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An hour passed as the groups worked together. She tried to make herself busy, switching between completing repairs and checking with the wounded. However, Tabitha couldn’t help but to notice that she had heard no word from J’onn or any of the founding members. She was tempted to contact them herself but figured that they were just as busy as Watchtower was.

“Ma’am!” one of the civilian guards quickly approached her, “There’s something on the news you may want to see!” he informed her. She nodded and followed the guard back to the control room where Kara had the news station broadcasting on one of the monitors. There was live coverage of what was happening near the LexCorp building in Metropolis; the seven founding members were battling someone who looked like Lex Luthor.

“What’s that he’s wearing…?” Tabitha squinted at the screen; he looked as though he was wearing a full gold armored body suit. His head was blue with three circular orbs glowing in the form of a V almost around his head. Kara noticed the symbol and gasped.


“… Who…?”

“He’s an alien android. He fuses with anything that he can just so that he can absorb all of its knowledge and then destroys it.”

“So… he’s fused with Luthor… and he’s gonna destroy him…?”

“It’s not that simple. Brainiac has the power to absorb a whole planet’s knowledge…” she looked at Tabitha. The lightning woman widened her eyes.

“Well… that ain’t good!”


“We gotta go help…”

“We can’t; they’re counting on us to hold down the home front…”

“Which we’ve already done. Kara, we can’t let ‘em fight that thing alone! Look; they’re getting their asses whipped!” she pointed towards the screen, “You’re Clark’s cousin; you have the same powers as he does! I got lightning to back me up! Let’s… go…” she pleaded. After three years, the founding seven had become her dear friends; it was killing her to watch them slowly fall one by one… especially her boyfriend.

“… Are you doing this to save our mentors… or are you doing this so that you can get a few licks in on Luthor…?” Kara asked sincerely. Tabitha smirked.

“Okay… I ain’t gonna lie and say that the thought didn’t cross my mind…”


“I ain’t gonna kill him! I do owe him an ass whooping, though! It’s being filmed; why would I risk killing him on national TV? Wait a sec… J’onn said that it’s my call to teleport members. So, I’m making the call; we’re going!

“You are certainly a risk taker…”

“One of the best!”

The two teleported just in time as the Luthor/Brainiac fusion created android replicas of the Justice Lord to stave off the attack from the others. The hybrid glanced Kara and Tabitha’s way and created an android Galatea to face off against Kara. Each Justice Lord was pitted against their normal counterpart, trying to goad and taunt them about their weaknesses and fears. Tabitha froze as she watched the Justice Lord J’onn approach his replica. The Martian smirked.

“My weaknesses are your weaknesses; there is nothing you can do to make me doubt myself…” he said. Justice Lord J’onn smirked back at him and with rapid speed, appeared right in front of Tabitha. Just like in her nightmare, the Justice Lord grabbed her by her throat and lifted her up in the air.

“Looks like I found your weakness… she’s definitely not mine!”

“Tabitha!” J’onn panicked. The Justice Lord just evilly smiled at Tabitha.

“Do you remember what I said to you? That you would pay with your life for your defiance?” he continued to smile cruelly at her. Her mind was reeling; the scene was playing out almost exactly as it had in her dream. There wasn’t anything that she could do; he was indeed stronger and she didn’t have her powers to defend herself…

That thought made her stop struggling and return the sadistic smile.

“Yeah… I remember. But… that was a dream and this…” she started to charge up, “This is reality! Oh, and if I’m not mistaken… you’re just a robot…” she released all of her energy, electrocuting the android. J’onn approached her and embraced her tightly.

“… What are you doing here…?”

“Helping out. And, don’t tell me to go back; you said to send members and that’s what I did!”

“He could’ve killed you…”

“Nah… that’s what you’re here for, right…?” she winked at him. He gave her a smirk before looking around for the others. They had easily defeated their doppelgangers as well and were approaching the machine the hybrid had created to absorb, destroy and recreate the universe, “That’s our real target?”

“You can say that…”

“Done deal…” she did a Lightning Cloud towards it and began to destroy it alongside the other members.

“Tabby! How fast can you go…?” Wally switched glances from the hybrid to his friend. She shrugged.

“Never clocked myself…”

“Remember when you trained with J’onn?” he winked. She slightly perked up and looked over at the hybrid.

“My pleasure!” she said and both took off quickly. She didn’t have time to worry about why Wally went the opposite direction, away from the Luthor/Brainiac hybrid; she did the same moves as she did when she trained with J’onn, hitting the hybrid as hard and fast as she could using Lightning Cloud. A few seconds later, she saw a red streak coming towards the two from the opposite direction and moved out of the way. She blinked as he hit the hybrid hard enough to tear off a chunk of its armor and realized what just happened; Wally had encircled the globe. She smiled when she figured out the plan; she would weaken and distract the hybrid while Wally made his trek around the globe.

The two played out this plan several times, with Wally appearing in a shorter time than the last. Tabitha finally succumbed to exhaustion as she dropped to her knees and watched as Wally’s finally trek only took him a mere second. She knew that something was wrong; energy from his speed flowed all over his body, making noticeable crackling sounds and his hands were vibrating. He placed his hands on what remained of the armor and destroyed it completely, leaving Luthor in a small crater.

“W-Wally…” Tabitha mustered as much strength as she could to make it over to her friend, who wobbled as he stood. Before she could make it over to him, he suddenly disappeared from sight, “F-FLASH!!!!” her eyes widened. Adrenaline kicking in, she quickly looked around for any signs of him. Her search was interrupted by the slight and exhausted laughter coming from the crater.

“Well, what do you know; I did end up killing him![1]” Luthor mused. Anger filled her veins as she glared down at him.

“You… you… you son-of-a-bitch…” she didn’t care that her vision started to blur; she had fully welcomed the loss of control. Before she could reach him, Clark immediately grabbed him, enraged himself. Breathing erratically, his eyes began to glow red, a sign that he was about to use his heat vision. Tabitha’s breathing matched his as sparks and waves of electricity flowed over her clenched fists. J’onn and Diana prepared to intervene however Bruce stopped both of them.

“No… let them decide on their own…[2]” he told both of them.

“She’s blacking out!”

“She knows how to control it; give her a chance!” Bruce growled back at J’onn, “She knows what she needs to do…” he actually had to reassure himself. He was there when she confessed how she really felt about the ordeal Luthor had put her through; he had hoped that she would not let those feelings consume her.

Clark finally closed his eyes, still angry and threw Luthor to the ground, shaking his head.

“I’m nothing like the Justice Lord version… I will not stoop to his… or your level!” he declared and walked away. Tabitha, on the other hand still slightly glowed from the lightning that flowed over her body. She slowly but angrily walked over to Luthor.

“Tabitha… no…” Shayera whispered.

“You… invaded my dreams. You held me hostage in my own fucking body... you… killed… my friend; why should I let you live?!?!” she raged, the life leaving her brown eyes. Luthor stared up at her in horror as more electricity started to quiver around her body. Before she let the rage blind her, she thought about everything Luthor had put her through as well as other members of the Justice League. Just when she was about to unleash all of the power that was building up inside of her, one more thought came to her mind: Justice League members did not kill. She then remembered that everything that was going on… was being broadcasted live. She couldn’t let herself kill him, no matter what he had done, especially in front of a live audience… and her fellow Justice League comrades. She started to control her breathing and crouched down into a ball, immediately stopping her flow of lightning. Her tears followed as her vision returned fully, shaking her head. She glared at Luthor, who was still shaking in fear. The other members held their breaths as she approached and roughly grabbed him. She got closer to his ear, “On second thought… I’d rather see you suffer through J’onn’s hands!” she dropped him and wearily made her way towards her friends. J’onn had heard what she told him and kept his smile to himself; something else had caught his attention: he could still feel Wally. He looked in the direction where he sensed him the most.

“J’onn…?” John looked at him.

“He’s… still alive; I can sense him.” he walked in the direction where he sensed him, “Here…”

“W-What’s… there…?” Tabitha asked.

“He tapped into the Speed Force…” J’onn tried to explain. Without warning, Shayera took her mace and slashed it in the air where J’onn pointed. As she slashed the air, a portal opened. She didn’t wait for Shayera to make a move; Tabitha rushed towards it and threw her arm into the portal.


“Tabitha, no!” Shayera panicked as she saw that the force inside the portal was trying to pull her inside. She quickly grabbed her hand however she felt that she was being pulled as well. The members formed a chain to keep the two from being sucked into the Speed Force.

“… I got him!” Tabitha yelled; the group helped her pull him out of the portal. As he fell into her lap, she immediately hugged him as tight as she could, “Wally…”

“Tabby… don’t let me go that fast again. If I do… I don’t think I’m coming back…[3]”

“I won’t. That’s a promise. I can’t lose you…” she planted a small kiss on his forehead.



“… I finally beat you…” he slightly smiled. She smirked and pinched him on his arm.


[1] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Divided We Fall”

[2]-[3] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, "Divided We Fall"

The End

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