Memories Lost 1.6Mature

She had asked J’onn to gather everyone, including Jamila in the control room; she didn’t want to exclude anyone. She had weeks to think about her decision and knew that there would be no easy way to let everyone know. She looked at everyone and held her tears back. She knew that she had a special bond with everyone before so it didn’t surprise her that she had the urge to cry. Tabitha took in a deep breath.

“I, um… I wanted to thank everyone for trying to help me remember everything. I’m so sorry that it’s still taking so long…” she tried to explain.

“We completely understand; it’s okay…” Diana tried but Tabitha shook her head.

“No. It’s not. After hearing all the stories about everything that I’ve done and seeing what I am now, I feel… I don’t know. Useless, I guess. And now I know that I’ll never get my memory back…”

“How do you know this?” Bruce asked.

“J’onn showed me the box that has the demon inside of it. It took my memory when J’onn took it out of me. I’m not stupid; I’m not making a bargain with a demon! So, I’ve made the decision to… to leave. I just… wanted to tell everyone thank you… and goodbye.”

“Wait… what?!” Wally looked at her.

“Tabs…” Jamila bit her lip. The only emotion that J’onn showed was the shock that registered on everyone else’s faces; the rest of his emotions were kept at bay. Tabitha approached him, in her hands was her communicator.

“J’onn… I’m announcing my resignation from the Justice League…”

“You don’t have to this, Tabitha…” he quietly announced, shaking his head.

“I don’t know how to use my powers like I used to; I don’t… belong here. You guys are all really great people… and I appreciate everything that you’ve done to try to make me feel at home…” Tabitha continued.

“Well, at least we’ll be able to visit you at doc’s place, right?” Wally looked at the professor, who immediately nodded. However, Tabitha shook her head.

“I’m not moving in with Jamila. I… wouldn’t feel comfortable living there right now. It’s nothing against you but I don’t want to feel like a burden…” she looked at her best friend. She had let out a gasp and a couple of tears at the announcement.

“You were never a burden, ever! I took you in when I knew jack shit about you; I’ll be more than glad to take you in, now! I could even help you relearn your abilities, just like before!” she cried. A bit of a tinge coursed through her chest seeing the older woman in tears; the sight was enough to make her own tears finally appear.

“I’m so sorry, Jamila…”

“No, stop! Stop calling me that! Damnit, it’s doc; for as long as I’ve known you, it’s always been doc!!”

“Jamila…” Bruce tried to calm her down but Jamila immediately snatched away from him.

“She has to remember! How will she know if we don’t constantly tell her?! Tabs…” she cut herself short; she wanted to desperately tell her how her decision was very unfair to J’onn. Regardless of her memory loss, Jamila felt that Tabitha’s decision to leave was too sudden and drastic. How could she do this to J’onn knowing how he feels about her, she franticly thought.

Jamila… this isn’t about me.” J’onn had read Jamila’s thoughts, “Trust me, I don’t like this as much as you do. But, in her mind, we’re still complete strangers to her. She isn’t doing this to purposely hurt anyone. We have to let her go.” he calmly told Jamila. She shot an angry look at him.

“No! How in the hell can you be so calm about this?! How can any of you let her leave like this?!”

“She’s not a child. If this is what she wants… we have to respect it.” Clark sadly agreed with the decision. Jamila wiped at her eyes and looked at her best friend.

“Where will you go; to your parents’ house?” she tried to calm herself down. She admitted that the thought didn’t occur to her until that moment; it may had been the reason why everyone was so calm about her decision.

“I don’t want to go somewhere where I’ll be babied all the time, either…” Tabitha surprised everyone.

“W-What?! Where will you go, then?! You can’t just roam the damn streets!! J’onn, please; stop her…” Jamila pleaded. The slow shaking of his head made more tears flow down her cheeks.

“… I can’t…” he told her. Jamila looked back at Tabitha, who wiped at the tears falling from her eyes. She bit her lip and looked down at her hands; she couldn’t bear to look at the professor crying any longer. She turned around to face J’onn, handing him her communicator, “If you ever change your mind…” he tried. J’onn wanted to plead right along with Jamila for her to stay however he knew that it was her decision to make; he couldn’t stop her. Tabitha simply shook her head, opening her mouth to speak but was abruptly interrupted by a sharp blow to the head. The blow was hard enough to knock her down to her knees, holding the side of her head in obvious pain.

“Jamila!” Diana, along with the rest of the members looked at her in complete shock; they were not prepared for the professor to attack her best friend with her clasped fists. She didn’t know what else to do; her best friend was leaving, willing to give up without much of a fight. She had a slight relapse in reality; the clichéd blows to the head had always worked in the movies…

Before anyone could apprehend Jamila or even question her, Tabitha slowly got up and glared at the woman.

“What… the… FUCK, doc?! You tryna give me a gaddamn concussion or something?! What the hell was that for?!” she immediately approached her. Her outburst made Jamila sob franticly.

“I-I-I’m sorry; I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what else to do! You were leaving us for no g……… did you just call me doc…?”

“I got plenty of other words to call your ass so you better be glad it’s the only thing I called you!”

“… What’s my favorite color…?”

“What the fuck… purple; I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with you but… wait…” she gave Jamila a strange look. After a few moments, her eyes widened and she grabbed her by the shoulders, “Doc!!”

“Holy fucking shit… it actually worked…” Jamila mused and hugged Tabitha with all of her might.

“I… remember, now. Everything. How…? That demon said…” she thought about the ordeal and shook her head, “It lied.”

“Makes sense; all it wanted to do was escape by any means necessary…” Bruce figured out. Tabitha nodded but slightly blushed as J’onn approached her.

“I take it that you will withdraw your resignation…?” he simply asked her, handing her communicator back. She smiled and took it back, “Thank you so very much…

The End

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