Task Force 1.1Mature

As Kara and Tabitha assessed the damage to the space station, they discussed a few things. The Ultimen were a group of five superheroes who were genetically conceived by Cadmus who were to be absolutely loyal to the government. However, their genetic codes were flawed and the five succumbed to massive cellular degradation. No one knew that they were a Cadmus project until the attack aboard Watchtower. Another thing that bothered Tabitha was Kara learned that Galatea’s mission was to outright destroy Watchtower, in retaliation of the laser firing. She knew that the President would not had ordered such an attack and wanted to speak to him, as well as check on the founding members.

“You’re the one I spoke with over the phone?”

“Yes, sir…” old habits died hard; she actually saluted. The President smirked, saluting her back.

“Prior service…”

“That’s right. Sir, I have some information that, well… I would also like the founding members to hear as well…”

“I knew that sooner or later someone would want to speak with them…” he nodded slowly and motioned for the others to appear; the only member missing was Bruce.

“Tabitha. Where’s Kara?” Clark immediately asked.

“She’s fine… I ordered her to rest. We were attacked. Twelve missiles bored into the hull, releasing a bunch of Ultimen clones… and Galatea, Supergirl’s clone.”

“Is everyone alright?”

“For the most part.” she told Clark; Tabitha couldn’t help but to notice that the President’s face looked almost drained of color.

“Who… ordered the attack?” the President finally found his voice.

“We’re going by what the clone said, sir. She said that she was sent to destroy the Watchtower base in retaliation of the laser going off. We can only assume that it was a Cadmus order…”

“I see. The director called me, wanting me to issue the attack. I told her to stand down…” he gritted through his teeth. Tabitha stopped holding her breath; so the President didn’t order the attack, “Is Batman with you?”

“No, sir. He’s investigating the hack on our system.”

“Any suspects?” he asked. She knew that Bruce didn’t outright say who was responsible… however, with all the information before them, they both knew who really was.

“… Lex Luthor. We also have information that he’s a huge benefactor for Cadmus. If it makes you feel better, I’ve deactivated the cannon. The only way someone can activate it… is from this very panel, now…” Tabitha announced. She received surprised looks from everyone and slightly blushed.

“I want to apologize for my harshness earlier…”

“Very understandable, sir.”

“The founding members are released. I’m assuming that they’re needed to help track down Luthor and end this mess. Tabitha, is it?”

“Yes, sir?”

“… A job well done.” he smiled and let the founding members take over the screen.

“Tabitha, how many members are available to help out?” J’onn asked.

“Not too many. We’re assessing all the damage now and tending to the wounded. There’s no official count yet…”

“Continue to tend to them and the repairs, then.”

“I’ll get in contact with Batman and let him know that you’re coming to help. Should I send members as needed?”

“… It’s your call. We’ll keep you posted.”

“Thank you… sir…” she gave the Martian a smile and a half salute before ending the transmission. When she turned around, she was looking into the blue eyes of Kara’s, “Holy hell; don’t sneak up on me like that! You should be resting…”

“I’ll be fine. So… what’s the verdict?”

“They’re being released so they can help Bruce track down Luthor.” she said. Before even thinking about, Tabitha contacted Bruce to let him know of the situation. Afterwards, she made an announcement for all members to report to the control room. She was glad to see that not too many were missing or even hurt, “We’re gonna need three teams: one to help tend to the wounded, one to help with repairs and one to relieve the team that’s still on rescue. Those helping the wounded, stay with Kara; those helping with repairs, report to me. The others, standby. If you’re wounded, I don’t care how small; get checked out before you do anything.” she nodded at the group. The one thing that warmed her heart was that the group complied. Kara looked at her and smiled.

“You know… I modeled my outfit in honor of my mentor; maybe it’s high time you did the same…”

The End

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