Task Force 1.7Mature

She was surprised that the repairs were going as smoothly and quickly as possible. Tabitha had become accustomed to being the only one who knew their way around the wires; she had always felt that no one else would be able to do her job better. While she appreciated the help, she still looked over everyone’s work, going over and making their repairs indestructible.

John raised an eyebrow at her as she made changes to his repair job.


“When you can do what I can do with the wires… then you can say something!” she turned over her shoulder and smirked at him, “I can’t help that I like messing with wires and stuff…”

“Or that you’re a perfectionist…” Captain Atom joined in.

“When you do things yourself, they get done right…”

“… Close enough…” J’onn smiled as the two men laughed.

“Will you miss it? Making repairs and upgrades, that is.” John asked. Tabitha eyed him strangely.

“Being Monitor ain’t gonna stop me from doing upgrades!”

“Maybe not but… it guarantees more missions for you…” John smiled at her. She stopped working and cracked a slight smile; that was something that hadn’t dawn on her. She had seen J’onn assign himself to missions plenty of times; once she was appointed Monitor of Metro Tower, there would be no stopping her from assigning herself!

He knew that the concept would come up; her going on more missions. She had told the Martian herself that she had become more comfortable staying aboard Watchtower. However, he knew that the thrill of adventure was still embedded in her; instead of assigning other members to help with the battle against Luthor/Brainiac, she volunteered herself.

J’onn’s thoughts along with everyone else’s were interrupted by a small tremor followed by the blaring of a warning alarm.

“What the…” Tabitha was up and alongside the other three as they made their way to the control room. She immediately looked at the monitors and gave the others a shocked look, “An explosion in the reactor room…” she held her breath.

“Order an immediate evacuation; I’ll go and assess the damage.”

“The reactor room? Let me; that’s more of my expertise…” Captain Atom volunteered for J’onn. He nodded as the man left and Tabitha announced the evacuation.

“You’ll need to leave as well. Don’t worry; John and I can handle things…” he looked at her as she opened her mouth. He didn’t give her a chance to respond as John and himself left to help with evacuations. She pressed her communicator; she needed to tell her best friend that she was on her way there.

“Doc…” she tried. She was surprised that there was no answer, “Doc!” she tried yet again; maybe the professor didn’t have the communicator in her ear. There was still no answer and that made Tabitha worry. Another click on the communicator and Jamila’s cellphone rang. Still no answer. She tried the home phone and almost stopped breathing as that, too went to voicemail. Something was definitely wrong; either the professor or her husband would had at least answered the home phone. Tabitha turned back to the control panel and was about to try to locate Jamila’s communicator.

“Tabitha!” J’onn’s voice echoed throughout the room, “I told you to evacuate!”

“… Something’s wrong with doc; she ain’t answering her communicator…”

“Go check on her. Regardless of how you feel… I don’t give these orders to be mean to you…”

“That explosion wasn’t an accident, J’onn…” both Tabitha and J’onn heard through their communicators. She gave J’onn a worried look.

“Who… who would set off something like that on purpose?!”

“Someone with a deadly objective… or… someone trying to create a diver…”

“Security breach in the storage room!” John’s panicked voice entered their ears. J’onn looked at his girlfriend.

“This is going to get out of hand; get out of here and check on Jamila.” he told her. He was caught off guard as Tabitha folded her arms and shook her head.

“Gonna have to disobey that order, sir! Only way outta here is through this room; whoever’s stealing is gonna have to go through you… and I’m your backup!” she declared. He simply looked at her and gave her a slight smile.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Cocked, locked and ready to rock!”

“Make sure you keep up, then…”

“… Smart ass…”

The End

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