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It took Tabitha and her team of help only ten minutes to restore communications. She immediately dispatched herself to Wally.


“Yeah. How are things going with the rescue mission?”

“Fortunately, no deaths. A couple of serious injuries. Wait… why are you doing J’onn’s job…?”

“He… they turned themselves in. To show or try to prove that they’re innocent…”

“All of the founding members did…?”

“Yeah. Except for Bruce but I’m gonna contact him next.”

“Alright. It’s reasonable; everyone’s lost their trust in us. We got to win it back…”

“Agreed. Give someone else the lead and go.”

“You know what; I like you as Monitor!” he ended transmission, making the lightning woman blush. She contacted Bruce and told him about everything; the two were being patched through his communication system in the Batwing.

“So, you’re telling me to turn myself in…? You’re about as bad as that Martian…”


“I can’t do that, Tabitha. I have to get to the bottom of this; no one else will do it if we’re all locked up…”

“… Fine…”

“Hmm… I like this; no argument…” he smiled. She rolled her eyes.

“You have seniority over me… plus, you’re right. Go get the bastard… but you make sure you report back in and let me know something!”

“Yes, ma’am…” he smirked. She narrowed her eyes at him as he ended transmission. Part of her job was done: communications were back up, everyone else on Watchtower were being told who was in charge and she had spoken to two Justice League members. Tabitha told herself that she would start working on restoring the power; she had high hopes that since communications were quickly restored, the rest of the power would be back soon.

Forty minutes later, Tabitha and the others had the power restored. She sighed in relief and debated on what to work on next. She had told Kara that she would disarm the laser however another agenda came into mind; she wanted to check on the founding members. She started to mentally prepare her speech for the President until the Watchtower systems started to go off.

“Shit; what now?!” she glared at the screens. She was taken by disbelief of the warning system showing missiles heading towards the space station, “Fuck… me… KAAAAAARRRRAAA!!” she was glad that the girl was a replica of Clark; she appeared in seconds besides Tabitha, “We got missiles heading our way; twelve of ‘em!”


“I don’t know what they’re gonna do… but we gotta tell everyone to brace for impact…” she was glad that the communication system was up; she didn’t know how long it would’ve took Kara to notify everyone aboard. She quickly made the announcement as well as telling the civilian workers to immediately take shelter. Seconds later, the collision of twelve missile heads were felt as they bored into the hull of the station.

“Sounds like it hit close to the reactor room. I’ll go check on it.” Kara volunteered.

“I’ll check on the others.” Tabitha told her as the two made their way to investigate. Going around the corner, the two were met by what Tabitha could only describe as an all out battle; several League members were fighting other superheroes who looked as though they had been cloned in groups of five.

“Ultimen!” Kara exclaimed. Tabitha looked at her.

“Ulti… what?”

“I’ll explain later; looks like that’s what those missiles were really carrying…”

“Alright; leave ‘em to the rest of us: go check on the reactor! Wait… what we dealing with?”

“Water, air, electricity and self manipulation, and animal shifting…” Kara flew away.

“… Electricity, huh…?” Tabitha smiled at the Ultimen clones, “Piece of cake!” she did a Lightning Cloud towards a group and made quick work of them. She soon found out that the clones were attacking mindlessly at the League members; although the civilian workers were told to take shelter, they too were fighting the clones, warding them off. Tabitha made her way to the infirmary, only to see Captain Atom, Huntress and Question fighting off three of the clones. Charging up with all of her might, Tabitha released her lightning towards the clones, knocking all three unconscious.

“What are you doing; you two are still injured…” she slightly glared at the two men.

“I’ll be fine. Where’s… Kara?” Captain Atom asked.

“Reactor room.”

“I’ll go and help…”

“Not alone; I’m coming with you. Huntress…” she stopped the woman dead in her tracks, “Take care of the infirmary area; Question is in no condition to be fighting…” Tabitha ordered. With a slight smile, Huntress nodded as Tabitha and Captain Atom made their way to the reactor room.

“It may not be safe for you down there…”

“You’ll protect me, right…?” she winked, “Look, I’m second in command; no way in hell I’m gonna let Kara do this alone!”

“… The lieutenant protecting the captain…” Atom slightly smiled at her. Tabitha nodded her head and smirked.

“Damn right!”

As the two reached the reactor room, Captain Atom immediately shoved Tabitha out of the way in time as the steel door flew into the adjacent wall. As she gathered her senses, she could hear Kara arguing with someone else. Tabitha got a glance at who Kara was talking to and slightly gasped. When Question told her that Cadmus had cloned Kara, she had no idea what to expect. The other woman was indeed a near clone; instead of blue eyes, the clone had piercing green ones. Her white outfit was more mature than Kara’s, a long-sleeved one piece with a hole in the middle to show her cleavage. She clearly had the upper hand on Kara; Tabitha and Captain Atom immediately put themselves in the fight. Tabitha soon realized that looks weren’t the only thing that was copied; the clone proved to have the same abilities as Kara as she punched Tabitha in the square of her jaw, sending her flying across the room. Captain Atom met the same fate, landing near Tabitha.

“Exactly like Superman…”

“So, it seems…” Tabitha groaned, rubbing her jaw. The clone ignored them and continued to go after Kara. They were all caught by surprise when she started to laugh.

“You know… no matter how bad you beat me… nothing changes the fact that I’m real… and you’re a clone.[1]” she taunted.

“S-Shut up…[2]” the clone stuttered. Kara smiled as the clone hit her yet again.

“And, deep down… you know this. You’re not a real person; you’re just a weapon! Grown out of one of Hamilton’s petri dishes![3]”

“SHUT… UP!!![4]” it raged. However, Kara dodged her attack and ripped out one of the large power couplings in the room. Before the clone could attack yet again, Kara rammed the power plug into her stomach, electrocuting the clone. Tabitha and Captain Atom stood beside Kara, watching as her clone’s body twitched uncontrollably.

“See… told J’onn that taunting helps!” Tabitha smirked, “Did she have a name?”

“… Galatea. You can… fix that… right…?” Kara nodded towards the damaged coupling. Tabitha narrowed her eyes at it and sighed.

“Yeah, sure; no problem: it’s only a power source to somewhere…” she mumbled, making Kara laugh and put her arm around her shoulder.

“Hey; I couldn’t make second in command an easy task for you!”


[1] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Panic In The Sky”

[2]-[4] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, "Panic In The Sky"

The End

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