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She was elated for the day off as she sat down with her plate; she was surprised that the cafeteria staff had prepared her favorite meal; chicken, shrimp and broccoli Alfredo with a side of fries and a vanilla birthday cupcake. She didn’t think that anyone else would remember her birthday and was prepared to spend the entire day in slight solitude. She didn’t mind it; she was never the one to like huge, blown out birthday celebrations. She did have plans on going down to Earth to spend some time with her family and the Lindseys.

She was about to prepare another forkful of food when her tray disappeared. She blinked a couple of times at the empty spot.

“Uh… what…” she wondered aloud. Two more blinks and there was a cake in front of her; a large white icing sheet cake with the words scribbled in yellow: Happy Birthday Tabitha. She couldn’t describe the feeling that coursed throughout her veins; she was utterly surprised that anyone aboard Watchtower, aside from J’onn and maybe Bruce and Wally, would do something like this for her.

The scene quickly changed, with gifts appearing on the table and candles on the cake. She was shocked to see just how many League members had gathered around her to sing happy birthday to her. Tears threatened at the corners of her eyes as she blushed and blew out the candles.

“I… I can’t believe you guys remembered…” she almost choked out.

“All my doing…” Wally boasted, prompting laughter. Tabitha quickly wiped at her eyes and stared at the cake and presents.


“Are those tears, Tabitha Lyght…?” Clark studied her face with a hint of a smile.

“W-What?! No!” she quickly answered, “My contacts…”

“Contacts? Really?” John smirked at her. She returned the smirk.

“Not everyone can have sparkling eyes like yours!” she batted her eyes quickly at him, causing him to roll his eyes and laugh.

“Alright, enough talk; cut the cake!” Wally rushed, giving her a knife.

“In a hurry? Wait… forgot who I was talking to…” she shook her head and cut into the cake. She lit up as she removed the first piece, “Marble! How’d you know…?”

“That was my doing…” J’onn confirmed. She shot him a look and blushed heavily.

“You two spend so much time together; you would think that he would know everything about you, right?” Vixen, John’s girlfriend pointed out.

“They’re almost as inseparable as herself and Wally…” Shayera chimed in. Tabitha gave her a look as she gave her a wide grin. She continued to slice her cake, handing out pieces to the members. Her eyes finally landed on the numerous gifts that were on the table.

“A-Anyway… you guys didn’t have to do all this… I would’ve been satisfied with a bunch of cards!”

“We really didn’t know what to give you. But, seeing that we were really busy last year, we had to make it up to you.” Diana confirmed. Tabitha gave her a warm smile that widened as she gave her a small box, “Might as well start opening them, now!”

“Oh… okay…” she put her cake down and opened the box. She removed the gift paper and immediately blushed at the gift, quickly covering it up. The Amazon laughed heartily as she received an embarrassed glance.

“This is the reddest I’ve ever seen you get!” Diana continued to laugh.

What’s wrong? What did she give you?

“D-Diana!! No… it’s nothing. A female joke…

“Hey! No covering it up; let’s see it!” Shayera egged on.

I agree; it couldn’t be that… oh…” J’onn was glad that he was able to keep his composure; with a defeated and definitely embarrassed sigh, Tabitha reopened the gift, revealing a red, lacy lingerie set. The murmurs, laughs and whistles were enough to make Tabitha turn completely red.

“I figured that you would want to wear that for your… ‘someone special’ on your special day!” Diana winked and drew her attention straight to Wally. He gave her a look, raising his eyebrows; Tabitha wanted to hide underneath the table as she even heard J’onn’s chuckle in her head.

“Wait… what?! Um… she’s my sister so… eww!”

I can’t wait until you try it on…” his words made her flinch.


Boyfriend… remember…?

“Y-Yeah… ain’t nothing going on with me and Wally, pervert! Thanks…” she mumbled, stuffing the see-through garments back into the box. She looked at Bruce, who approached her with two gifts, “Tryna outdo everyone…?”

“No. This one is from Ethan.” he gave her a delicately wrapped box. She looked at it and back at Bruce.

“What… really…?”

“He would’ve given it to you personally but… he turned himself in. He said that he was sorry and… for you to have a happy birthday.” he explained. She nodded and opened the box, revealing a scented oil gift package. She paid close attention to the three vials of oil: bamboo water, clean linen and rose garden.

“That was… really nice of him…” 

The End

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