Task Force 1.4Mature

“For your upcoming quiz, review chapters five and six. And, remember; tomorrow, I need you guys to turn in your topics for your assignment so that I can approve them. That assignment is twenty percent of your total grade! Now… get out of here and watch the roads!” the professor dismissed her class. As the students headed out, another professor entered her classroom.

“Dr. Lindsey, someone dropped this off for you…” the woman handed her an envelope. She shrugged and looked at it.

“Oh… okay… thanks…” she wondered where it was dropped off at; she had a mailbox for such things. When she opened it and read it, her heart dropped.

We have your children. If you want to see them again, follow these instructions. Do not inform the authorities or the Justice League. When you receive this, go to your home immediately.

“H-Hey, who dropped this… off…” Jamila looked up but saw that she was alone. Was this someone’s idea of a joke, she angrily thought as she packed up her things. It wouldn’t be very funny once she found out who was behind it, she thought as she made her way out of the building. If it wasn’t a prank, she remembered that the letter stated for her not to call the police or the Justice League… it said nothing about contacting her husband. She was about to call him until her cellphone rang; a private number. She usually ignored those but thought that it was too much of a coincidence, “Dr. Lindsey…” she cleared her throat.

“Did you get the note…?” the garbled voice asked. She stopped walking.

“Who’s this?” she demanded.

“You will do as instructed or you will never see your children, again!”

“This ain’t funny, whoever this is! I find out you’re playing with me…”

“Go home and check on your children, Dr. Lindsey; if you think this is a joke!” the voice threatened and immediately hung up. She ran to her car and rushed home; she couldn’t take the chance that this wasn’t a joke. She sighed out as she saw her husband’s car in the driveway; if someone had taken their children, he would’ve been the first to call her. When she opened the door, however, her heart sank lower into the ground as she saw that someone had ransacked the place. She dropped everything and ran upstairs to the children’s rooms.

“A.C.? Solonia? Jamil?!” she panicked. She had swung open both doors but found no children. A lump formed in her throat as she started to hyperventilate; someone actually did take her children. She ran into her room and immediately covered her mouth to keep from sobbing aloud; she found her husband beaten up, lying in the middle of the floor. She dropped to the ground and quickly gathered him in her arms, thankful that he was still breathing, “Oh, my God; Albert!! W-W-W-What happened?!”

“Now… do you believe that this is serious, Dr. Lindsey?” a man’s voice startled her. She looked up and saw a tall blond man in the doorway with piercing, almost inhuman blue eyes. She glared at him.

“Where are my children?!” she demanded. The man simply chuckled and threw his arm out, sending her body towards the wall. He slowly approached her with his hand still up, using some sort of magical force to keep her pinned to the wall.

“They’re safe… for now. Once the mission is complete, your children will be returned to you…” he told her calmly. More tears streamed down to her cheeks as she sobbed.

“If you hurt my babies…”

“You are in no position to issue any threats to me! Now… you will do as you are told and your children will remain safe. First things first… your communicator…” he held his other hand out. She slightly widened her eyes at him; how did he know about her communicator? She saw that he had released enough pressure away from her in order for her to do so. She reluctantly took it out of her ear and handed it to him. He placed it in his pocket and released the rest of his hold on her, making her drop to the ground, “Now… duplicate this five times…” he threw a badge at her. The professor looked at the badge and shot a look at the man.

“M-M-My… Watchtower ID… y-you’re gonna sneak aboard Watchtower?!”

“If any Justice League member is notified… including the Martian… you will never see your children again!”

The End

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