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After opening the rest of her gifts and finishing some cake, she thanked everyone and put her gifts in her room. She had an overwhelming sense of belonging; the other League members didn’t have to give her anything, not even a card. However, it thrilled her that quite a few went out of their way to get her something. She reddened once more as she put the lingerie set in the drawer however admitted that she, too couldn’t wait until later that night to try it on for her “someone special”. His gift to her, which caused almost as much commotion as the underwear, were a package of Oreo cookies; even the other members knew that J’onn J’onzz did not share his cookies with anyone! He retaliated simply that it was owed to her… for just that one time!

She made her way idly to the control room, where she knew that a certain Martian would be. He turned away from the center console and looked at her, a hint of a smile playing in his eyes.

“Enjoying your day off?”

“Not really; I’m bored! Figured I could do a little bit of work…”

“No. I gave you the day off for a reason. Maybe you should go and spend the rest of the day down on Earth.”

“By myself?” she tried, folding her arms and looking at him. J’onn gave her a smirk.

“I am tempted to go along with you. However, it’s your birthday… and I’m pretty confident that you’ll be safe around Dr. Lindsey and your family.” he answered. She was about to reply until a minor warning alarm sounded from the console. Without hesitation, Tabitha took over the controls, herself.

“You have two seconds to identify yourself; you do not have clearance on this channel…” she instructed with a strict tone. J’onn looked at her, a feeling of pride swelling in his chest; she had taken over without being instructed to. Her tone was firm and confident, as a Monitor’s voice should be.

“Dawling! I didn’t know you were running the show up there!”

“… Tee? What…”

“Didn’t think that it would be this easy… oh; sorry. Tony Stark requesting to speak with Tabitha…”

“What the hell… how did you get access to this channel?!”

“I’m a wealthy, genius engineer; you really had to ask that…? Which reminds me; you might need to update your system: a bit scary how easy it was for me to hack into alien technology…”

“Noted…” J’onn narrowed his eyes.

“John boy! How’s it hanging? Wait; don’t answer that: pretty sure dawling can answer that for you…”

“What do you want?!” Tabitha hissed at him, her cheeks aching.

“Happy birthday, for starters. Now, I will need a list of people who will be joining you in Vegas tonight…”

“Wait… what… Vegas…?”

“… The party was going to be at my place but I didn’t know if all of your super friends would fit. Easier for me to just rent out a casino… or build one for that matter… hmm; Stark Palace…”

“A party?! Hold on…”

“Nope; that’ll have to put on the back burner. Anyway; let me know by seven… no, make that eight-forty-five. Vanilla icing, yellow cake, right? Ah, doesn’t matter; you’ll have your pick of the litter: it’s your birthday, after all! See you tonight, dawling!”

“Wait…” she tried however the transmission ended. She simply stared at the console, “… But… I don’t wanna do nothing big for my birthday…”

Tabitha and Jamila walked inside the casino and was immediately greeted by Tony. He personally escorted the two towards the back to a private area.

“Couldn’t rent out the entire casino but the club and high rollers area is all ours!”


“Dr. Lindsey; nice to finally meet you…”

“Likewise, Mr. Stark!”

“Where’s John boy?”

“… Mission came up…” Tabitha slowly answered, her eyes still affixed on the private club and the setup inside of it.

“Maybe we’ll do something for his birthday. Okay, birthday girl; here’s some chips for the tables, money for the slot machines, unless you want your cake and drinks first?” he asked, giving her a plastic container filled with black, orange and grey casino chips and a bank strap worth ten thousand dollars. Jamila looked at the chips and money and whistled.


“Tell me you’ve been in a casino before!” Tony raised his eyebrows at her. She continued to look at the items in her hands and shook her head.

“Got it covered, Mr. Stark! Let’s blow some money, Tabs!” the professor guided the awestruck woman towards the slot machines, “Don’t worry about the chips for now; let’s start you off with something easy! Put a few bills in this one; I like the ‘Lucky 7s’ ones…” she sat her friend down in front of a slot machine. Tabitha widened her eyes at the cost.

“Doc! This costs twenty bucks! I get to play all night for that much, right?”

“What?! Wow, no! One spin costs twenty bucks!”

“One spin?!?! Holy fucking shit…”

“You sure you’re from Chat Town and not from some farm in the middle of Boon Fuck Egypt?!”

“Look, I ain’t never gambled before! I’ve seen it done in the movies!” she eyed her best friend. Jamila shook her head and sighed heavily.

“Just… match up the images; that’s what you’re looking to get! Damn; knowing your lucky ass, you’d hit after three spins…”

After cashing in her winnings and being treated to cake and champagne, Tabitha joined everyone on the dance floor and finally made her way towards the VIP section. She was surprised at who blocked her way slightly and simply stared at James. He gave her a subtle smile.


“James.” she nodded, “Surprised to see you here…”

“Tony and I made up. I would’ve apologized to you but… well, I don’t have a number to call you…” his flirting only made her roll her eyes.

“Really? You’re going that route when you know I’m still pissed at you and I have a boyfriend?!”

“Wow, you can hold a grudge…” he tried to lighten the mood. She simply glared at him.

“Move, James; don’t make me force you out my way!”

“Wait… I’m sorry, okay? You were right; instead of getting pissed off, I should’ve… acted like an adult about things. If it makes you feel better…”

“It don’t…”

“You didn’t even know what I was about to say!” he widened his eyes at her. A smile played on her lips and she had to bite them to keep from showing it, “Do I have to kiss you to make it up to you…” he narrowed his eyes at her when he saw the slight gleam in hers. It was enough to make her gasp.

“You wanna get shocked?!”

“I don’t know… it may be worth it…”

“Seriously… I will shock the shit outta you if you try!” her outburst made him laugh and shake his head.

“As much as I would want to… I don’t think it’s worth facing the Martian’s wrath!” he was glad to see her slightly smile, “I’m truly sorry for how things turned out. And… the armor is in safe hands.”

“Oh… no dups…?”

“No dups. However… I am the sole owner of the War Machine armor… and in charge of Homeland Security…” he smiled.

“Oh! So… War Machine, right?”


“War Machine leads the way in the fight against terrorism?”

“You would be correct.”

“Wow. Sweet fucking deal… welcome to the superhero club!”

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” he asked, sincerely. She huffed slightly.

“Seeing as though you’re doing the right thing with the suit… I guess so.”

“Thank you. Maybe we could team up one day; War Machine and Sgt. Lyght fighting the good fight, keeping America safe…”

“Hmm… maybe…”

The End

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