Task Force 1.9Mature

He stopped hugging her and made her look at him, wiping the remaining tears from her cheeks and eyes. She took a deep breath and simply looked at him… and was reminded of what he had done. She cleared her throat and let go of him.

“J’onn… we gotta…”

“J’onn, I believe that he has some information to share with you.” John interrupted, escorting a civilian worker over to the two. Tabitha looked at the older man, recognizing him as one of the control room crew members.

“What do you know?” J’onn stared blankly at him.

“Oh, dear God; please don’t say you had a hand in this…” she thought that she had mumbled it however the older man dropped his head slightly and sighed.

“They’ll… they’ll do something to me if I say anything…” he weakly responded. It was enough for Tabitha to glare at him.

“Really? You’re scared of what a bunch of normal folks will do to you? You better be afraid of what I’ll do to you if ya don’t start talking!” she took a step towards him. J’onn held her back but kept his eyes on the man.

“Her emotions are high… however she is right… and my patience is quickly wearing thin…”

“I… I gave some… information to the group… about when to… sneak aboard…” he finally admitted.

“You’re joking… right? Please tell me you’re joking!” Tabitha’s anger made the man tremble.

“Who… were they?”

“A-All I know is that they call themselves… Task Force X…”

“And, how were they even able to get up here?” J’onn narrowed his eyes at the older man. He took a hard swallow, switching glances from the Martian to the lightning woman and back to the ground.

“I… I used to work with this guy… h-his wife… can make fake IDs…” he admitted. Tabitha’s eyes widened; it was too much of a coincidence...

“… N-No…” she shook her head. Before anyone could stop her, Tabitha grabbed the man by his shirt, glaring at him, “You better tell me you’re lying or I’m a beat the living shit outta you and make you into a fucking example!!” she told him. John grabbed her away from the elderly man.

“Get him out of my sight…” J’onn glared at the man as two guards escorted him away.

“And, you’re fired! You’re so fucking fired!!”

“Tabitha!” John tried to calm her down, “Mind filling me in on why what he said has got you so riled up?”

“… Jamila can make fake IDs…” J’onn answered for her. John widened his eyes.

“… She would betray us like this…”

“No; no way in hell doc would do something like that without being pressured into it!”

“J’onn…?” John looked at the Martian. He slowly shook his head, still angry that one of their civilian workers would do such a thing.

“I think… I should erase his entire mind!”

“Yes; great fucking idea! And, while we’re at it, go ahead and fire the whole lot of ‘em!”

“Now, hold on you two! Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?!”

“What is harsh is the fact that he gave out sensitive information…”

“It would be pointless to erase his mind, J’onn! He’s told us everything.”

“It’ll make me sleep better at night knowing he don’t know nothing. Can’t trust him to hold water, now!” Tabitha crossed her arms.

“Do you really thing that we can trust any of the staff after this? So, what; J’onn erases everyone’s minds?!”

“I would have to erase Jamila’s mind as well; she…” Tabitha glared at J’onn before he could finish his sentence.

“Doc ain’t no traitor; how could you even think of accusing her of it?!”

“Tabitha…” he was surprised that she snapped at him. He put that thought in the back of his mind, “The only way we’ll know is by asking her, ourselves. How long will it take you to fix the console?”

“A few minutes…” she huffed and immediately went back to work.


The remaining members of Task Force X brought the Annihilator battlesuit into the abandoned warehouse where the plan was originally concocted. They were slightly surprised by the blond haired, blue eyed man that met them inside.

“Hmm… it took you longer than I had expected…” he tried to reprimand.

“Never intended on taking on Martian Manhunter… or for him to have some help…” Rick eyed the man. He looked the group over and tilted his head.

“You’re missing a member…”

“… Blown up…” Deadshot vaguely mentioned. The man shrugged and patted the battlesuit.

“Hmm… oh, well; not my problem. I got what I wanted. You’ll find the rest of your money in that suitcase there…” the man pointed towards a suitcase in the middle of the room. He performed a small chant and the Annihilator came back to life, following him.

“W-Wait! Who are you? And… what about those kids you took?” Captain Boomerang asked. The man looked back and gave him an evil smile.

“Let’s just stick with Mr. Sera. And, as for those children… you can release them if you want… but they’re a long way from home…” he laughed as he teleported himself and the battlesuit.

The End

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