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She was surprised as well as excited to see the snowfall that happened in Chattanooga. It had been a while since she’d seen any precipitation, let alone snow; she felt like a kid all over again. The trees that lined the street were covered however the driveways and streets had been cleared; the current snowfall was threatening to undo the hard work. The Martian looked on in slight amazement as his girlfriend stuck her tongue out to catch a few of the falling flakes.

“Why would you do that; do you know what snow is made of…”

“Don’t spoil it for me, Martian…”

“I will never understand you, human…” he actually smiled at her childish behavior as she squinted and stuck her tongue out at him. Her playful mood was interrupted as she stopped to study her parents’ home, “What’s wrong?” he noticed quickly. She studied the yard more and narrowed her eyes. Usually, the snow removed from the streets, sidewalks and driveways were shoveled into large piles on the side or towards the curbs; she saw that someone had clearly made what looked like a wall in the yard. When she saw that the driveway was occupied by more cars than usual, her eyes widened.

“Ambush!” she quickly pulled J’onn with her as they headed for the nearest car. No sooner had the two ducked behind it, they heard the thumps of snowballs hitting the vehicle, “Shit; start making snowballs!”

“… What…” he noticed that she had already made a few.

“If you wanna go to war, I’ll take your asses to war!![1]” she launched a snowball grenade-styled over the car towards the makeshift fort, “You gotta be my eyes; how many of ‘em are there…?” she went back to making snowballs. Confused, J’onn stood up from their hiding spot, to make sense of what was going on. Before he could, he was hit with a snowball.

“OOH!! Tango down, men!!”

“What…? Oh, J’onn; did you get hit?! Damnit…”

“He’s out; you’re on your own, now, Tabby!!”

“Good one, Ty; we got the important one out the w… oh, shit…”

“Tabby, tell him he ain’t supposed to move!!”

“Wha…” she got up from her hiding spot in time to see the Martian walking towards her brothers, “Oh… J’onn, stop!!” she did a Lightning Cloud to face him, “We’re just playing around…” she tried to explain. She wiped the remainder of the snowball from his chest as he looked down at her.

“Throwing snowballs… is some sort of a game…?”

“You’ve never seen a snowball fight before…?”

“No…” he shook his head. She opened her mouth to say something but was quickly interrupted as a snowball hit her in the back.

“You’re out!” Terry snickered. Tabitha sighed and rolled her eyes.

“And now, we’ve lost… revenge will be cold… and in a bowl!!” she shook her fists at her brothers who erupted into laughter.

“… Revenge is a dish best served cold…” J’onn corrected, a smile playing on his lips. Before she could retaliate, the oldest of the Lyght siblings approached the two.

“Sorry ‘bout that; we kinda get carried away when we get together. The Martian Manhunter, huh? Thomas…” he introduced himself. The man was as tall and muscular as their father however he was an even mixture of the parents. The Martian shook his hand.

“You can call me J’onn.”

“J’onn? I like that. Kinda French.”

“It’s as close as humans can pronounce my real name.”

“Ah. Yeah; our names are pretty easy: Tyler, Tim and I think you’ve already met Terry. Mom was on a roll after she named me and Tim; figured she give the rest of us T names!” he introduced the other brothers. Tyler was the second youngest; J’onn saw that he and Tabitha could’ve easily passed for twins. Tim favored the Lyght siblings’ mother more than any of them and was the second oldest.

The Lyght children had settled down in the living room while the Martian talked to the parents; Tabitha figured that the only way for the three to get to know one another was for it to be in private.

“How long you guys gonna be here?” Tabitha took a sip of her hot chocolate.

“I’m leaving day after Christmas; gotta work to pay the bills…” Thomas shrugged.

“School ain’t starting back until second week of January. Then, it’s back to Tuscaloosa!”

“Me and Ty staying ‘til after New Year’s.” Tim explained. She curled up in the chair and nodded.

“So… you and J’onn dating?” Thomas looked at his sister. She blushed and nodded.

“I knew it…” Terry eyed her.

“Y’all okay with that…?”

“Are you shitting me?! You know you’re set for life, right?” Tyler pointed out. She gave him a weird look.


“You’re with the Martian Manhunter; who’s gonna fuck with you?!”

“Yeah… so much for your brothers having your back, threatening your boyfriends to treat you right or else!” Tim huffed out.

“Yeah; go ahead and make that threat to him and see what happens!” Thomas pointed out and the men laughed. Tabitha blushed furiously.

“Well… n-no one knows that we’re dating…”

“Whaaat…?” Thomas eyed her in amusement. She didn’t want to explain everything to them; she knew that they wouldn’t understand. She was happy that her brothers accepted him without question.

“Only people who can keep their big mouths shut know…”

“Why…?” Terry asked.

“It’s a… superhero thing. Folks find out that we’re together and guess what; villains gonna come out and harass either me or him. That’s why a lot of us have secret identities.”

“Oh. That makes sense…” Tyler nodded.

“So, wait… does that mean you know who Batman is…?” Terry lit up. Tabitha sighed and nodded, “Who is he…?”

“He’s a detective on the Gotham police force…” she looked at him.

“No shit? For real?!”

“No; why in the hell would I tell you who Batman really is?!” she laughed at her brother’s disappointed face.

… I’m feeling really uncomfortable with your father…” J’onn’s voice almost echoed in her brain. She suddenly sat straight up and looked at her brothers.

“Where’s daddy…?”

“Oh… he’s… ‘interviewing’ J’onn…” Thomas smiled. She widened her eyes and then narrowed them towards the hallway.

“He wouldn’t…”

He sat across from Curtis Lyght and waited for the man to speak. He felt slightly uneasy that the human only looked at him as if he was studying him. The Martian knew that his girlfriend got his telepathic message and wondered what was taking her so long to either reply or come “rescue” him. He wasn’t used to this, being stared down by the father of the one that he loved. He wanted to go through his mind, to see what exactly he was thinking about but opted not to out of respect. Maybe this was a human tradition? He had a slightly painful thought; how would he react to someone that was courting his daughter? J’onn started to understand the human man…

“What are your intentions with my baby girl?” the man finally decided to speak. The question actually shocked him. His intentions with Tabitha? He only wanted to love her; wouldn’t that be anyone’s intention with one another? He was sadly reminded that human ways were vastly different from his. He was living on a planet where money and sex were huge factors in a relationship; it was as if everyone had given up on true love. He kept his smile to himself; he knew that their relationship was based on more, much more and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

He was about to respond until Tabitha rushed into the room, glaring at her father.

“Daddy!” she warned.

“Go back in there and help your mother cook, honey; this is men folk business…” he said without looking at her. Her eyes widened.

“Really?! This ain’t the… the…”

“The fifties…”

“Thank you! I didn’t invite him over for you to make him uncomfortable! J’onn… could you go and talk to my brothers; they won’t give you the fifth…”

“… Third…”

“… Third degree! How is it that you have no clue what a snowball fight is but you know our sayings?” she eyed J’onn. She shook her head, “Never mind! Just… leave me and daddy alone for a minute, please…” she asked. J’onn nodded and got up from his seat. Before he left, he looked at her father.

“I have every intention on treating your daughter how she deserves to be treated. Our relationship is not based on lust, as I’ve seen that is the case with the majority of human relationships. The way I treat her is definitely not by human standards… she is worth more than that to me…” he nodded and left, leaving Tabitha completely red. She watched him as he left the room and finally put her attention towards her father, who had a wide smile on his face.

“… S-Stop… d-don’t look at me like that!” she stuttered and sighed, “Daddy… I’m not a teenager no more…”

“I know.” he sighed almost sadly. Curtis slowly nodded and looked at his daughter, “… I like him…” he surprised her, “He may be a Martian but he got a lot of heart… and that’s all that matter. How much does he mean to you?” he looked at her seriously. She continued to blush.

“A… he means a lot, daddy…”

“So, you love him…”

“I… I don’t feel comfortable talking…”

“Thought you said you were grown…” he gave her a sly look. She narrowed her eyes at her father.

“Yeah. I do.” her words made him smile warmly.

“That’s good. He’s gonna make a good father…”

“W-W-Wait… what?!?!?!”

“Don’t think I ain’t noticed that you gaining a little weight there…”

“Oh… my… GOD; daddy!!!!”

“So… you’re not…”


“Well, he better start making you hit the gym; don’t want a pudgy, lazy superhero in this house…” he smirked. She could only sigh and hold her head in her hand.

“Are you done…?”

“So, how do you two… well… do you…” he tried. Tabitha widened her eyes and immediately turned to leave.



[1] Paraphrased from “Scarface”; real saying is: You wanna go to war, we take you to war, okay?

The End

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