Memories Lost 1.5Mature

The two were on one of their routinely walks around Watchtower. She had grown used to them and actually looked forward to spending time with the Martian. He was nothing but nice to her, as well as caring and she also saw hints of him wanting to be loving towards her. The actual thought of J’onn being her boyfriend was still a bit weird to her; she had expected for him to be with one of the non-human super heroines rather than herself. However, the more they spent time with each other, the more she saw how well-matched they were. It started to make sense to her why: the Monitor of Watchtower should date the one who made sure that Watchtower functioned properly.

He was glad that she started walking closer and closer to him with each walk; he was tempted to hold her hand on several occasions. However, the closest she ever gotten to him after getting amnesia was the night she fell asleep on him. While it warmed his heart to the fullest, J’onn knew that it wasn’t the most important thing at the moment.

“So… where are we going today?”

“The storage area.” he answered as they stopped in front of a large door. He entered his security code as Tabitha looked at him strangely.

“A security code for a storage area? Most be something pretty important in here…”

“A few items that were confiscated from our many missions.” J’onn told her as the door opened. She looked on at the various items in amazement.

“A few? Wow…” were the only words that came to mind. She immediately went towards the back; the one thing that caught her attention was the Annihilator battle suit. The black and silver suit barely fit inside the area with Tabitha looking up to marvel at its size. She wanted to touch it but something told her not to. She backed away and looked at J’onn.

“What’s wrong?”

“… I don’t know. I just had a feeling that… I didn’t need to touch this… or be near it for that matter…”

“Hmm… even though you should pay attention to that feeling, there’s nothing in here that should make you remember anything. Except for this…” J’onn motioned towards a shelf. Nothing occupied it except a lone copper container. Where a lock would be, in its place was an amulet with the Seal of Solomon engraved onto it.

“This looks like some old box. What is it…?”

“The actual container isn’t important; it’s what’s inside…”

The Martian’s right, Tabitha. I’m so glad you finally came to visit me…” the container hissed. It was enough for her to immediately hide behind J’onn.

“Oooh; a talking box: I think I’ve seen it all, now…” she mentioned. J’onn narrowed his eyes at the container.

“There is no escaping for you…”

Are you sure about that? Tabitha… release me…

“W-What…? How… does it know me?”

“It’s a demon inside that container. It possessed you…”

“… Something evil…”


Oh, don’t let him fool you! He’s the reason why you lost your memory; that would make him the evil one…

“N-No. You’re wrong. I may have lost my memory but I can tell that you’re lying; he wouldn’t do that to me…”

Ask him who extracted me from you. Did he think that he was only extracting me and not something that was a vital part of you?” it asked. The Martian widened his eyes at the demon’s words and immediately clenched his fists as he stepped closer to the container.

“You… you’re the real reason why she can’t remember anything?!” he fumed. His anger only made the demon laugh.

All he had to do was let us be, Tabitha. But, because he had to interfere; because he wanted to save his beloved, your memories are stuck with me, now!” the demon hissed. Tabitha looked at J’onn.

“What is it talking about?”

“I… I didn’t know what else to do. I wanted that demon out of you. I went inside of you myself to get it out. It was very risky… and we lost you for a moment…” he remembered lowly, “I would have never thought that it would’ve taken your memory away…” he explained. Tabitha simply nodded.

“I’m not upset with you; I know how much you really care about me. I just would like to remember…”

I have a solution. You only have to let a portion of myself merge with you; I will restore your memories…

“No! Be quiet!!” J’onn snapped at the container.

I’ll even throw in some immortality. Just to think; you’ll have all of your precious memories back and will live longer than the Martian.” it laughed. J’onn shook his head.

“I wish you could remember. All the pain that it caused you because it was trying to take your soul away. You were in so much agony… you asked me to kill you.” he looked at her. She let out a small gasp, “I don’t believe that the only way to get your memory back is through… that thing. We’ll find a way, I promise you.” he finished. She slowly nodded and looked back at the box.

“… I’m sorry talking-demon-box; I’m not letting you out…”

Then I hope you enjoy living the rest of your life without your memories!!

The End

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