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He couldn’t understand why no one else seemed as worried as he was or that they hadn’t paid any attention; his girlfriend was definitely missing. Watchtower was indeed large enough for quite a few superheroes to go unnoticed for days. However, this was his girlfriend as well as the unofficial electrician of the space station; she had to report to him on a daily basis. J’onn tried to put the thought in the back of his mind; maybe she went down on Earth to visit the professor and her family. The Martian would have believed this theory… had she responded to any of his telepathic messages. He knew that she had all but mastered making her mind blank whenever she thought he would go through it but this was a different circumstance; he was being blocked.

“Dr. Lindsey…” he was glad that he had given her a communicator.

“J’onn! Really? Do I go around calling you ‘Mr. Manhunter’?” he could hear the laughter in her voice.

“I’m sorry; I hope I’m not intruding.”

“Between classes right now. I got a few minutes; what’s up?”

“… Is Tabitha with you…?”

“Tabs? No… I ain’t seen her since Vegas. Wait… you can’t find her? She’s gone missing…?”

“I… I don’t know for sure. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, especially if she’s simply visiting family.” he lied. He knew that she was missing and that something was definitely wrong; he didn’t want to worry her best friend.

“Is her communicator broken? Isn’t there a way to track her down through it?”

“I have tried that. It’s either turned off or out of range… which, there aren’t many places where it would go out of range…”

“Which means, regardless, she may be in some trouble. Unless… a secret mission, maybe?”

“… Maybe… I need to check around…” he admitted that he didn’t think of that option. He didn’t approve of secret missions; they were usually the most dangerous ones. To think that Tabitha would risk her safety just to say that she went on a major mission bothered him almost as much as her being missing.

“Keep me posted; I’ll do the same if she shows up here.”

“Thank you, Jamila…”

He had checked with almost everyone in the League and found that no one recruited her for a classified mission. The Martian realized that she had two other friends who were superheroes and checked with Tony and Peter; neither had seen her in a while as well. J’onn even resorted to talking to Nick Fury and was actually thankful that he heard no word from her. He had decided to check her room and hoped that he would find some type of clue in there.

The first thing that he clearly noticed was her bed; it wasn’t made up. The one thing he knew about his girlfriend was that she was strict on keeping things tidy and orderly; her bed being the main thing. The second thing that grabbed his attention was the slight pungent smell coming from her nightstand. When she first received the scented oils, he just assumed that his senses were just really over sensitive; he had smelt the odor faintly then. As he approached the small dresser, grabbing the vials and the warmer jar, it was clear that there was something wrong with the oils. He left her room immediately with the items, heading towards the first lab he would run into.

Bruce had noticed that the Martian left Tabitha’s room with a sense of urgency and knew that something was wrong. He almost had to run to catch up to him.

“J’onn… everything okay?” he saw that the Martian hadn’t stopped walking.

“No. Tabitha is missing… and I need these oils analyzed.” he rushed, quickly showing the three small bottles to him. He was confused; what was wrong with the oils that Ethan had given her? He shrugged in his mind and continued to follow J’onn to the nearest lab; he knew that the Martian had advanced senses: if he felt that something wasn’t right… it usually wasn’t.

He then realized the first part that J’onn mentioned: Tabitha was missing. Without thinking, he grabbed the vials and started to prep them for analysis.

“What do you mean, missing?”

“I have tried everything in my power to get in contact with her; nothing is working. No one’s seen her in days.” his words alarmed Bruce. He gave him a worried look.

“Do you think…” he couldn’t finish his sentence; there was no way, he quickly thought. Bruce was glad that J’onn slowly shook his head.

“No…” he answered and closed his eyes, “I can still sense her.”

It took Bruce only thirty minutes to analyze all of the oils. As he looked at the results, he gave them a puzzled look.

“All three of the oils… they’re… neurotoxins…” he announced, looking at the Martian, “It’s not enough to kill anyone… but…”

“… Enough to affect brain behavior…” J’onn made the sudden realization. Her sudden nightmares; they hadn’t occurred until after her birthday.

“This doesn’t make sense; Ethan would never hurt her intentionally. He still cares for her…” Bruce defended his friend.

“He was being used. Someone knew that she wouldn’t reject anything that he gives her; they knew that she would trust him.”

“I need to talk to him; find out who gave him the oils…”

“No need… I already know…” J’onn thought about her dreams. In every one, a Justice League member was attacking her. The only other constant was who else was there, “… Luthor…”

“Luthor? But… why? What does he want with her?”

“I can only speculate. Turn her against the rest of us, maybe. She was having nightmares about us attacking her; Luthor always came to her rescue.” he explained. Bruce sighed and looked at him.

“J’onn…” he thought twice about mentioning that he knew about the two dating. The only reason why he wanted to mention it was because he knew how the Martian was feeling at the moment. The same as he did; beyond worried about the whereabouts of his friend. He knew that J’onn would want to go looking for her by himself, something that he had no problem with; it would be what he would do.

However, the plan to get to Tabitha had been almost extremely intricate; the mere idea that Luthor had went through such lengths had sickened Bruce. If he was evil enough to slowly poison her, to manipulate her dreams in such a crude way, there was no telling what else he had planned for the lightning woman. This would be the one time that Bruce had to admit more than one person would have to search for her.

“If Luthor went through this much trouble to get to Tabitha… some backup may be needed to get her back.” he finished his thought aloud; he would have another chance to mention about their secret relationship. J’onn sighed and nodded; he knew that the man was right. His emotions were high and fighting with one another; he would definitely need someone else there with him to keep things calm or at least orderly.

“I don’t want the entire League involved; only the people that she really cares about…” he decided. Bruce nodded at him and got up.

“I’ll get Wally; Diana’s already on a mission.”

“Get Dr. Lin… Jamila on the communicator; her brother’s wife may be helpful. Contact Stark as well.” J’onn ordered. He wasted no time teleporting himself to New York, using his Martian senses to track down Peter.

“J’onn! Found Tabby yet?”

“No. She’s… in trouble.”

“… What…?”

“I usually don’t go outside the League for help but I’m willing to make an exception. I have a feeling that we’re going to need some help from the ones she considers her friends.”

“Of course, you can count me in; whatever it takes to save her. How… how bad off is she?” Peter needed to know. The Martian slightly sighed and shook his head.

“Pretty bad if something’s actually blocking my telepathy to get in contact with her…”

“Holy… let’s go save her!”

The End

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