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The two didn’t have to wait long; they heard a commotion in the hallway leading towards the control room: whoever the intruders were had encountered three Justice League members. As the fight found its way into the room, J’onn made himself invisible.

Huh… whoever they are, they’re taking care of things…

They’ll be sadly mistaken if they think we’re going down that easily…” he assured her. The intruders consisted of four men and a woman: Colonel Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Clock King and Plastique; the five took care of the three Justice League members, Vigilante, Atom Smasher and Shining Knight, but looked in shock as Tabitha slowly clapped.

“Oh… that was good; that was real good! Now… I bet you’re wondering who’s this broad standing in your way and why she’s here by herself…”

“You would be correct, ma’am…” Rick mentioned. She took notice of his demeanor and the way he stood in the room and smiled.

“Oh… military. Been a while since I’ve kicked some military ass! Anyway; I ain’t gotta tell you who I am but I’m pleased to tell ya that… I ain’t alone!” she smiled wider as the Martian appeared in front of them. He looked at the five.

“Ask yourselves: is being in here with me what you truly desire…?[1]”

And he has backup? Boy… you picked the wrong damn day to come up in here!” Tabitha slowly shook her head but continued to smile. The group tried to escape however was stopped short as she did a Lightning Cloud, appearing in front of Rick. He widened his eyes at her.

“Seriously… who are you…?”

“Kinda hurt that you don’t know me! Eh; don’t matter: I’m someone you really don’t wanna fuck with right about now!” she said and started to charge up.



No abilities; they have no powers…

Aw, seriously?!” she heavily sighed and rolled her eyes. Tabitha stopped charging up and simply hit Rick in his jaw, sending him stumbling back. Captain Boomerang took out one of his patented weapons, about to throw it towards the lightning woman. He was stopped short as J’onn materialized behind him and caught his wrist, making him drop his boomerang. Tabitha saw that Plastique was going after the Martian and did a Lightning Cloud in front of her. With ease, she threw the woman away, making her crash into Rick and Clock King, “You came up in here with no fighting skills? This ain’t gonna end well for you!” she slightly taunted. As the two teamed up, she was glad that they were making easy work of the intruders. Tabitha had to admit that J’onn and she were really a well matched pair when it came to fighting alongside each other.

As Tabitha was taking care of Clock King, she became distracted by a sound that came from the hallway; whatever was approaching the room sounded large and metallic. Her eyes widened as the Annihilator battlesuit made its way into the room.

“Oh, holy hell… I think I know what they tryna steal, now!” she looked over at J’onn. When she did, all she could do was stand and look on in horror; the Martian transformed into a translucent monstrous form, terrorizing Plastique. Tabitha couldn’t move; she knew that he was a shape shifter but never did she think that he would turn into something like that! His eyes glowed a blood red as he snarled at her, exposing elongated, razor sharp teeth; his hands were replaced with claws. When he wrapped his body around her and she screamed… Tabitha wanted to do the same. The sight made her immobile however as terrified as she was… Tabitha really wanted to know why that form was so familiar to her. As she thought about it, she admitted that it reminded her so much of when she was attacked by Ma’alefa’ak; she had the exact same feeling then as she did at that moment…

She gasped as it finally hit her. The reason why it seemed so familiar was because she had seen it before… when she was alone with the Martian’s twin: Ma’alefa’ak had shifted into the exact same being. Tabitha knew the reason as to why someone would block that out of their mind; she wondered why she had only blocked out that image… and not the entire fight as a whole. She had remembered everything else from that fight; how tight he had her pinned to the wall, how hard he had thrown her across the room… she even remembered him talking about a Martian’s true form. A flood of emotions engulfed her as she finally put two and two together: the reason why she had forgotten about the image… was because J’onn had made her forget.

Becoming active by the fighting, the Annihilator suddenly grabbed J’onn and lifted him over its head. Without warning, it pulled and easily ripped him in half. Watching the scene, everything in Tabitha’s body went numb as his scream echoed throughout the room. She collapsed to her knees, shaking her head in disbelief.

“No… J’ONN!!!!!!” her body wouldn’t let her move, let alone breathe right. Tears immediately flowed down her cheeks as she could only stare at his lifeless upper body. She willed herself to look at the Annihilator, the only thing going through her mind was attacking it. She stopped herself from getting up to do so, remembering what the future Ramil and Ashley had told her; she had no choice but to stay put.

It wasn’t fair, she angrily and sadly thought. She covered her mouth and shook from trying to keep the sobs in; the last emotion she had for him was anger. More tears streamed down to her cheeks as she realized that… she never got the chance to tell him how much he really meant to her: she loved him.

She didn’t feel like fighting anymore as she somberly watched the group make their way to the teleportation pads with the Annihilator. What was the point, she thought. Fighting would only set off the battlesuit which would risk going through the same fate as the Martian had. Maybe… it would be the right way to die, she sadly thought. She knew that it wouldn’t feel right being without him; the two had been by each other’s side for years. Would there be anyone else out there for her?

Just when she made up her mind to attack, she looked on in shock as she witnessed J’onn attacking the battlesuit.

“…J-J… J’onn…?” she half whispered. It couldn’t be, she mused and looked where she had just seen his body torn in two on the ground; he was just there… dead! Her mind was still numb however she still made her way towards the group and continued the fight. Captain Atom and John finally made their way into the room and were about to join in on the attack until Plastique picked up an unconscious Atom Smasher. She held up a slender white disc against his throat, making the League members stop their attack.

“Stop where you are or it’s going to get really messy in here…” she threatened. Tabitha glared at her.

“You ain’t got the balls…” she mentioned. The group was bold enough to sneak aboard Watchtower and even take on a few Justice League members; if they were going to injure or kill anyone, the intruders would had done so by now.

“You really want to test your theory out? Go ahead and attack!” Plastique smiled at the woman.

“Hmph…” Tabitha narrowed her eyes at her; a Lightning Cloud should solve all this, she thought. Before she could make a move, J’onn held her back. He looked at her and shook his head, slightly sighing.

“… Let them go…” he reluctantly agreed, putting his arm down. He knew that there was a possibility that his girlfriend would be able to apprehend the woman; he didn’t want to risk anyone’s safety. Tabitha slightly backed down but quickly glanced over at Captain Atom; he was just as antsy as the lightning woman was. He saw that she looked at him and darted her eyes towards Plastique before looking back at him. When he gave her an almost unnoticeable nod, Tabitha knew that he got the meaning; she was not going to let Plastique and her crew get away with anything!

Tabitha did a quick Lightning Cloud and appeared behind Plastique just as Captain Atom rushed over to grab Atom Smasher. The Martian widened his eyes and made his way towards them.

“Tabitha, no!!” he tried but it was too late. Tabitha gave Plastique a small shock, making the woman drop her explosive. From the teleportation pads, Deadshot raised his pistol and shot at the disc. Before it could explode, J’onn tackled Tabitha and covered her from the explosion with his cape. She couldn’t help but to stare at him; a few moments ago, he was dead; torn into two. When he felt it was safe, he lifted her up, feeling a mix of anger and relief at the same time, “Are you okay?” if anything, he wanted to make sure about her safety.

She couldn’t say anything; she could only continue to stare at him, looking him over with misty eyes. She saw nothing that showed that he had even been harmed around his waistline. Tabitha bit her lip to keep herself from crying but it was no use as a tear made its way down her cheek. The way he looked at her, she knew that he was highly upset with her antics… he had every right to be.

“You… y-y-y-you were…” she couldn’t form the words without letting sobs escape.

“I’m fine; regeneration…” he tried to assure her. As the smoke cleared the room, they saw that the intruders, along with the Annihilator were gone. The Martian rushed up to the control panel and tried to trace their coordinates however he was stopped short as it started to smoke and blew up, “… They thought of everything…[2]” he sadly realized. Tabitha tried not to think about anything else as she looked at the damage in the room, cringing when her eyes landed on the badly battered bodies of Plastique and Atom Smasher. She quickly wiped at her eyes and looked away.

“Get these two to the infirmary now!” she sternly announced to anyone who was listening. It was all her fault, she realized. She was only trying to save the League member and stop the intruders before they escaped. How was she to know that one of the intruders had a gun on them? She should have listened to J’onn; she should have never tried to play the hero.

Tabitha made her way towards the console and immediately went to work on it. The Martian wanted to talk to her about her actions however he noticed that she was still clearly shaken from everything as her hands trembled while she worked. He sighed and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder only for her to shake it off, not bothering to even look at him.


“I-I… I know what you’re gonna say; this is my fault…” her voice quivered. More tears formed at the thought, making J’onn shake his head slightly and attempt to wipe at her tears.

“… I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay…” he told her. He saw that it wasn’t the right time to point fingers and lecture; he needed her to calm down. His voice and the genuine concern behind it was enough for more tears to roll down her cheeks.

“N-N-No. I just… j-just… give me a minute… okay?” it bothered him that she still didn’t look at him. The only thing he could do was nod and look over at John.

“… I want to know who they were… and how they were able to get aboard…” he told him calmly.

“I’ll ask around.” John volunteered and left the area. J’onn was going to check on things in the infirmary but was stopped as he heard Tabitha sobbing. He turned to look at her and saw that tears flowed out of her eyes. She continued to work although she could barely see through her tear-stained eyes. He couldn’t take it any longer and finally made her stop, forcing her to hug him. Tabitha shook as she sobbed, burying her head in his chest.

“Everything will be fine. You made a mistake; it happens. You were only trying to do the right thing…” he tried to comfort her; he knew that her heart was in the right place.

“You… you were dead. I-I-I watched you… die…” her muffled voice still quivered. His supposedly death was still fresh in her mind and she held him tight as she continued to cry.

“Oh, Tabitha… I’m so sorry. I meant to tell you about that ability…” he slightly whispered. The Martian was able to regenerate his entire body from a very small fragment of his skin; being torn into two, while painful was nothing for him to recover from.

She was starting to calm down from everything, especially seeing that it seemed as though he was no longer in the mood to attempt to lecture her. He understood her motive for what she had done and was simply grateful that she wasn’t harmed in the process. It was a bit selfish on his part; there were others who he needed to worry about. However, Tabitha Lyght was human… and the one that he loved.


[1] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Task Force X”

[2] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Task Force X”

The End

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