Mastermind 1.2Mature

As Gary was escorted to the visiting room, he couldn’t help but to wonder who would want to visit him. He shook the idea that it may be the former Sgt. Lyght; the last time they had come face-to-face, she nearly electrocuted him. He was slightly amused to see a sharply dressed, bald man waiting patiently for him. The guards handcuffed Gary to the chair despite the strange look he was giving his visitor.

“I… don’t know this guy…”

“Of course you don’t, Mr. First.” Lex slightly smiled at him.

“Who are you?”

“Let’s just call this a government visit. I would like to talk to you… privately.” he steadily looked at the guards. They glanced at each other and then looked back at Lex, slowly shaking their heads, “He’s handcuffed in his spot; what harm could he do…?” he flashed his Cadmus badge. They sighed, reluctantly leaving the two men alone, “I feel that you’d talk more freely with them gone. Tell me about her…” he placed the photo of Tabitha in front of Gary. His initial reaction was that of fear but as he studied the picture more, he slowly smiled.

“Staff Sergeant Tabitha Lyght…”

“Hmm… a fitting name for her. Did you create her like you created those teens?”

“No… not purposely, anyway. She was… a mistake. A glorious one, though…” he remembered fondly. No one wanted to hear about his achievements ever since he became incarcerated; Gary started to warm up to the stranger. It was then that he realized that the man hadn’t asked about anything he did; he was more interested in Tabitha, “Why do you want to know about her…?”

“Call me curious. My agency needs to keep information on these… superheroes…” he slightly cringed at the word, “She’s fairly new and no one knows anything about her… except for you.”

“I… don’t feel comfortable talking to you about her…”

“Really? You were more than comfortable creating an antiserum to ward off her attacks…”

“… That was done as a safety measure. There were teenagers who had her powers under my care.”

“You don’t have to justify anything to me, Mr. First. I just want to know more about her.”

“… What’s in it for me?” Gary continued to look at the picture. Lex laughed heartedly.

“I was wondering when the subject would come up! I came here prepared, Mr. First; how about an early release for improved mental stability?” he tried. He had done his homework; he knew that the once ionized man was going to be locked up in Bellevue for a long time. He needed him, but not at the moment; he wanted to make sure that Gary First was in the right state of mind.

“How early?”

“You start taking your meds, start improving on your health… and we’ll talk how early. Now… can you tell me more about Miss Lyght?”

His next stop was across the two bridges towards Gotham. The institutionalized man couldn’t tell him much as far as her whereabouts but he found more pictures of her roaming the dark streets of Gotham; he figured that he would find more information there. After some risky probing, he finally started to get something from the locals.

“Her? Yeah… she scares me. Anyone who can hit you with lightning like that and don’t blink? Almost wanna make an honest man outta ya! Ain’t it enough we got that bat freak around?!”

“Glad she’s gone; now all we gotta worry about is Batman…”

“Oh… the lightning chick? She’s hardcore! Watched her go berserk on my boss quite a few times. Just to think; if she was on our side? Ha; Batman wouldn’t stand a chance!” he was glad to have found someone who had more information to give out. Lex slightly smiled at the thug’s words.

“Really? Who is your boss?”

“Can’t say, really. That type of info will cost ya!” the man rubbed his chin and gave him a sly smile. Lex could only return a smirk as he pulled out a few hundred dollar bills. The thug counted the money and whistled, “You’re trying to get yourself shocked! But, hey; it’s your funeral! A select few of us work for Joker. Can’t say that he’s an easy one to get in contact with; you don’t contact them, they contact you!”

“… ‘They’…?”

“Got his girlfriend doing all the messaging for him; she dishes out the, uh… ‘job details’.”

“I’m hoping that I paid you enough to get the word out that I want to talk to the two…” he slightly narrowed his eyes at the thug. He counted the money yet again and nodded.

“Let’s see what I can do…”

He was glad that he didn’t have to wait much longer; the thug escorted him personally to one of the hideouts of Joker’s: an abandoned toy factory. While he didn’t get to meet the Clown Prince in person, he was greeted by his self-made assistant/girlfriend, Harley Quinn. He was used to provocative women so she didn’t draw his attention as a whole. Lex admitted that her outfit was unique, wearing a modified dark blue and red boyfriend cardigan with four brown straps starting right below her breasts going down to her stomach to hold the shirt in place. The cardigan spanned past her thighs in four slits that each ended in four dull gold jester balls. The only other thing she wore were dark blue panties, blue and red thigh-high leggings and black boots that reached up to her shins. He smirked at her two ponytails, dyed perfectly on each side, red and black, with a green streak on the right side. Her blue eyes sparkled underneath her black mask despite carrying two pistols. It didn’t bother him too much; if she wanted to kill him, she would’ve done so by then.

Their conversation was short and he was glad, to the point; he found out almost everything he wanted to know about the mysterious lightning woman. After hearing about how powerful she could get, Lex came to the conclusion that he needed a way to get in contact with Tabitha Lyght without going through the Justice League; he was pretty sure that the founding members would nullify those plans if they had found out. The one thing that stuck out in his mind was that the thug was on to something: she would probably be better off without the superheroes. Because of the potency of her abilities, he knew that the Justice League, the Martian Manhunter in particular, was keeping her on a short leash in space aboard Watchtower. He hoped that Joker would be able to produce what he really wanted.

The End

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