Task Force 1.6Mature

As everyone made themselves busy traveling back and forth between the two stations, no one noticed the unfamiliar civilians among the new shift coming aboard Watchtower. J’onn and Tabitha had made themselves busy over the main control panel, with Tabitha slightly rolling her eyes as the Martian spoke. He looked at her.

“Is this boring you…?”

“I just don’t get why you keep going over the same thing over and over again!”

“I just want to make sure that you comprehend…”

“Why you tryna beat this into my head? You know… you could save us both a headache if you’d just download the stuff in my brain!”

“I have offered to teach you several things and you have always declined; I’ve long since stopped trying. You can either take all of my offers or none; you can’t have the best of both worlds!” he eyed her. She gave him a smirk and opened her mouth, “Any condescending remarks you have, I am able to retaliate against now… I’ve been around you far too long…” he returned her smirk.

“You and your big words…” she mumbled.

“Would you like for me to download more vocabulary into your brain…?” he surprised her. She gawked at him.

“Wow… that… you’re really being a true smart ass today!” she had no other choice but to laugh; she actually enjoyed when the Martian acted that way, “So, how many folks moving to Metro Tower?”

“I’m not sure right now. Many are moving there temporarily, at least until Watchtower is completed of repairs. How much longer will that be?”

“I gotta make another check and then I can tell you. Those holes in the hull are gonna take a while; a week, maybe? I got some minor repairs that could take only a couple of hours.”

“Captain Atom and John could be made available; would that speed things up?”

“… It would. You know… you’ve been tryna rush me into these repairs; what’s going on?” she narrowed her eyes at him. She knew that he wasn’t an impatient person. He simply gave her a warm smile.

“Metro Tower needs a Monitor; I wanted to make sure that things were in order here before that happened.”

“… Oh; that’s understandable. Yeah… Metro Tower would need a few upgrades… maybe if I could just do the simple repairs and get a team to get to those holes, I could…” her train of thought was interrupted by J’onn’s laughter, “W-What…?”

“I find you quite charming when you’re oblivious! I would like to assign you as Monitor of Metro Tower.” he fully explained. She stared at him with widened eyes.

“Y-You’re… asking me to be Monitor?!”

“Yes. Kara told us how well you handled everything. You did not doubt any of the decisions that you made and for the most part, they were all sound ones. When I assigned you as temp Monitor, I never doubted your skills over the controls; that was the easy part. I wondered how you would handle the mental part of the job. You did very well… and you will do well at Metro Tower.”

“… It’s a big step…”

“One that I’m sure you’ll be able to handle. You’re willing to take the step for us to live together… but not to become Monitor…?”

“… Greater chance for me to screw up being a Monitor…”

“You will do just fine. You handled the President with… well, with better ease the second time around! For Watchtower to go through an attack as massive as it was… Kara and you made sure that everyone remained safe…”

“Then… why ain’t Kara being offered the job…?”

“I didn’t train her… I trained you. Have you not realized that I will be available if you need any help?” he asked her. Tabitha simply thought about his words. When she became a member of the League, she had never thought that she would be in any position of authority; as far as she was concerned, the founding seven were all that was needed. She was content just being a part of the team.

What made her look at him and smile was the fact that she knew he was impressed by how much she had learned and how calm she actually stayed under pressure. She also realized that he was right; J’onn hadn’t said anything about stepping down as Monitor of Watchtower: she would always be in contact with him if she needed help or even advice. Tabitha had nothing to worry about.

“Alright… I’ll accept.”

The End

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