Memories Lost 1.1Mature

The brother and sister stared at the woman beyond the glassed room of the infirmary. The professor was notified of what happened to her best friend and was immediately teleported aboard Watchtower to see her condition in person. She fought tears as she watched the civilian nurse check her blood pressure and temperature.

“She looks… so lost…” she observed. Ramil slightly nodded and sighed.

“I don’t think I could get used to seeing her like this…” he added. To keep from crying, Jamila let out a deep sigh and turned away only to face J’onn.

“Oh… how long you’ve been here…?”

“A few moments.” he simply looked at his girlfriend. The professor took notice and gave him a nod.

“How’s everyone else?” she wanted to change the subject, for both of their sakes. The Martian slightly smiled at her.

“They’ll be fine. We’re all just a little sore… and exhausted.” his attention went right back to Tabitha as she sat on the edge of the bed and looked around the room. With a little sigh, the lightning woman studied the white wristband, J’onn knew to try to familiarize herself with her own name. Jamila looked at her friend and bit her lip.

“Has she… even spoken to you since you guys got back?”

“… She doesn’t know any of us, anymore. She’s… afraid of me…” it saddened the siblings to hear the misery in his voice. As Jamila wiped at her eyes, Ramil laid a careful hand on J’onn’s shoulder.

“She’ll be back to normal soon enough; she’ll regain her memory.”

“What if she doesn’t…” it came out almost as a whisper. The Martian clenched his fists at his thoughts as well as hers; it pained him that she constantly tried to figure out who she was and why she had the powers that she did. He had blamed himself for her memory loss… and almost accepted that it was no wonder she was afraid of him.

“… Why don’t we go see her and talk to her?” Jamila suggested; she had sensed that he was getting upset. He started to shake his head slightly until she grabbed him tightly around his forearm, “J’onn… she needs to remember. She won’t be able to if you don’t want to talk to her…”

“She is afraid of me…” he reiterated.

“Then, make her not afraid of you!” she glared at him. She loosened her grip on him and sighed when he gave her a surprised look, “… Show her, again how much you really care about her…” her words made him widened his eyes.

“You… can tell…?” he asked and she let out a small laugh.

“I’ve been married for a long time; I know the looks! Let’s go see her…” she continued to look at him. Of course, the professor knew how much her best friend meant to him; it was obvious on his face every time they were together. The looks that they gave one another made the professor’s heart warm up.

“I’ll go and check on Ashley…” Ramil nodded and left the two. When the Martian finally nodded, the two made their way to her room. The infirmary was one of the heaviest guarded places aboard Watchtower, per Bruce’s and Clark’s request; the guards by her door stiffened when they caught sight of J’onn, immediately saluting and moving out of his way. He quickly glanced back at Jamila.

“She’s with me…” he informed the guards and they let her pass as well.

It had been a week since the group went on the rescue mission for Tabitha. Since she had lost all of her memory, she had no idea of what happened to her before and was slowly trying to get used to things. It was rough for her; she had powers that she didn’t understand and it seemed as though the people around her had abilities as well. She didn’t know anything about her former life and it made her a bit upset.

When the door to her room opened, she immediately looked at it; the head nurse had just finished with her routine vitals check: she had no clue what they would want so soon. Her eyes widened as she saw the Martian come in, followed by a woman in plain clothes; she immediately jumped out of her bed and tried to make herself disappear underneath it. The scene was enough to make J’onn and Jamila stop dead in their tracks.

“Tabitha…” the professor half-whispered. She noticed that Tabitha quickly motioned for her and went to her side, “What’s…”

“He’s here for me… again…” she panicked in a hushed tone. Jamila switched glances from J’onn and back to Tabitha, failing to hide her smirk.

“Don’t worry; I got this…” she patted Tabitha on the shoulder and stood up. In a dramatic fashion, Jamila threw her arms out towards J’onn, “Martian, be gone!!” she yelled at him but immediately laughed, “Sorry… I couldn’t help myself!” she put her attention back to her best friend, trying to help her up, “It’s okay; he’s the last person that would hurt you, trust me.” she tried to reassure. Tabitha uneasily got back on the bed, sneaking glances at J’onn.


“That was not funny, Jamila…”

“Yeah, it was and you know it!” she laughed even more when he let out an exasperated sigh, “I don’t want you to be afraid of him, that’s all…” she looked back at Tabitha.

“He… he speaks our language…”

“I’m very fluent in all Earth languages… as well as other planets’.” he explained. She timidly nodded but looked at the professor.

“So… I can trust him…?”

“Of course. He wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t.”

“… Jamila…?” she asked and her best friend nodded, “That’s… pretty. Why do I feel so… comfortable around you?”

“I guess… it’s because I’m your best friend.”

“Oh! I’m… I’m sorry that I can’t remember.”

“It’s not your fault, hon…”

“But… I don’t want you upset with me. We’re best friends… and I can’t even remember that…” she slightly sighed and stared absentmindedly towards the door. Tabitha looked back at Jamila, “You have powers, too?” her question made her laugh a bit.

“Nah. I’m just ordinary…”

“She underestimates herself. Had it not been for her, you would still be out there, clueless about your abilities.” J’onn smiled warmly at the two. Jamila shrugged as Tabitha finally gathered enough courage to look fully at him. She studied his features and slightly blushed; he looked quite human to be a Martian. She had jumped the gun when she had first laid eyes on him, becoming intimidated by the skin tone and eyes alone. Now that she was looking at him, she felt that there was no real need to be afraid of him; she saw that he was friendly… and very handsome.

J’onn read her thoughts and couldn’t help but to reveal a smile; even with amnesia, she thought that he was handsome.

“Are you okay…?” he made her realize that she was staring at him. Tabitha blushed more and slightly turned away.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to stare…”

“Believe me, it’s fine.”

“… What’s your name?” she looked back at him.


“… Really? Not what I had expected for your name to be!” he was glad that she finally had a smile on her face, even if it was a small one. She nodded and her smile widened slowly, “That’s… really cute; J’onn… and Jamila…” she blushed at the fact that a giggle wanted to escape. The professor gave her a puzzled look as J’onn’s eyes immediately widened. He chuckled and looked at Jamila.

“She thinks we’re a couple…” he explained. Jamila’s eyes quickly widened as Tabitha looked at J’onn in shock.

“Wait, what?! No!!”

“How… how did you know what I was thinking…?”

“He can read minds; something that you always like to warn me about…”

“She had very good reason to…” J’onn’s mumbled comment made Jamila narrow her eyes at him.

“Anyway; no: we’re not the couple… the two of you are.” she tried to explain. It was enough to make Tabitha give the two a very shocked look.

“W-Wait… he’s my boyfriend?!” she asked and the two nodded. Her eyes misted over as she thought of how she had treated him, “No wonder you’ve been trying to be around me… I’m so sorry…”

“It’s… fine, really. Quite understandable, given your current state.”

“Oh; no one else knows that the two of you are dating…” Jamila added.

“Then… how do you know…?”

“I’m your best friend; duh! We tell each other everything!” she smiled, “You said that you feel comfortable around me; you didn’t feel anything at all around him?” Jamila wanted to know. Tabitha looked at the Martian once more, studying him in more detail.

“I… the only thing I wanted was for him to stay away at first; I thought he wanted to hurt me. But, now… I feel his concern for me…” she slightly blushed at the realization. Her reaction made the professor widen her smile.

“There it is; the blushing! I don’t think that will ever change!”

“I… blush a lot, I suppose…”

“Especially when…” Jamila received a slight warning glare from the Martian, “… Never mind; I’ll mention it later…”

“Maybe a small walk around will trigger something for you?” J’onn desperately wanted to change the subject. Tabitha looked at the Martian and then back at her wristband.

“I’m… allowed to…?”

“Who’s gonna tell the Martian Manhunter no?” Jamila smirked.

“Don’t listen to her… fully. I do not throw my weight around…”

“Look at him; he doesn’t have to!” Jamila finished. Tabitha simply looked at him and slowly nodded.

“I think I’ll agree with her on that…”

The End

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