Memories Lost 1.4Mature

For the first time since the two started to date, J’onn had stayed the entire night in her room. It gave him a lot of time to think about a lot of things, including their relationship. He admitted that he was afraid to let the other League members know about them… because it would be admitting that he had a human trait inside of him after all. He knew that it was bound to happen; he had lived amongst the Earthlings for over fifty years. However, the Martian had expected to at least keep the romance trait as far away from his heart as possible. As she shifted and her head settled deeper into his chest, he blushed and smiled; he had to admit that her falling asleep to his heartbeat was something he wouldn’t trade for in the world.

A month had gone by since Tabitha Lyght had suffered complete memory loss and she was just as frustrated as the others who she had learned were her closest and dearest friends. She was even visited by her natural family however nothing triggered her memory. The only thing she knew were the stories and other information everyone else had told her. She at least was glad that she had control over her lightning abilities however she had no idea how to use them to their former potential. She knew that with time she would relearn everything but at the moment, she felt totally useless to the league of superheroes.

The only thing he wanted was his old girlfriend back; J’onn was at wit’s end as to how to go about doing so. He knew that there was no certain timetable for when she would regain her memory; the Watchtower medics had told him that it would happen on its own. He never expected that after a month, she would still be clueless about her life before becoming possessed. The Martian carried a terrible burden; he blamed himself for her accident. However, he felt that there was no other way to make the demon release its hold on her body and soul; it was far too powerful for Tala to control, as it was witnessed. He knew that what he had done was highly dangerous and painful, especially being done to a human; he had never expected for her to die from it.

He watched from behind the glass pane as Tabitha went through yet another CAT scan. He knew that nothing had changed but admired that she had taken it in stride and without complaint. J’onn had made up his mind that he would be the one to make sure Tabitha regained her memory. He was just stuck with how to go about doing so. He thought about two options; one: he could simply kiss her. It was only in theory however he felt that it could be possible that what she needed to trigger her memory was something that she was used to in the past. He had thought back to what she had mentioned when she was attacked by his twin brother; the only reason she knew that it wasn’t him was because the kiss was different. Maybe a kiss would indeed bring back some type of memory to her. However, he knew that she wasn’t that comfortable with him just yet; kissing her could very well alienate her from him altogether.

The other option that came to mind was for him to use one of his abilities to make her remember. J’onn sighed slightly; why hadn’t he thought of that earlier? He was capable of manipulating anyone’s mind into seeing, hearing and thinking whatever he deemed fit; he was sure that he could very well make her remember her lost memories.

He waited until the medics were nearly done with their examination before making his way into the room. Before he could move, however, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned and was looking into Shayera’s green eyes.

“How are you holding up?” she simply asked him. It surprised him; he was used to people asking about Tabitha and not about himself. Seeing the lost look in her eyes had taken its toll on him but he didn’t want to admit it to anyone.


“You can try to hide it all you want but… you look as tired as she looks lost. What was on your mind?” she asked. J’onn wanted to actually break down and tell her everything; how much he loved her, how watching her struggle made his heart ache and especially how he constantly blamed himself for everything she was suffering through.

“I need to help her. I can’t shake the feeling that this is my fault…” he decided to keep it simple.

“You did what you thought was right. For as long as I’ve known you, that is the one thing I know for certain that you’ll do. Besides; there’s not much anyone can do for her right now.” she told him. J’onn continued to look at Tabitha, a small smile appearing on his lips as she took notice of the two and shyly waved at them.

“… I can make her remember…”

“J’onn… that won’t solve anything. You’ll be planting fake memories…”

“I know everything about her; how would they be fake?”

“Maybe not fake. More like… manufactured. It wouldn’t be natural. If you truly love her, you’ll let her regain her memories on her own.” she truly shocked the Martian. He gave her a surprised look as she laughed a bit, “I’ve seen how the two of you look at each other when you think no one’s looking…” she smirked. It was enough to make J’onn sigh out.

“Who else knows? Have I tried to hide this in vain?” he looked back at his girlfriend.

“Like I’ve told her; I don’t know why you’re trying to hide it! I think it’s really sweet. But, as far as I know, it’s just me. I still say just let it run its course; she’ll remember soon enough.”

The End

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