Task Force 1.5Mature

After the announcement of establishing Metro Tower, there was a constant bustle aboard Watchtower; quite a few members volunteered to move down to Earth. Tabitha hadn’t made her decision yet however she helped the others move things back and forth between the two stations.

“Tabitha…” she stopped what she was doing at the sound of J’onn’s voice. He approached her, “I need to speak with you.” he simply told her. Overhearing, Diana came by and took the box from her.

“I’ll take over from here.” she volunteered as the two made their way to Tabitha’s room. No sooner had the door closed, J’onn embraced her and gave her a kiss. She sighed happily.

“Good to have things slightly back to normal…”

“I agree. I’m really proud of you for how you handled things.”

“Kara did all the work…”

“She didn’t. It was you who got everything back to running. You contacted Bruce and Wally. And… you saved him. You risked being sucked into the Speed Force to do so…” he pointed out. She gave him a shy smile and shrugged.

“I just… reacted. Kinda foolish…”

“In a way. However… I know that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to save a friend. It was very brave of you.” he kissed her on the forehead. J’onn remembered the real reason for his visit and smiled, “Will you be moving to Metro Tower?” he looked at her. His question made her think about her plan however she shrugged.

“I’m going wherever you’re going; you know that!”

“For the moment, it will be here. Who is to say if that should change in the near future?”

“Forgot; you’re a mind reader not a psychic!” she laughed, “Why you ask?”

“Call me curious. I know that being back on Earth is something that you miss…”

“A bit. Gotten so used to being up here… with you. If I make the decision to leave here… a nice place outside of Metro Tower would be nice…” she gave him a smirk. He only nodded, a bit disappointed.

“I would miss having you around me. However, if that’s what you want…”

“J’onn!” she almost laughed, “Really? That went over your head?!”

“… I’m confused…” he gave her a puzzled look. She sighed heavily.

“That was an invitation for you to move in with me, Martian! You know, have our own place together?” she confessed. It was enough for him to give her a surprised look; what he wanted to talk about could wait!


“What? If you’re thinking it’s too soon, you can erase that thought right now! We’ve been together for two years. Hell; doc married Albert a year after they met!”

“Are you suggesting that we get mar…”

“W-What? No! I…” she stammered; she really hadn’t thought about marriage. She seriously was taking things one day at a time with the Martian, regardless of what she learned from her mission into the future. As far as she was concerned, nothing was ever truly set in stone, “I just want us to live together… wait… unless you’re truly uncomfortable with that…”

“I’ve grown quite accustomed to human ways. Is this what you truly want?”

“I don’t see the problem with it; we’re around each other twenty-four/seven as it is… might as well have a house together!” she explained. The idea had been in her head for quite some time. She admitted that she had an ulterior motive for her suggestion; for the two to live together, it was possible that they would have to finally tell everyone about their relationship: someone else would pick up on the fact that the two would be leaving Watchtower or Metro Tower together.

Having their own home; the thought actually warmed the Martian. While he had acquired a few places that he could call his own, he never had a home that he shared with anyone, not since he lived on Mars. He didn’t see it as a huge step; it wasn’t like he didn’t know the lightning woman, inside and out! He knew every single thing about her: her strengths, her weaknesses, her fears, her faults and her quirks. What she displayed aboard Watchtower would be what he would expect to see in the privacy of their own home.

Would this move force him into letting the others know how much he loved Tabitha, he wondered. While he considered a handful of League members friends, they still did not know the Martian as well as they thought. When he wasn’t assigning missions, he seldom spoke to anyone else; he tried to keep himself as isolated as possible. No one knew what he did “afterhours” or even during downtime; he somehow doubted that anyone would find out that the two were living together.

“That is something I would like very much…”

The End

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