a human form as he knocked on the door.

“What’s done is done; let’s see if we can remedy it… without mentioning what just happened on Watchtower.” J’onn said and the two agreed. Moments later, they heard the rattling of the chain and the deadbolt being unlocked. The door slowly opened, giving the three a half view of Jamila’s face. Her bloodshot eyes widened for a second but then went back to normal. She cleared her throat and put on an obvious fake smile.

“T-Tabs… it’s… it’s nice to… see you…” she tried her best to sound normal. Tabitha’s heart ached for her best friend as she noticed that the professor would not move away from the door, let alone even open it wide enough for them to see her fully.

“Doc! Let us in, will ya? Didn’t come all this way just to talk to you from out here!” she put on her best fake smile. Jamila quickly scanned the area outside before reluctantly letting the three in.

“S-So… um… how you been…? H-Haven’t seen you in a while…”

“Been busy. You?”

“O-Oh… the same. W-Who’s your… friend…?” Jamila glanced at J’onn as they made their way into the kitchen.

“This… is… Joe. Old friend from high school. He’s got an interest in physics and I told him about you. He’s thinking about transferring here…”

“Oh. Well… maybe it’ll be best for him. J’onn; oh, my God: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t have any other choice! You must’ve filled his head with all kinds of tall tales about me…” she said and sat down.

“She talks about you constantly; I wanted to meet the legend in person! Where are your children? Tell me exactly what happened.

“Oh… I’m no legend; just an ordinary professor. I don’t know where they are! He took my babies!! H-H-He told me that… if I didn’t make copies of my ID… I wouldn’t see them, again! He said he’d release them after the job was done b-b-but… I haven’t heard from anyone in hours! If you don’t want anything to do with me… I’ll understand. But, please… I beg you… just find my babies!” tears streamed down her face as she stared at J’onn.

We will find them; I promise. Well, I’m willing to learn more from an ordinary professor that my friend can’t stop talking about!” he responded. Jamila wiped at her tears and nodded.

“… We’ll have to talk some more at the campus. He took my communicator and bugged my phones and the entire house!

I figured as much. Your husband…?

“The semester is almost over but… I’d rather for you to go ahead and get… all the paperwork out the way. He’s fine… physically.”

“Thank you, Dr. Lindsey. Don’t worry about me being upset with you… you’re forgiven…” J’onn looked dead at Jamila. She let out a shaky sigh and nodded. J’onn glanced at Tabitha and John, “Whoever organized Task Force X took the children hostage to make sure that Jamila made the IDs. I’m sorry that I accused her…” he eyed Tabitha more. She bit her tongue and nodded, “Well, I hate to cut our visit short but I have to get going…”

“It’s… okay…” the professor nodded as the three started to leave. Tabitha immediately embraced her friend, giving her a tight squeeze.

“… I’ll see you later, doc…”

“… Stay out of trouble, Tabs.” she looked dead at Tabitha. The lightning woman could do nothing but nod as the three left. As they left the yard, the three looked at each other.

“I… I can’t even imagine what she’s going through…” John shook his head. Tabitha shook her head angrily and wiped at the tears that finally came.

“I gotta find the trips… and get those damn bugs out the house…”

“You are not handling this alone; you don’t know what you’re getting into…”

“Oh… so, you know? You know who did this? Who’d kidnap innocent children just so that they can get on Watchtower?!”

“Tabitha…” J’onn eyed her strangely as she directed her anger towards him.

“You don’t know! You don’t know the Lindseys like I do; this got nothing to do with you, with either of you!” she glared at both League members.

“Tabitha! You will not do this alone, regardless of how much longer you’ve known the Lindseys; I have been a Justice League member longer than that!” J’onn returned the glare, “We’re returning back to Watchtower and you will track down Jamila’s communicator.” he commanded. She huffed and looked the other way.


The End

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