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He had never spent the holidays with anyone, seeing that he was one of the only ones without family. He was thankful for the friends that he had made within the Justice League however he knew that the majority of them had their own families to spend time with; he didn’t want to feel as though he was intruding. This was the first time that J’onn was able to witness a family celebrate the Christmas holiday and learned a lot about the Lyght family traditions. He learned a lot about the family as a whole; how hard work was instilled in the children at an early age, along with numerous other values. J’onn was glad that he was “forced” to spend time with Tabitha’s family.

The Lyght family believed in the true meaning of Christmas, however it didn’t stop them from celebrating the commercial meaning as well. The family members sat in the living room and exchanged Christmas presents with one another. Olivia glanced at J’onn, who seemed to have taken a slight joy into watching the others open their presents.

“I’m so sorry, J’onn; we didn’t find out that you were coming until the last moment…”

“That is fine. The fact that you have welcomed me into your home is more than enough.” he smiled at her.

“Well… what do you give a Martian for a present, anyway…?” Tim shrugged.

“I got something for him!” Tabitha smiled as she quickly went upstairs.

“If you come back down here half-naked, I’m gonna throw up!” Tyler yelled at her.


“Do they… always act like that among each other…?” J’onn asked Olivia. She slightly sighed and nodded.

“My boys will be boys… and my Tabby will always be conservative…” she shook her head. Tabitha returned carrying a reddish abstract sculpture.

“Pretty nice artwork! Where’d you get it from?” Thomas asked. She smiled as she handed the piece to J’onn.

“I made it! One of my Metahuman talents…” she boasted. It took the Martian a moment to examine it and then quickly look at her with slightly widened eyes.

“This… this is Martian rock…”

“Uh huh!”

“You… sculpted me something made from my home planet…”

“I wanted to make you something that you associate with. I tried Oreos but yeah… no; I didn’t want you to eat it! Besides; you ever try to make something out of Oreos besides food? I don’t recommend it…” she continued to smile.

“Tabitha… where did you get Martian rock from…?”

“… From Mars…”

“Rimshot!” Terry exclaimed and everyone laughed.

“Seriously, Cl… Superman got it for me; kinda sent him on a scavenger hunt for rare rocks! When he came back with a chunk of it, I knew I had to make you something…” she continued to smile. He was absolutely speechless as he studied the sculpture. He knew that he had wanted her to start back sculpting; J’onn had never thought that she would ever make him anything, especially something this personal. The idea touched him deeply as he traced the contours of the sculpture, “… You don’t like it…”

“… This is the kindest thing anyone has done for me… in quite some time. I love it…” he actually blushed as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Martian…”

The End

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