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After they returned to Watchtower, everything went back to normal. Tabitha was surprised yet happy that she was going on more missions. However, she had become so used to staying aboard, she almost rejected the opportunities. She was just fine being in the Martian’s presence, completing upgrades. Now that he received the approval of her family, she patiently waited for the day when they would tell the other League members. Although they had talked about the situation, she couldn’t help thinking about what was really stopping them from coming out about their true relationship.

She was heading into the control room to make a small report when she overheard J’onn strictly talking to someone. She tilted her head to the side and sighed; Tony, she shook her head. For a multibillionaire genius, he could be very childish and annoying!

When she got into closer range, she noticed that he actually looked upset as he performed an emergency teleport. Her eyebrows lifted slightly as a man and a woman appeared on the pads; the woman in purple and black helping the faceless man walk. She had never seen the two before and shot a look at the Martian.

“… Who are they…?”

“… Huntress and Question.”

“I take it they’re not supposed to be here…”

“Question, yes. Huntress is no longer affiliated with us…” he slightly narrowed his eyes as he went over to help. Tabitha just looked at Huntress, who was more concerned about Question than how the Martian was looking at her.

“What… happened…?” she decided to break the ice; although Question had no face, it was obvious to Tabitha that he had been beaten up. When the masked woman scoffed, it was enough to make Tabitha widen her eyes. She tried to follow the men towards the infirmary but was quickly stopped as Tabitha appeared in front of her, “Maybe you didn’t hear me; what happened?” she glared at her. Huntress was slightly surprised at her quickness but still didn’t say a word, “Look, lady: you don’t belong here so I ain’t got a problem shocking you… you don’t start talking, you’re gonna regret it…” she threatened.

“I was unaware that the Justice League needed a bodyguard…” the woman smirked.

“Ooh… you’re testing me! I’ve never attacked a League member… but you ain’t one so… I’m gonna enjoy this…” Tabitha charged up. Huntress slightly backed away, getting ready to strike.

“Tabitha, Helena!” as quickly as the two women were about to battle, J’onn put himself in the middle of the two. He chose to glare at the non-member first, “Just because you don’t recognize her doesn’t make her a non-important member; when she asks a question, you need to answer her…” he warned. Tabitha narrowed her eyes and smirked, “And, you will not provoke anyone, regardless if they’re a member or not…” her smug look turned to one of surprise.

“Wait… she disrespected me and I get lectured?!”

“Being a bully won’t get you any answers…”

“You better be glad J’onn’s right here; I’d shock you back down to Earth! You don’t want none for real…”

“Enough!!” the Martian’s voice echoed through the room, “Go and check on Question, Tabitha; I will handle this…” he sighed. She continued to narrow her eyes at the woman before she turned to leave.

I swear, she says one more word and I’ll…


Fine, fine; it’s dropped!” she mumbled in her head. She made her way to the infirmary, where the guards saluted her in. There wasn’t much to study on Question however Tabitha looked at him regardless as he laid in the bed. He slowly looked at her.

“Watchtower’s… electrician…”

“Geez; I have a name!” she rolled her eyes.

“I know. Sorry that we’ve met… under these circumstances…”

“What happened?” she sat down in the chair beside the bed. He slightly huffed.

“Batman found out about the neurotoxins in your oils. He wanted me to find a connection between Luthor and Cadmus…”


“I’ve had my theories about them for a while. A top secret agency out to keep the real super humans and Metahumans in check.” he told her. Tabitha sat back in her seat, thinking about what he had just said. If Luthor was connected to Cadmus… what did he truly want with her…?

“Well… is he…?”

“He is. I found out a lot of things; simulation programs predicting a war…”

“A… civil war…?”

“If you want to put it that way; a couple of members have already deflected to the government…” he explained. She slightly gasped and looked away.

“Amanda Waller…” she mumbled. Her impromptu trip into the future came back to light; she know knew the real source of the start of the civil war.

“You’re good…” if she could see his face, she knew that he was smirking at her, “I found out about the Justice Lords, too; how the Justice Lord Superman killed their universe’s Luthor.”

“Wow… they really were ruthless…” she shuddered.

“It… was going to happen in this universe…” Question stated quietly, “Similar events have already started to unfold…”

“He… the Superman that I know wouldn’t do that…”

“Well… I wanted to make sure that he didn’t. So… I tried to kill Luthor…”

“W-What?! Justice League members don’t kill!”

“Who would’ve known I was Justice League… besides the Justice League…?” he asked. She shook her head slightly, “He was… stronger than I would’ve imagined. Almost… Metahuman strong…”

“Luthor’s a Metahuman?”

“It’s something to look up. Cadmus wanted to know how I knew so much; they had a feeling that I had stolen some files.”

“You got tortured…” Tabitha realized, “I’m sorry…”

“All in a day’s work; I got the information that I wanted, that Batman wanted…”

“How did Huntress find you?”

“She… was with me… almost the entire time. I told her to go back and help Superman back at the facility… but she wanted to make sure I was taken care of here.” he finished explaining. Tabitha nodded and got out of her seat; the two were lovers, she made another realization.

“Why isn’t she with us anymore?”

“You’re right about one thing: Justice League members don’t kill. She was intent on doing so…” he explained. Tabitha slightly nodded.

“I’ll… send her here, then. I have to report all this to J’onn… anything else you wanna tell me?”

“… Cadmus cloned Supergirl…” he mentioned.

The End

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