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As Tabitha made her way back to the control room, she was shocked about everything that she had learned. She had known that Luthor wanted her to leave the Justice League and be by his side; she would have never thought that he was connected to a government faction that looked forward to the superheroes going rogue, pitting them against those who were on “their” side. From what Question had told her, it sounded as though Cadmus was already preparing for everything, already convincing members to join their forces and even going so far as to clone Kara, Superman’s adopted cousin.

Another thing that bothered her was what Question briefly mentioned about Luthor. How was it possible for someone to purposely become the one thing that they had despised? It was one thing to try to fool the public, getting a few superheroes on your side; it was another to make yourself into one.

As Tabitha reached the control room, she slightly glared at Helena but then softened her look. The woman was only protecting her love interest; Tabitha knew that she would have done the same for the Martian. She sighed as Helena looked at her.

“He wants to see you…” she announced. Helena nodded but then looked at J’onn, who could only nod his approval. As she left, he looked at Tabitha.

“What did you find out?” he asked and she told him everything that Question had told her. Just when she was about to tell him about the clone, Clark materialized on the teleportation pads, carrying a man who donned a bluish-silver suit with red gloves and boots. A white with a red outline starburst was placed in the middle of his chest.

“What is this; new members’ day…?”

“That is Captain Atom… and seeing that he is made entirely of nuclear energy… there isn’t too much that can hurt him…” he immediately approached the two, “What happened?”

“He was ordered to stop me…” was all that Clark said as he made his way to the infirmary, leaving the two to watch him. Tabitha quickly drew her attention to J’onn.

“I don’t like this. What we gonna do about this whole Cadmus thing?”

“There’s nothing we can do…”

“… What…? They’re attacking League members! They already kidnapped one; they’re pitting us against each other and they’ve cloned Kara!” his eyes widened at that bit of information, “But, we’re gonna sit here and do nothing?!”

“What do you propose, Tabitha? Go down to Earth and initiate the war with the government?”

“You were quick to threaten Luthor and Tala…” she narrowed her eyes at the Martian. He sighed heavily.

“With Tala, I had a lapse of judgment… and you know full well why I won’t recant what I said to Luthor… as well as stay true to my word. This is different. Cadmus wants us to retaliate; they want the rest of the world to hate us. We allow justice to prevail; we do not take matters into our own hands…” he tried to explain.

“Seems like a lot of folks are tryna take matters into their hands, though…”

“Which isn’t right. We investigate, we make our findings known to the public; that is it. Unless the threat is something that only we can handle, the rest is up to the right authorities.” he looked at her. She sighed out her frustrations however she knew that he was right. He grabbed her tenderly by the shoulders, “I assure you that this will be monitored carefully.” the Martian tried to reassure. Tabitha was about to nod her head until she noticed Clark and Kara storming up towards the two. Tabitha had to admit that she admired that the woman made her outfit in homage to Clark’s; a white cropped short sleeved shirt donning the same S emblem and a plain blue skirt. Her red cape stopped at the middle of her back. Her blues eyes almost radiated with anger.

“J’onn, we’re enlisting Tabitha to go down to Earth…” Clark demanded.

“I will have to shoot that idea down.” the Martian matched the Kryptonian’s tone, “In fact, it is not a good idea to go after Cadmus.”

“… What? I know Tabitha told you what they’ve done…”

“Yes. But, that doesn’t give any of us the right to take things into our own hands. We uphold the law. Cadmus may very well be a legitimate organization.”

“What type of legitimate place harasses Justice League members?!” Clark glared. Fear danced in Tabitha’s eyes as the two glared at each other. She questioned if what she was told by the future Ramil still held true; that Clark and J’onn would get into a heated argument, causing J’onn and herself, along with a few others to leave the Justice League. She had to slightly agree with Question; things were starting to unfold and be put in place for the civil war. Of course, she didn’t want that to happen; not only did she enjoy being a Justice League member and adored every member, she feared for the Lindseys’ lives, “Tabitha, you’ve dealt with Luthor; what do you think?” he looked at her. She bit her lip and slightly looked away.

“I think that… that if we put the law in our own hands… folks down on Earth are gonna get more nervous about us…”

“She has a valid point…” Green Arrow chimed in; by then, several more members gathered around the four, “I’m one of the rare ones without any superpowers and you know what? You guys scare me…”[1]

“See? And he’s in the League with us! Look; I don’t like this one bit. But marching down there like a bunch of powered up bullies ain’t gonna look right…”

“So, what do we do? Just sit here and take it?” Kara asked. Tabitha glanced at J’onn and then back at everyone else.

“We don’t do nothing. They want to start a war with us. I don’t want that. That’s what’s gonna happen if one of us go back down there and start raiding places! And, why?”

“Because… Luthor and that Cadmus group have messed with you, me, Kara… everyone here! You’re seriously going to let him get away with what he did to you…?” she was glad that Clark didn’t glare at her. Tabitha closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

“I can’t do nothing about that; I can’t retaliate. You know what would happen if I did? All hell would break loose! That ain’t the Justice League way and of all people, you should know that! We save the day; we aid justice, not take shit into our own hands!”

“So, why did you confront Luthor in the first place?”

“Really? All I wanted was answers; that was it! I didn’t go there to cause any shit and I damn sure didn’t go there to kill him; I walked the fuck away!!” she fumed and took a step towards Clark, “You wanna sit here and bitch and moan about what all he’s done to you, you wanna tear down everything that he owns? You’re pissed because he and Cadmus are trying to make you, to make the whole damn League look like the bad guys? Well, guess what; he turned me into one! He got into my dreams, Clark! You wanna know the most fucked up thing about that? I don’t remember it. I can’t remember none of what I put Wally and Bruce and J’onn through! So, do I want him to pay for what he did to me? Fuck… yeah! That’s what you wanna hear from me, right?! Fine… yes; I wanna charge up with all of my might and hit him… over and over… and over again! Every time I think about it, it makes me wish I had the power to bring people back to life so that I could kill him over and over and over and over again; that’s how I fucking feel!!” she surprised everyone in the room. A hot tear rolled down to her cheek and she angrily wiped at it, “Do you know what’s stopping me from doing that? I don’t wanna be a villain. Do you…?” she asked seriously. Tabitha hadn’t meant for all of her emotions to come out. However, she figured that it was better that Clark would argue with her instead of J’onn.


[1] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode “Flashpoint”

The End

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