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The ordeal that Tabitha had gone through with Lex Luthor prompted Bruce to conduct an investigation on the man; he knew that Luthor was always attempting to make the Justice League look rogue to the public eye. As one of the rare members with no super abilities whatsoever, he couldn’t help but to slightly see his point of view; the rest of the world could see them as a threat because of their powers, alone. What or who would stop Clark, for example, if he wanted to suppress the people on Earth, save some Kryptonite? A regular human like himself really didn’t pose a threat to other humans; he could easily be stopped by bullets and force by numbers. But how would someone stop a superhuman… a group of them? Bruce was glad that the others wouldn’t go rogue… however, he had means to stop every last one of them, just in case.

It was long overdue however J’onn insisted for Tabitha to invite Ramil and Ashley aboard Watchtower; they were to receive special recognition from the Martian himself for what they had done for his girlfriend. As the three made their way to the large conference room, Ashley shrugged at the idea.

“All he had to say was thanks; this isn’t necessary…”

“That ain’t him. You’ve saved my life twice… that means a lot to him…” she smiled, “Plus, it wasn’t all his idea. The council…”

“The council…?”

“The other founding members; I call ‘em the council.” she told Ramil, “Anyway; they wanted to thank you, too.”

“Oh… still… a thank you would’ve been more than enough…” Ashley cut herself short as Tabitha escorted them inside. The six founding members stayed seated but looked brightly at the husband and wife. They both shot glances at Tabitha, who only stepped to the side and kept her smile.

“Ramil and Ashley Jones. There aren’t many who can say that they’ve saved a Justice League member’s life, let alone twice. I’ve spoken with the others and we all came to this decision: because of your heroic actions, we will like to extend membership to you both.” J’onn announced. The two gave everyone shocked looks and finally turned to look at Tabitha. She laughed.

“He’s asking you to become a part of the Justice…”

“We know what he meant!” Ramil laughed, shaking his head. He put his attention back to the founding members and nodded, “We’d be honored…” he said. The group smiled at the two and gave them a round of applause. Tabitha put her arms around both of their shoulders.

“Good; welcome to the Justice League! As our newest members, you’ll have to go through some series of required training. If you wanna go back to Earth, just make sure you’re here on time for training. While J’onn’s getting you communicators, I’ll take you on a tour!” she escorted the two out of the room. Bruce looked at the Martian.

“You told her to do that…?”


“Hmm…” he couldn’t help but to smirk towards the door.

The End

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