Possession 1.4Mature

“J’onn… I think I found something…” Bruce raced through the streets of Metropolis, “There’s an investigation going on at a hotel; people have been hurt by electrical mishaps.” he started to explain through his communicator.

“… Tabitha…”

“My thoughts exactly. Guess who owns the building: Luthor.”

“Give me the coordinates to the hotel and then go talk to the people who’ve been hurt.”

“… They’re all in serious condition.” the silence was deafening eerie between the two. The thought made the Martian cringe; something was definitely not right with Tabitha: she wouldn’t hurt innocent people. He glanced at her closest friends who had been on standby.

“We’ll meet you at the hotel…”

The five debriefed the hotel manager and was allowed to look around the premises. For a prestigious, five-star hotel, it was nearly abandoned all thanks to the “mishaps” with the electrical components.

“So… how do we know that dawling is behind all of this?”

“It’s too much of a coincidence; Luthor owns the hotel where electrical accidents happen?” Ashley looked at Tony. He shrugged.

“Doesn’t sound like her… at all…”

“… I think she’s been seriously brainwashed…” Wally piped in quietly. He didn’t want to let the others know his true instincts; it would only have them come to terms with the inevitable if it was true, “You know that if that’s the case… we’re going to have to fight her. She won’t come with us quietly…” the idea made the Martian lose his quick pace. That was something he hadn’t prepared for; the only thing on his mind was tracking down and saving the one he loved. Would he find the heart to physically fight her?

“Then, that’s what we’ll have to do to get her back…” Bruce mentally shook his head at the thought. He knew that he was right; they would have to show no mercy if need be. He quickly glanced at J’onn, whose expression didn’t change and knew that the idea was hurting him as well.

As the group rounded the corner, J’onn stopped dead in his tracks, looking at the closed double doors leading into the hotel’s convention center.

“… J’onn…?” Peter looked at the doors as well when his spider senses kicked in.

“… She’s in there…” any other time, he would’ve simply burst through the door and grabbed her. However, not only was he feeling her presence… but someone, or something else.

“Something else is in there with her…” Peter confirmed. Tony looked at the doors with a thoughtful look and then turned to the Martian.

“Well… it’s now or never. Are we going to do things nicely… or go all hard-assed?”

“I’m really not in the mood to play nice…” J’onn narrowed his eyes at the doors; whatever was in there was more than likely the reason his telepathy was being blocked… and had Tabitha.

“Yes; my thoughts exactly!” Tony aimed his arm at the doors, quickly blasting them with a proton beam. As the group moved in, they were immediately met with a surge of lightning, knocking all of them aside. Tony looked around at everyone else, making sure that they were okay, “Was not expecting that!” he looked towards where the surge came from. In the back of the room, he spotted his friend, waves of currents covering her entire body. She glared at the group with an evil smile as she made her way towards them.

You were right; they fell for the trap too easily!” the group noticed the change in her voice.

“… Tabby…?” Wally weakly asked as he gathered enough strength to stand. She did a Lightning Cloud towards him, becoming face-to-face with him. She glared at him.

Try again…” she confirmed, putting her hands around his neck. She released a powerful wave that made him immediately drop to the ground.

“No…” J’onn made his way over to the two. He sadly admitted that Wally was right; they were going to fight her. He grabbed her by the arm, only to be met by a powerful shock. She turned and glared at him; that was when he noticed the change in her eye color, “You… you’re not Tabitha…” was the last thing she allowed him to say; she delivered a quick and fierce punch to his stomach, taking the Martian by complete surprise. He was taken off guard yet again as he felt the side of her foot to his face, lightning applied at its max capacity; the blow was enough to put him to his knees.

I thought you said the Martian was a tough opponent. Why isn’t he fighting back?” she looked up. Luthor appeared from the back of the room, chuckling slightly.

“I have no idea, my dear…” he responded. She continued to glare at J’onn as she slowly approached him.

Oh… I see, now. The human has a special bond with him…” she crouched down, roughly grabbing his chin so that he was looking at her, “Since you won’t fight back… I’m going to let her watch as I slowly torture you…” her eyes lightened up slightly as she continued to glare at him, charging up. She flinched slightly and chuckled, “She’s begging me to leave you alone… how pathetic!” the hybrid let loose all of the contained energy, pushing the Martian several feet away.

“J’onn!” Ashley quickly went to her canteen. As she released some of her water and made it form into a ball, she looked over sadly at what used to be Tabitha, “Sorry…” she apologized as she pushed the ball towards her. It engulfed the lightning woman and before she could fight it off, Ashley turned it into ice. She glared over at Luthor, gathering more water to throw at him as he tried to make his way towards the ball of ice. However, she was stopped short as an orb of purple formed around her hands; Tala appeared beside Lex, controlling the magically induced circle. Peter threw a web at one of the chairs and swung it over to hit Luthor, throwing him towards the wall. He immediately threw webs towards his wrists, pinning him firmly on the wall. Bruce threw a Batarang towards Tala, making her retract her magic from Ashley’s hands. She glared at Tala as she threw a powerful stream of water towards her, knocking her into the wall besides Luthor. Before she could use her magic, Ashley threw her hand out, controlling Tala’s hand, “Talk before I give you an aneurism…”

“You… can’t… do that…” Tala struggled to move.

“I own your blood, now; don’t try me…” with another flick of the wrist, she made Tala drop to her knees, “What’s wrong with our friend?”

“She’s… possessed…”

“Possessed…” without a word, she produced more water from her canteen and froze Luthor’s wrists to the wall, “Why would you do that to her?!”

“She’s prone to jealousy…” Lex glanced towards Tala, “I’ve done nothing but help her, which is less than I can say about your group…” he spat out. Before she could respond, the cracking sound of the ice barrier she created was heard. Everyone put their attention towards the bubble as it shattered, releasing its prisoner. The possessed woman glared at the others who were surrounding her, obviously angry about being put in an ice orb. She immediately charged up and filled the area with lightning. Ashley quickly put up an ice shield and gave Lex a warning stare.

“‘Help’ her? Look at her! That isn’t Tabitha!”

You made her hold all of that power inside of her! The woman you see before you is Miss Lyght!” Luthor looked on as the possessed woman fought her friends with ease. Wally looked over at Peter and Bruce.

“What do we do; she’s obviously stronger than us…”

“… We gang up on her… and show no mercy…” Bruce actually eyed the Martian, who hadn’t thrown a punch her way; he couldn’t. He knew that she wasn’t her normal self; she had been possessed. However, looking at her… he didn’t want to hurt her.

Ashley put her attention back to the two that she held captive.

“No… that’s not the Tabitha we know. Fix her…” she glared at the man. Luthor shrugged but returned the glare.

“I can’t… she was the one who summoned the demon…” he nodded towards Tala.

“… Don’t make me show how powerful I am; do something…” she released her hold of the woman.

“… I can do a reverse chant and place the demon in a container with the Seal of Solomon.” Tala started a chant that drew the attention of the hybrid.

No you don’t…” it said and threw lightning towards the woman, knocking her unconscious.

“Damnit…” Ashley jumped out the way before the stream of lightning hit her as well. She narrowed her eyes, debating on controlling her friend’s body. She finally saw the dilemma, as well as how J’onn felt; she couldn’t. She only used the ability when it was truly necessary… and she didn’t like to use it then. 

The End

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